2021.02.04.  72,442 reads Rear LED turn indicators that people asked for, in action Copyence 125

2021.02.04. 72,442 reads Rear LED turn indicators that people asked for, in action Copyence 125

Last Onemonth, Copyence is the front of major Kia models LED Turn indicators(Below turn signal lamp) I’ve shown it in action. So this time to the rear LED Look for the car models to which the turn signal lamp is applied, I want to show you how it works. Indeed rear LED What are Kia models to which the turn signal lamp is applied??

Rear LED turn-signal lamp asking you to put it in, the reason it was not easy in reality

Fire 10A year ago LED The turn signal lamp was one of the advanced features.. Because of the high unit price, it was a technique that was seen in semi-large or large class.. But thanks to the advancement of technology LEDHas become one of the common lights. Although only the front, Even in the morning, which is a light car LED Turn signal lamp is mounted. However, this popular front LED Unlike turn signal lamps, Rear LED There are not many applications of turn signal lamps.. What is the reason?

Stinger Meister Standard Rear LED The price of the combination lamp with turn signal applied per side 25just 9,600won, Combination lamp with bulb type turn signal 13just 6,400Circle. In other words, LED The difference according to the presence or absence is only about simple parts. 25The calculation of 10,000 won comes out.. Some users who value the exterior of the car might be willing to pay,, In reality, most users often do not feel the necessity.. Besides, even now 70~120At the price of style items that are around 10,000 won 15-25If 10,000 won is added to the customer,, It can only be a burden for manufacturers as well. LED This can be said to be the reason that the turn signal lamp was installed only in some models..

Definitely luxurious LED movement, what it looks like in action

But as much as it is expensive, rear LED The presence of the turn signal lamp is certain. It has been in action.

Beginning to be applied to medium-sized products, how does Sorento work?

As I said before, rear LED Some models of turn signal lamps, Among them, it has been mainly installed only in premium class.. However, if you look at the case of Sorento, you can see that the popularization is going on.. in reality 4Generation Sorento and rear LED Turn signal lamp is mounted, It is provided as standard from the prestige, which is the middle and lower trim.. The price difference from the bulb type is also per side 7The gap is not wide, around 10,000 won..

How about the quality? Rear of Sorento LED The turn signal lamp is extended vertically and, It is processed as a two-line graphic. this is LED It gives a sense of unity in the same shape as the rear combination lamp. The lamp is LEDBecause it shines with, both visibility and presence are certain. Curiously, the usual rear LED The turn signal lamp is red like a general lamp, but, When the turn signal lamp is activated, it glows yellow..

Stinger’s LED turn signal lamp upgraded sequentially

As Kia’s premium rear-wheel drive sedan, the Stinger LED Turn signal lamps have been applied. But as it evolved into a Stinger Meister LED Turn signal lamp is sequential in simple flashing mode.(Sequential lighting) Upgraded to type.

Accordingly, the shape of the interior of the lamp has also changed.. In the past 9Two lamps 2-3-4 If it was placed tightly in an array, Stinger Meister Gun 10Lamps were arranged horizontally. It can be said to be a shape for a sequential type.. For reference, when using a turn indicator, it works in a sequential manner., When using an emergency flasher, it is changed to a simple flashing method..

The dignity of the flagship, sequential turn signals that move more luxuriously

THE K9Is the flagship sedan representing Kia and does not discriminate on the outside.. Projection method on all trims LED Headlamp and front/Rear LED Turn signal lamp, LED DRL, LED Combination lamp, Windshield/OneHeat/2Heated double junction sound insulation glass, etc. are installed equally.

THE K9Of the rear LED Turn signal lamps are of excellent quality. LED The light is lit horizontally and wraps around the bottom of the combination lamp, Applied sequential type to realize both luxury and visibility.. If you don’t want it, you can change it to a simple flashing method through in-vehicle settings..

Like this, the current rear LED There are not many Kia models to which turn signal lamps are applied.. Sorento, Stinger Meister, THE K9Until 3Be nothing but a bell. But, as I said earlier, SUVIn light of the case of In Sorento, Rear LED It can be seen that the turn signal lamp is gradually becoming popular.. This is a good reason to look forward to Kia’s models to be released in the future..

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