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				[시승기] Tesla Model Y ends worrying about mileage in winter Toprider 52

2021.02.03. 27,842 read [시승기] Tesla Model Y ends worrying about mileage in winter Toprider 52

Tried the Tesla Model Y Long Range. Model Y is Tesla’s entry-level crossover, which offers more interior space compared to the Model 3. In particular, Tesla’s first heat pump was applied to Model Y, minimizing mileage loss at low temperatures. The driving stability is also good. However, the completeness of assembly is unfortunate.

Model Y is sold over 60,000 units in the US alone, and has become Tesla’s flagship model. Model Y is expected to be released in China, Korea, and Europe this year. In Korea, long range and performance trim with dual motor all-wheel drive specification will be introduced. The test drive is a long-range trim, and the price is undecided.

The body size of Model Y is 4751mm in length, 1920mm in width, 1625mm in height, and 2890mm in wheelbase. It is between the new Tucson and the new Santa Fe. The exterior is an exquisite combination of Tesla Model X and 3. The wheel size is 20 inches. The air resistance coefficient is 0.23Cd. The interior layout is the same as for Model 3.

Model Y has a high seat position. The end of the bonnet is low, so the bonnet is not visible from the driver’s view, so a wide field of view is secured, but caution is required in driving. The trunk is narrow on the left and right, so the caddy bag must be inserted diagonally. It can contain up to three. It can be expanded up to 1925ℓ by using the 2-row folding function.

The large interior space is the strength of Model Y. There is ample space for the first and second row headroom and second row legroom. Even men with sturdy bodies can board the second row leisurely. It also supports a reclining function. A glass roof was applied to Model Y. Two smartphone charging systems are installed at the bottom of the display.

Model Y Long Range is a dual motor specification, and electric motors are applied to the front and rear wheels respectively. The total power of the system is 384 horsepower and the maximum torque is 51.2 kgm. It takes 5.1 seconds from standstill to 100km/h. The battery capacity is 82kWh. With one full charge, it can drive 20-inch wheels and 511 km in domestic standards.

Model Y is equipped with a heat pump, a thermal management technology, for the first time in Tesla, minimizing mileage loss at low temperatures. The existing Tesla model did not have a heat pump, causing inconvenience to domestic consumers in winter. The model 3 long range had a high loss rate at room temperature of 446 km and low temperature of 273 km based on domestic certification.

On the day of the test drive of Model Y, the outside temperature is 0~-2 degrees. After operating the heater (set at 27 degrees) and the heating sheet and driving about 280 km, the remaining battery capacity was 24%. The driving distance was found to be 110 km. Most of the driving was standardized in the driving mode, and considering the fact that the 50km winding driving is included, it is a high residual quantity.

If the driving mode is set to Comfort (Eco) and driving in general, it is expected to drive more than 450km even at low temperatures when the battery is fully charged. The driving mode of Model Y Long Range consists of Comfort and Standard. There is no sport mode for fast acceleration as it is a long range trim.

In Comfort, it accelerates smoothly even if you press the accelerator pedal deeply. The standard accelerates quickly with an immediate accelerator pedal response. Over 100km/h, re-acceleration for overtaking is sufficient. Re-acceleration at high speed is similar to the Genesis GV70 3.5T. I can’t feel the stuffiness of the output at all.

The model Y ride is very tight. Even if you quickly pass through uneven road surfaces and bumps, you will be able to hold your posture with one vertical bouncing. There is a strong sense of pulling the body to the ground. Even though it is an SUV, it has excellent stability in suppressing left and right rolling. However, some of the impact is transmitted to the driver when passing the irregularities.

The 20-inch wheels also play a part in a solid ride. It also has features as a family vehicle. As the number of passengers increases, the constant value of the suspension changes, resulting in a smoother ride. If you quickly pass through the bumps, you can set up your posture by bouncing up and down two or three times. Also, it does not deliver shock to passengers.

Model Y is also stable at high speed. You can feel the center of gravity lowered thanks to the battery pack applied at the bottom of the vehicle. Although the seat position is high and the front view is high, the sense of the low center of gravity is unique. The model Y’s steering wheel feel is heavy even in Comfort mode.

The steering wheel can even be set to sport mode. It gets extremely heavy in sport mode, and the steering gear ratio is tight. It reacts sensitively to the driver’s operation. The direct connection of the steering wheel is also good. The sport mode is suitable for dynamic driving such as winding and racing circuit driving.

Winding is more stable uphill than downhill. The maximum torque exerted instantly, the ability to suppress rolling through a rigid suspension setup, an agile steering wheel, and a low center of gravity are in harmony, allowing you to drive freely in cornering. It looks like a sports sedan with a high seat position.

Be careful when driving downhill. The weight transfer back and forth may not be natural, which can weaken the grip of the rear wheel. Cornering threshold is lower than driving uphill. Model Y’s attitude control device brakes enough to activate ABS along with driving force control. It seems that Ho is going to grind.

Model Y Long Range is a four-wheel drive system. The four-wheel drive system digitally controls the torque of the front and rear wheels. It has a strong feeling of pushing from the back and pulling from the front when cornering at high speed or exiting a corner. The braking power of the brakes is also satisfactory, but it seems to be slightly pushed in dynamic driving.

Tesla’s strength is its autopilot. It drives stably in the center of the lane and naturally adjusts the distance to the vehicle in front. Full self-driving of the latest autopilot navigation system was not applied to the test drive. It can be selected after the official launch in Korea. There are also areas where I am not satisfied.

This is the completeness of the assembly. Unlike the Model Y, which was exhibited in Yeongdeungpo on the 13th of last month, the steps in the rear lamp and door were confirmed. In addition, the test drive had a mileage of 1700 km, but when passing through uneven road surfaces and irregularities, noise was heard from the interior. There are also some blind spots in the side mirror.

Model Y has the advantage of excellent driving performance and spacious interior space based on the longest single charge distance among domestic electric vehicles. The low-temperature mileage, which was considered a weakness of the existing Tesla, was also supplemented with a heat pump. It is expected to become a game changer in the domestic electric car market depending on the price to be disclosed in the future.

Reporter Hansol Kim

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