2021.02.03.  84,241 reads
				"I ignored it as a truck" Autopost 165, a car that is surprisingly well sold

2021.02.03. 84,241 reads "I ignored it as a truck" Autopost 165, a car that is surprisingly well sold

When referring to trucks in general, The first image that comes to mind would be a crude commercial truck like a porter or bongo.. By the way SUV It is said that there are trucks that are loved by many leisure enthusiasts for their stylish yet powerful exterior design.. It’s a pickup truck..

Among them, authentic American off-road brands, Chevrolet’s Colorado is said to have sparked a hot market reaction over the past year.. Upon closer inspection, There was a reason for that.. Today’s AutoPost Issue Plus takes a step further into the story of Chevrolet Colorado’s popularity and actual sales..

Written Choong Lee’s Editor

In the pickup truck market
Chevrolet to stand out

There is a saying that it is the Hyundai Motor Republic. This is a comparison of Hyundai Kia Motors, which occupies an overwhelming market share in the domestic automobile market.. Hyundai-Kia’s domestic market share is 70%And the market share when limited to the domestic car market is 80%Goes up to.

On the other hand, the share of check companies that can check this is remarkably low.. GM KoreaOf Chevrolet also showed little power in markets other than the compact car market.. By the way, There was a market where Chevrolet stood out in the past year.. It is the pickup truck market..

Powerful powertrain
Show performance

Chevrolet’s classic pickup truck, Colorado, which had a significant sales volume, was loved by enthusiasts for its strong appearance and excellent off-road performance.. V6 Naturally aspirated gasoline 3.6 Engine and 8However, it features excellent off-road performance by installing a powertrain combined with an automatic transmission..

It is based on rear-wheel drive and the highest power is 312Reach horsepower. Torque also 38.0kg.mIt has a strong towing ability to reach, 3.2Toned trailers or caravans can be towed without difficulty.. The length of the body is 5,415mm, Width is 1,885mmAnd the height is 1,830mmReaches. maximum 1,170LI did not miss the practical part as much as I could carry the cargo of.

Outstanding in the market
Recorded sales

Chevrolet is famous as a manufacturer that shows authentic off-road driving performance as an American brand that is considered the origin of pickup trucks.. Colorado, which exudes Chevrolet’s sensibility, accurately targets the demand of domestic consumers who want an authentic pickup truck..

Last year 2020Colorado and 2021Sales of Real New Colorado are in total 5,049Reached a generation, Overall Imports Sales Ranking 7Ranked above. Regarding these achievements, Chevrolet officials Authentic american RVAs a result of targeting the demand of domestic consumers who were thirsty forI explained. But is the success of Chevrolet Colorado only because of this?? I took a closer look.

By demand for camping
Pickup truck sales increased?

The recent car market SUVWhen I explain the craze for pickup trucks, the reason that is always mentioned is the increased interest in camping.. Last year, especially due to the Corona pandemic, interest in camping where you can enjoy outdoor activities while reducing contact with people around you has increased significantly as untact hobbies are considered..

This phenomenon SUV, There are many people who explain the growing demand in the market by linking it with the practicality of the pickup truck.. In fact, pickup trucks are often used for towing camping vehicles such as caravans and trailers.. However, the success of the Chevrolet Colorado cannot be explained simply by increasing interest in camping..

At a price of 30 million won
Became available for purchase

That doesn’t mean the camping craze hasn’t contributed to the success of Chevrolet Colorado.. But the direct cause would be the reasonably structured price.. Colorado’s price before formal import 6Although it reached ten million won, As the official import route was opened, the price range 3Because it has been lowered to ten million won.

Extreme, the basic model 2WD For models, the price is 3,850About 10,000 won, This is Ssangyong’s Rexton Sport, Similar to Khan. In addition, Chevrolet GMAs it is officially imported through Daewoo, it is similar to imported cars,, There is also the advantage of being able to use a domestic service center.. American authentic off-road sensibility 3Being able to feel it for ten million won is a clear attraction..

Freight car tax benefits
It is economical to receive

Freight vehicle tax benefits can also be attributed to the purchase.. Pickup truck SUV It is classified as a freight car because it has a separate compartment for cargo loading, even though it has a similar stylish appearance.. 3,649ccEven with a high displacement called the annual car count 2just 8,500It’s just a circle.

Based on a typical passenger car 3,649cc Annual car tax for class vehicles 100Amount to 10,000 won. The attractiveness of pickup trucks, which can receive not only a reasonable price but also a freight car tax benefit, is an attractive factor that can lead consumers to purchase.. For this reason, among those who live in mountainous areas like Gangwon-do and often carry cargo, pick up trucks with both sophisticated design and functionality, Among them, many people choose Chevrolet Colorado..

Off road charm
That I can feel
Showed a reaction

Many netizens responded positively to Chevrolet Colorado’s success in the market last year.. “Has Colorado, 3The 10,000 won guide is good for tax.”, “Fuel economy is not that bad unless it is an area with a lot of congestion like an urban area.”, “If you have a clear purpose, it would be a good optionThere were also positive reviews from real borrowers..

Praise for driving performance continued.. “There is a little clunky feeling, The texture of the off-road is definitely attractive.”, “Driving Colorado while accustomed to driving in the city center gives you a sense of excitement.There were also many netizens who responded positively to the attractiveness of such strong off-road performance.. but, Some pointed out that fuel economy is not good in urban driving environments such as congestion or low speed driving..

Other than pickup truck
Prominent in the market
Hope you can see

There are many factors to consider when buying a vehicle. Of course the price part, Practicality and driving performance, Like fuel economy or design. In this respect, the Chevrolet Colorado is price and practicality, It can be said that it is a vehicle that captures all three elements of design..

Meanwhile, There were also people who showed the prospect that Colorado’s success could have a positive impact on Chevrolet’s share.. Chevrolet can appeal to consumers sufficiently if it meets the requirements.. Prices in markets other than pickup trucks like this Colorado, Practicality, We look forward to seeing if it will be able to occupy the market share by satisfying the car purchase factor of design.. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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