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				"Even if the options are off..." Unexpected Car for Actual 1 Automobile Korea 117

2021.02.03. 96,318 reads "Even if the options are off…" Unexpected Car for Actual 1 Automobile Korea 117

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] The domestic automobile market SUVIs drawing a big stroke. Wider field of view than a sedan, Advantages of space and load capacity due to high and wide size, It is gaining great popularity because of its image that goes well with camping and car weather, which are emerging hobbies.. Especially medium SUVShows high sales volume, creating the most obviously good situation..

Medium SUV The market is held tightly by Sorento.. Santa Fe is also sluggish Santa FeBecause of the name value, it is maintaining a steady number.. However, there is one model that is struggling between. Renault Samsung QM6All. “Outstanding cost-effectiveness compared to competitive modelsIs being evaluated, Even the sales volume is in a good situation.. if so QM6What kind of charm is it so popular??

Sorento is doing solo
QM6 beats Santa Fe

Medium SUV The market is dominated by Sorento.. 2020year 3Sorento launched in May 2020From the annual sales of domestic cars 76,882They are overwhelming enough to sell units.. Surprisingly, however, the model that is following this is not Santa Fe QM6All.

QM6Is 2020Year by year 38,412Sold units, Santa Fe 2020year 6By launching in May 29,345They are selling units and appearing not to fit the name.. Especially QM6Has been consistently achieving good sales volume from before, so it is eliciting a good response from consumers..

LPG model 1st place
QM6 achieved

Also QM6end 2020year LPG From model sales OneNews came that it was ranked above.. QM6of LPe Lineup 2020Year by year 20,711Domestic by selling LPG To the top in the model market. Especially, not a general sedan model, SUVend OneIt is the first to win the place.

QM6Followed by 2From above 5Up to the top, sedan models were dominated.. Especially taxis and corporate vehicles LPG Because it uses a lot of engine. In this situation QM6The propaganda of.

The only one in Korea

Then like this QM6What is the reason why is so popular with consumers?? The first is the only domestic LPG SUVIs that. Basic internal combustion engine models are gasoline, Consists of only diesel. Especially where power is an important part SUVIs the most choice of diesel.

But QM6Is the only model currently on sale LPG Engine SUVto be. Especially, it has a lower price compared to other fuels. LPGBecause of this, there is a great advantage for fuel costs.. This makes consumers QM6Have no choice but to choose.

The price is similar to the lower-end model?
Outstanding cost performance

second is QM6Is the price of. Due to this price QM6Leave It is the best cost-performance modelEven the opinion of. Currently on sale QM6The price of 2,435From 10,000 won 3,32410,000 won. The rival model Sorento 2,925From 10,000 won 4,18210,000 won, Santa Fe 2,975From 10,000 won 4,27510,000 won. Adding all the selection options to these two models 5,00010,000 won.

even QM6Can compete in price with lower-level models. Tucson’s price is 2,435From 10,000 won 3,56710,000 won, Sportage’s price is 2,376From 10,000 won 3,23910,000 won. QM6Exactly overlaps the price of. In addition, as mentioned earlier, it is considered a more cost-effective model because it includes inexpensive fuel costs..

Consistently well received
Neat design

Third is QM6It’s a neat design. This is also an advantage of Renault Samsung.. SM6Wow QM6At the time of its first appearance, Consumers were greatly amazed by the design that could not be found in Hyundai-Kia Motors.. Particularly, it is evaluated as a fairly refined and clean design, and it is a part that made great efforts to achieve good sales..

after Full-chain payment face liftEven when it spreads like fashion, QM6The traditional facelift method that only adds details from the existing model captured the hearts of consumers who were tired from the sudden change..

“Even if the option is less than Hyundai Kia,
There is no cost-performance model like this.”

if so QM6What was the consumer’s evaluation of? “Even if the option is a little less than Hyundai Kia, There is no cost-performance model like this because the car itself is cheap.”, “Large space, Stylish design, Best price-performance model at an affordable price”, “The best model to ride with the family.”, “LPG SUVHas more merit because it is uniqueThere followed a reaction of praise.

But Everything is good, but I am sorry that it is Renault Samsung.”, “How many times are the face lifts performed??”, “There is not too much service center, Too expensive to go”, “I LPGI don’t know the strengths other than thatThe opinions of criticism followed..

To consumers who have no alternative
Alternatives must be clearly presented

2020Good grades for a year QM6All. But you shouldn’t be satisfied here. Further, we must pull the reins of the pursuit and be reborn as a matchmaker against Hyundai-Kia Motors.. The market develops through competition, Because each brand can develop further.. This is because Renault Samsung hasn’t been able to properly show the competition recently..

Also, the late response, which has always been consistently pointed out, must be improved.. When Hyundai-Kia Motors launches a new car, Renault Samsung also does not perform facelift. In addition, even if there are numerous requests when there are problems, they will be improved after a long time.. In the process, consumers turn to other brands.. 2021I hope to show consumers a better look in the year..

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