2021.02.03.  20,512 read Realistic facts you will face after buying a camper!  magazine The Caravan 4

2021.02.03. 20,512 read Realistic facts you will face after buying a camper! magazine The Caravan 4

There are two ways to own a camper: buy a new completed car or build a facility for a used car and go through a restructuring.

Interest in camping cars has grown more than ever, but it is true that you can still see an uncomfortable view online. As of 2020, about 24.37 million cars were registered in the country, and one for every two people owns a car, but everyone is talking about uncomfortable issues with about 20,000 to 30,000 campers and caravans.

Garbage, waste water, and parking issues are becoming the biggest issues, but let’s pretend that those problems occur in camping cars. Half of the people who travel on weekends using campers and caravans go to places with some facilities called camping grounds for the reasons of supplying electricity, securing fresh water, cleaning toilets, and safety of their families. There are differences in facilities, but public and public places can spend two days a night at a price of around 30,000 won, and private campgrounds around the metropolitan area charge 50,000 won, up to 70,000 won.

Semi camper attracts attention
Currently, using caravans and camping cars in Korea is subject to considerable limitations and inconvenience. The reason for this inconvenience is the external size, structure, and design of the camper, which is longer and wider than that of a general van. The popularity of Starex camping cars, which slightly changed the interior of the van while leaving the exterior of the van in order to reduce such inconvenience even a little and to avoid the stinging glare of the general public is steady. The mobility, practicality, and price merits are quite high, as you can go to public parking lots, narrow alleys, and rural roads as well as access to underground parking lots, but literally there are inconveniences in sleeping, eating, and living in Starex.

Semi camper with only simple facilities

As a way to solve this shortcoming, the rooftop tent of Starex is cut off the roof and roof of Starex, and a facility called a rooftop tent that is designed as a space for only two people to sleep in accordance with safety regulations is made or purchased. . Restructuring or tuning is what entrusts the car you used to the manufacturer, and new cars made as camping cars are sold as finished cars that have been type-approved. It depends on the price of the car, but the structure change can be owned at a production cost of around 10 million won, and a finished camper can be purchased at a price of around 30 to 60 million won.

Someone will easily see this form and start making it yourself. It is not easy to create a space where you can lie down while leaving chairs and facilities inside, and removing chairs, covering windows or piercing the roof will be managed in the framework of the law of structural change beyond the limits of tuning. Activating motorhome tuning means to make a motorhome with all types of vehicles you own and complete legal registration.

If you are not a professional manufacturer, this process is regulated in the certification process as it can affect the safety of the car during this process, and can create fire, electricity (short circuit), increased payload, and structural problems. The most legitimate production would be to request the desired layout and facilities to a professional production company and complete the structure change.

The interior of the no-frills model with the seats after the second row removed and tents installed on the roof

Semi camper model with the 3rd and 4th row seats removed and restructured to a normal version

A model that can be used as a camper by collecting camping facilities in one box and converting a bed

Each company is trying to flatten with its own method and technology.

Without this process, accidents, big and small, on the road and during camping would not end. A car park and a camper that simply secure and enjoy a sleeping space may look similar, but the basics must be admitted to be different from the starting line.

Everyone will want to rest and go to a scenic place. There is more competition in the field where people don’t look for it or where you don’t have to pay a fee. The age group who does not like to pay the usage fee and seat tax (camping site cost x) and the conditions of open ground (electricity x, water x) are problematic unless it is a day trip. Unless you are in a caravan or camper with a toilet, if you spend more than 4 hours outside, you have to go to the toilet even because of natural phenomena. The story of floating on the road or making a minefield online is a problem that does not apply to well-equipped campers and caravans. The problem of cleaning up after using the toilet is a separate issue.

When only the camping box is placed in the loading space, no separate restructuring procedure is required.

Semi-motorhomes have a downside to using the toilet. Even this can be solved by using a portable potapoti.

A camper user with toilets and showers couldn’t find a reason to go to other people’s neighborhoods to urinate outdoors.

I thought it was a story of a distant country to pay for water and eat it as a standard a long time ago. However, these days, few people simply drink tap water while traveling, and most will buy bottled water to drink. A bunch of bottled water is enough to drink two days and one night. At touristic convenience stores, it costs around 1~2,000 won per box, but at a large mart, you can buy a bundle of 6 2 liters for 3~4,000 won.

If you are a decent person using a caravan or camping car, you will not set it up by taking 3 or 4 seats each other than the campsite. Even if it’s not the first time, or if you don’t take into account the thoughts or discomforts of others at all, the unaware class of acting like that while riding a camper that stands out from people will be the subject of controversy among the same Alviers. Even if 99 campers are properly organized, one can shave everyone’s image, as will other fields.

If you are camping, albing, or camping in an open field other than a camping site, it is essential to organize your surroundings and you should be more careful

The popularity of models that can be restructured at reasonable prices through manufacturing companies is also increasing.

Starex-based camping car, a story about the restructuring
From the past, Starex camping cars have been popular as camping cars for two people or less that accompany fishing, driving, work and travel. It satisfies work and travel at the same time by leaving the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat intact, removing the rear seat, or securing a flat-type sleeping space in the loading space of the van. Recently, it is a model with many inquiries about purchasing a used car and making only furniture for a few million won. Due to the characteristics of a semi-camper, there is little storage space, so the cabinets are woven under the floor, on the left and right walls, and only a city heater is put in, or a small kitchenette is built.

Some companies also purchase used cars on behalf of the company, and they also show low-priced models worth 10 to 20 million won through the production of finished models from the purchase of used cars. The biggest advantage is that it is comfortable and you do not have to see anyone’s interference or notice. This is because you can avoid the uncomfortable gaze toward the camper. As it is not a remarkable camper, it is easy to neglect wastewater treatment and forget the seriousness of problems such as water supply, garbage, and electricity. I sometimes meet users of the age group who can respond to what it is like to take a short break. It also shows a distinct difference from the users of camping cars and caravans, mainly for young families in their 40s.

Motorhomes that stand out vs. Motorhomes that don’t stand out
Motorhomes and caravans stand out wherever they go. Not because they want to stand out, but because the movement itself is still unfamiliar, so everyone looks closely. A camper standing in one corner will be glared by everyone, even though a few teens’ motionless secondary cars left in the parking lot can’t be seen.

For this reason, it is a reality that Albirers who currently ride camping cars are cleaning up their seats and worrying about misunderstandings. However, it is also true that some wrongdoings are affecting all Albiers’ activities.

There are 100 cars parked on the beach, and one or two camping cars left after half a day of play are garbage around and can be blamed for all problems. Even after organizing the surroundings and showing the trash bags loaded in the car, it is often possible to clarify the misunderstanding. Few people would like to take a camper or caravan and go to a strange place to create such a problem.

The idea that caravan and camper users don’t spend money in the area and eat only what they bring and throw away trash is just another prejudice. You will come back to eat or come back with food purchased from local restaurants or markets. In order to secure a parking space, visit a nearby restaurant or mart to purchase a garbage bag, buy bottled water or snacks, and use electricity for a certain amount of money, or receive parking space and water supply at a price equivalent to the cost of the campsite. do. It is also important to understand that most campsites are full on weekends.

For example, a village on the east coast may lend an unused site for half the amount of a campsite, and in some cases, when receiving a campsite fee, agricultural products harvested from the field may be distributed. Of course, it is uncomfortable, but if you see the women’s association and the local people come out at once in the morning to clean the beaches and streets and go home, you will feel that the cost is not a waste. You can throw out the trash in a designated place, and you can feel that the organized place is taking place through the village management meeting to some extent. It wasn’t a banner saying 00 banned, but a way to win-win with each other.

Sometimes I secretly throw away trash in an invisible place and see people disappearing as if running away, but if I can use the place continuously, I have the heart to clean up and clean it up. There is also a wish that there will be no word of mouth so that such an unconscionable class does not come.

For reference, if I can talk about one more, I fully agree with the negative view on wastewater treatment. However, camping cars and caravans are divided into fresh water tanks (where unused tap water is stored) and sewage after use. This is because I want to tell you that not all water discharged from the camper is dirty sewage. If you wash your hands without using soap through an outdoor shower on the road, on the beach where there are no users, or at the pine forest, it is no different from spraying mineral water.

If there is water in the fresh water tank on the way back after being quiet, clean up, the remaining water must be drained for safety and hygiene while driving. If there is a sewage pipe in the vicinity, it is wise to empty it, and it is correct to dispose of the residual water in a way that does not harm the movement and use of others. I hope you don’t see this as a view of discharging dirty wastewater without permission. If dirty food scraps and bubbles are spilling under the caravan or camper, it is necessary to report it or make a strong appeal.

Alvier who ignores this process because it’s annoying should give him a tingle, but I hope you don’t blame or look at everyone with witch-hunting. If I commit an illegal act by changing places just because my actions aren’t right, but people are invisible, it’s natural to impose appropriate fines and fines. This applies not only to camper users, but also to car parks and campers, and is only common to the general public who visited the place on a day trip by car. The world is wide and there are so many unconscionable consciences that do not get rid of it. It is unfair to put all responsibility on motorhomes and caravans. How absurd it would be if the position had changed, so I become more careful.

If it is difficult to separate and dispose of garbage even if it is put in a local pay-as-you-go bag, it is wise to bring it home and go through a set discharge process.

Currently, the law has been changed so that if you buy a caravan, you must prove the garage to be able to register. In the case of camping cars, like caravans, they were excluded due to various controversies while implementing the garage verification system. Another fact here is that it is not easy to secure a parking lot even if the owner wants it. Large trucks on the reverse side of the road also require proof of garage, but you can see that they are not properly observed.

There is also a story about parking spaces, but if a large truck is missing, there is not one more parking space. It is zero in terms of the number of parking spaces because other cars come to the garage and park it and use a truck. However, in the case of a caravan, one parking space remains when you exit the public parking lot. Instead, when you return, if there are reasons such as a narrow parking lot remaining or a small space, it becomes a problem because it cannot be built. So I am talking about the need for a dedicated parking lot. This is not to reduce the space for a single car to provide a parking space to stand for a while. It is intended to inform in advance the causes and countermeasures of problems that can cope with changes as well as effectiveness through the parking lot arrangement.

There are a lot of these and other problems, and it is inconvenient and more difficult to manage properly is a camper. Nevertheless, the growing popularity of caravans and camping cars is a lifestyle change according to changes in life. However, the perception of residential culture, infrastructure, culture, and leisure is being dismissed as an idea for the interests of the few, leading to criticism. Keep in mind that one Albier, one correct practice is the beginning of a small change.

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