2021.02.03.  44,460 read Ioniq 5 release date is close!  SKELTON 120

2021.02.03. 44,460 read Ioniq 5 release date is close! SKELTON 120

Recently, Hyundai Motor Company is a hot topic. This is because the teaser of the electric car’Ioniq 5’was unveiled, and the expectation is exceptionally high, with the expectation that it will outperform Tesla’s current electric vehicle industry leader.
Ioniq 5 is the first vehicle to be produced using E-GMP, a platform exclusively for next-generation electric vehicles, and it will be the first vehicle to open the field of eco-friendly mobility, so the public awareness is very good.

Now that the launch time is short, spy shots are actively being captured here and there, and the public is receiving attention. Let’s see if it can be reborn as a model with an impact in the electric vehicle market.

The smallest unit of digital imaging,’parametric pixels’ and an eco-friendly CMF (Color Material Finish) way that connects analog digital emotions are included, showing the meticulousness of the Ionic brand.
The Ioniq 5’s front-end design is decorated with an array of pixel-inspired lighting that alludes to the digital technology inside. In addition, it is the first Hyundai car to feature a clam shell hood that spans the entire width of the car, and after minimizing the panel spacing, the overall image of a clean high-tech car was realized.

The wheel design optimized for aerodynamics is equipped with a wheel that reflects the theme of the 20-inch parametric pixel design, the largest size installed in Hyundai’s electric vehicles.
Thanks to this, it was possible to create a signature EV architecture with perfect proportions.

Hyundai Motor Company has released four teaser videos to arouse curiosity about this model. Each video focuses on increasing the level of interest in the company’s electric vehicles by showing the viewers the core technology of IONIQ.
Saege’s’Ultimate Camping’ video showed Ioniq 5’s V2L (Vehicle to Load) technology, which operates on a general power source (110/220/250V). Each video shows a variety of electronic devices connected and used, showing tremendous battery efficiency.

The 5-minute challenge video highlights the super-fast charging function of the IONIC 5, which can drive about 100 km with just 5 minutes charging (based on WLTP).
To demonstrate this technology, it offered the Ionic 5, a smartphone, a laptop, and an action cam, and then competed to show a movie trailer-style challenge to determine the last survivor.

Lee Sang-yeop, vice president of Hyundai Global Design Center, said, “Ioniq 5 will provide a completely new customer experience through innovative design reminiscent of the icon that established Hyundai Motor’s new design DNA.”
In addition, starting with the IONIQ 5, the IONIQ brand will be able to re-establish the relationship between people and vehicles, thereby suggesting a new standard for all electric vehicle designs.

The Ionic 5 will be released on the Internet in February 2021.

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