2021.02.04.  4,643 read BMW M 440i xDrive Coupe's panic nowadays'High Performance Mobility Platform' Autodiary 19

2021.02.04. 4,643 read BMW M 440i xDrive Coupe’s panic nowadays’High Performance Mobility Platform’ Autodiary 19

Pangol metamorphosis. It completely changed from head to toe. This is the new BMW 4 Series.

The new BMW 4 Series, which has undergone a full change in 8 years, has been released in Korea. The new 4 Series has been reborn as a high-performance mobility platform that adds various functions to a sports car that enjoys driving fun.

We tested the new 4 Series in a 30km round trip from Incheon Yeongjongdo Driving Center to Wangsan Marina Resort in Yongyudo, Incheon.

The 4 Series is a two-door coupe launched in the domestic market in 2013 and has evolved into a second-generation model that has undergone full change in eight years.

The vertically elongated kidney grill overwhelms the atmosphere. surprising. Kidney grill is reinterpreted like this. It will take time to get used to it. The air intake inside the grill is made of mesh material, which was used only for M models. The shark nose-shaped fog lights under the LED headlights create an aggressive impression.

Pull the A-pillar forward. The slender roof line and the character line of the side match, creating a dynamic image unique to the 4 series.

The new 4 series has a size of 4,770×1,845×1,385mm, which is 130mm longer, 27mm wide and 6mm higher than before. The wheelbase increased 41mm to secure 2,850mm. Thanks to this, the interior space is wider.

The steering wheel turns 2.2. It is controlled with a tight steering ratio at a size approaching 4.8 meters. The steering response, which feels weighty, has secured a level that is just right for a sports car.

The 12.5-inch digital instrument cluster and the 10.25-inch touch display on the center fascia were joined together, and the elevated center console clearly divided the driver’s and passenger’s seats to create an image of the airplane cockpit.

The navigation system contains SK Telecom’s TPEC information. By applying TPEC information, it solved the navigation error, a chronic problem of Imports. It relieves driver’s anxiety on first roads with detailed guidance compared to previous navigation, such as speeding camera guidance and sign guidance. You don’t even have to look around the dashboard and display. All information can be viewed through the head-up display. You can focus more on driving.

Apple Carplay and Androit Auto were applied, and a wireless charging pad was placed under the center fascia. Eliminates the trouble of separately installing a messy USB cable under the center fascia. The smartphone key is linked with the Apple iPhone, so the vehicle can be locked and unlocked with the iPhone key.

There is a remote software upgrade function. You can update the software over the air without having to go into the center.

The new 4 Series is equipped with BMW OS7 software. You can customize the display to your liking. BMW intelligent personal assistant controlled by voice is also installed. You can control the vehicle’s air conditioning system and navigation system by voice.

The test drive, the M440i xDrive coupe, shifts from 8th to 3rd at 100km/h. The engine speed is covered from 1,400 rpm to 4,800 rpm.

The maximum output is 387 horsepower and the maximum torque is 51.0kgm. It is combined with a twin-power turbo in-line six-cylinder engine and an eight-speed Steptronic transmission. Like a swimming shark, it runs fast and stretches flexibly. Even on sharp corners and unstable road surfaces, it moves comfortably in anticipation of xDrive, a four-wheel drive system.

The sound of wind noise during high-speed driving is also a calming level that tickles the ears.

The gentle engine sound is like a passionate and cheerful orchestra concerto going to the peak. It would be nice to say the BMW Symphony’s M Orchestra. Calm and quiet, fast and passionate, the driver’s tiptoe performance is interesting. It’s a symphony-like engine sound just for me. The sound is more enjoyable.

Although it is a coupe model, it was more careful with the addition of the driving assistance system, BMW Driving Assistant.

Activates the active cruise control, sends a warning signal to the head-up display when released, and alerts you to a grip on the steering wheel. In addition, if the turn signal is not turned on and the lane is changed, the steering reaction is intervened and the lane change is suppressed. Turning on the turn signals eliminates steering intervention.

There is a reverse assist. When you put the gear in reverse, it automatically reverts 50m the way it came. Driving on a narrow alley It can be useful when entering a dead end or when a car comes from the opposite side. However, the driving assistance system is literally an aid and should not be blindly trusted. It is the driver, not the car, who controls the final vehicle.

The test ride is 81.9 million won for the M440i xDrive coupe. Although it is an expensive model over 80 million won, it does not have ventilation seats. People with a lot of sweat can be uncomfortable in the summer.

Lee Sang-jin daedusj@autodiary.kr

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