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2021.02.03. 13,727 read Tesla Model Y to be released in Korea in the first quarter… Official mileage 511 km Kabilif 30


Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

Tesla unveiled Model Y, a small crossover, in Korea, and is spurring preparations for launch. Tesla Korea also unveiled Model Y at the Tesla pop-up store at Lotte Department Store Yeongdeungpo and Lotte World Mall on January 13th.

Model Y, the last puzzle of Tesla’s electric vehicle lineup SEXY, was unveiled in Korea in about a year after it began sales in the United States in March last year. Model Y was developed as a crossover coupe type that balances driving performance and wide and practical aspects of a utility vehicle based on the same platform as the Model 3.

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

The specifications of Model Y are 4,751mm in total length, 1,921mm in width, 1,624mm in height, and 2,890mm in wheelbase, which has a larger body than Model 3 using the same platform. Model 3 is 4,694mm in length, 1,849mm in width, 1,443mm in height, and 2,875mm wheelbase. In addition, the overall width and wheelbase are 31mm and 110mm longer than Hyundai’s midsize SUV Santa Fe, respectively. The specifications of Santa Fe are 4,770mm in total length, 1,890mm in width, up to 1,705mm in height, and 2,765mm in wheelbase.

Model Y’s rear seat legroom is 40.5 inches (1029 mm), which is 5.3 inches longer than Model 3. Headroom is also 1.7 inches higher for Model Y. The maximum loading capacity of Model Y is 1,926 liters, including the front and rear trunks and the maximum storage space that can be secured when the two-row seats are folded, five times larger than the 396 liters of Model 3. It was found to be about 230 liters larger than Santa’s, with a maximum loading capacity of 1,695 liters.

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

In addition, Model Y has two switches on the left side of the trunk, allowing you to fold the second row seats right from the trunk. In addition, depending on the option, you can choose a 3-row 7-seater. In the center of the center fascia, both models have the same 15-inch touch screen, and the instrument panel is not applied.

Model Y is sold in two versions, the performance version and the long range version, and both models are four-wheel drive models with dual motors. Model Y sold in Korea is produced at the Fremont factory in the United States.

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

Tesla Korea will officially release Model Y within the first quarter. To this end, Tesla Korea completed the emission and noise certification from the Ministry of Environment for the Model Y long range model and the performance model on January 8. In addition, on the 4th, the mileage of the Model Y Long Range was certified once fully charged.

According to the fuel efficiency indicated by the Korea Energy Agency’s Transportation Energy Vehicle, the official mileage of the Model Y Long Range is 511 km based on a 20-inch wheel, which is longer than the Model 3 Long Range, which runs up to 496 km.

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

The price is under review, and the current selling price in the US is $42,190 (45.9 million won) for the long-range model, and $52,190 (5,678 million won) for the performance. If the domestic sales price is set at a level similar to the US sales price, you can receive a 100% government subsidy when purchasing Model Y.

On December 30 last year, the Ministry of Environment announced an administrative notice for the revision of the guidelines for subsidy work for the electric vehicle supply business in 2021. According to this revised bill, the Ministry of Environment plans to provide subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles starting this year according to the sales price.

Tesla Model Y (Source: Tesla)

The standard sales price is calculated as the sum of the ex-works price, excluding VAT, plus individual consumption tax and education tax.Electrical vehicles below KRW 60 million receive 100% subsidy, EVs exceeding KRW 60 million and under KRW 90 million receive 50% subsidy, and EVs exceed KRW 90 million. It is not eligible for subsidy.

This year’s electric passenger car purchase subsidy will be differentially supported within the range of up to 8 million won in consideration of vehicle performance, vehicle availability of companies subject to the low-emission vehicle supply target system, and achievements in achieving the supply target. Regardless of the type of vehicle, mini electric vehicles are paid 4 million won, and electric freight vehicles up to 16 million won depending on the vehicle size.


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