2021.02.04.  1,882 read What if the car rattles?!  Let's check the engine mount!  AJ Selfie 0

2021.02.04. 1,882 read What if the car rattles?! Let’s check the engine mount! AJ Selfie 0

Hi AJIt’s a selfie! When you ride a car that is a certain age, you may have noticed that the car trembles., Today, we will take a moment to learn about engine mounts that are closely related to automobile vibrations with Seongsu-dong Auto Depot.!

Q. Hello, thank you for taking the interview today. Today is Engine mount Time to find out I will have it. Engine mount Please explain what part it is.

A. The engine mount is simply an explanation. The engine is a moving part., Since the chassis is not moving, it can be viewed as a part that prevents the chassis from shaking due to the engine in the middle.. It is located at the part that connects the engine to the chassis and holds the engine..

Q. Engine mount, Engine mounting, Engine Etc. The exact name Which one?

A. Different people use different terms.. Engine mount, Engine mounting, It is called variously, such as engine support, but basically engine mount is the basic term.. Among the engine mounts, there is also an engine mount that holds it from above, and this is also called a top support.. The term may change depending on where you hold the engine..

Q. Engine mount Is there any reason to check?

A. There are many parts with rubber bushings that suppress the vibration of the engine mount., After a long period of time, the rubber may tear or collapse., If it is damaged like this, the vibration of the car becomes severe, If the engine mount is severely damaged, the engine and chassis may collide and be damaged..

Q. In addition to car vibration Engine mount Are there any symptoms when abnormal?

A. Not the vibration symptoms of the vehicle itself, When changing gears, vibration or noise may appear at the time of shifting.. E.g R or DWhen shifting to, the engine moves back and forth., When there is something wrong with the engine mount, you may feel a greater vibration than usual..

Q. Engine mount What is the average life and maintenance cycle?

A. It may vary depending on the car model, but, Usually short 70 to 80,000 km, Long 100,000 km I think you can see it. After the vehicle is released, 5About a year, And km by number At 80,000 km, it is recommended that you check it at least once.

More than four, I took the time to find out about engine mounts with Seongsu-dong Auto Depot.. It’s not a consumable that you change often,, As it is a part related to safe driving enough, We recommend that you check it according to the maintenance cycle! Next time, we will take time to explore various information with an expert. Thank you.!

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