2021.02.04.  31,577 read The shining triangle star, what are the nine new cars this year?  Auto Tribune 30

2021.02.04. 31,577 read The shining triangle star, what are the nine new cars this year? Auto Tribune 30

[오토트리뷴=김예준 기자] Mercedes-Benz announced the release of various models this year following last year. Mercedes-Benz is recording the first place in imported car sales for 5 consecutive years in Korea, and in 2021, it also announced the release of various new car models, and is starting to solidify the number one place in imported car sales for several consecutive years.

Reinforced premium sedan lineup

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Complete change of C class
Mercedes-Benz announced the release of a completely modified C-Class model. While the BMW 3 Series, the largest competing model, was reinforcing competitiveness by releasing partial and complete models in turn, the C-Class only made minor changes. In addition, we plan to strengthen our competitiveness by launching a completely modified model.

It is known that the C-Class completely modified model, which has not yet been fully modified overseas, will greatly enhance the infotainment system with an exterior design similar to the S-Class, the flagship sedan of Mercedes-Benz, where the design is fully disclosed. The detailed powertrain has not been disclosed yet.

Complete change of S class
A completely modified S-class model representing Germany’s premium flagship sedan is about to be released in Korea. A short overhang and a rear overhang that emphasizes balanced beauty are applied to create a luxurious and futuristic atmosphere in the interior with a newly applied large touch display along with the exterior design that has the proportion of a traditional sedan.

The new S-Class will be applied in a variety of innovative functions. MBUX, the first infotainment system to be applied, has evolved to the second generation, allowing self-learning. For the first time, the rear axle steering and rear seat airbags, which have greatly increased the steering angle of the rear wheels, will be installed. To increase occupant safety, the new pre-safe impulse side is also applied with active E active body control suspension.

(▲Photo source: motor1)

CLS class part change
The CLS class, which can be said to be the original engine of the coupe-type sedan, will undergo partial changes. There is no major design change as it is a partial change, and the design of the front bumper will be refined. It is reported that the interior will be equipped with a touch screen that has been increased in size along with the latest steering wheel from Mercedes-Benz.

Reinforcement of the Mercedes-Maybach lineup with a different level of luxury

Maybach S class
Since its launch in 2015, the Maybach S-Class, which has sold more than 60,000 units worldwide, including domestically, announced the release as a completely modified model. The new Maybach S-Class, which will be released based on the new S-Class, has an 18cm longer wheelbase than the new S-Class long wheelbase model. In addition, the benefits of the 18cm longer wheelbase are concentrated in the rear seats.

The new Maybach S-Class comes with a shopper package as standard. By using the foot rest applied to the rear of the first row and the leg rest applied to the lower part of the second row seat, the second row seats are made in a state where you can take a comfortable rest. The seat’s adjustment range is also increased by 50mm compared to the previous version, helping to make the occupants comfortable rest. The two-tone paint is applied by hand on the outside, and the Maybach emblem is special for the C-pillar.

Maybach GLS class
The GLS, a large full-size SUV, also announced the release of the Maybach model, which greatly enhanced the luxury. It differentiates from GLS from the exterior design. On the front, a chrome grill exclusively for Maybach is applied. On the side, the Maybach exclusive 22-inch wheels give a sense of weight, and the Maybach emblem is applied to the D-pillar. On the back, a muffler different from the basic model is applied.

The Maybach GLS 3 rows are removed, and instead, 2 rows of space are secured as much as possible, boasting a legroom of 1,103mm. Leg rests are applied to the second row seats to provide a comfortable rest area for passengers, and also support ventilation and massage functions. Cold and hot cup holders are also provided, and all system operations in the vehicle are operated through a 7-inch tablet applied to the second row center console.

Improved marketability,
Strengthening eco-friendly brands

The G-Class, the representative of the iconic model, will release a new engine lineup. The existing G-Class was sold as a single G 63AMG model, a high-performance model, but the G 400d is added. The G 400d is equipped with a 3 liter diesel engine, exhibiting a maximum output of 330 horsepower and a maximum torque of 71.4 kg.m, and a 9-speed automatic transmission is engaged.

In addition, the AMG GT 4-door coupe, a high-performance model, is also planning to release a partially modified model.

Mercedes EQ, an eco-friendly brand of Mercedes-Benz, is planning to lead the next-generation eco-friendly mobility by releasing a more convenient EQ-only charging solution along with two new pure electric vehicles, EQA and EQS. .


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