2021.02.02.  7,063 Read SHAPE OF DIESEL, Mercedes-Benz E 220d 4matic VS BMW 523d ​​Motor Magazine 18

2021.02.02. 7,063 Read SHAPE OF DIESEL, Mercedes-Benz E 220d 4matic VS BMW 523d ​​Motor Magazine 18

Facelift at the same time. Two new German premium mid-size sedans are now standing side by side.. Their target is that they have to drive long distances every day., A business man who lives a busy day.. For those who need to choose a diesel engine EClass and 5What charm is the series approaching??

Written | Jinwook Ahn, only Picture | Jaehyuk Choi


I never thought that the personality of the two models would be revealed so far in the facelift.. Benz EClass embraces curves and makes them a little younger, I wanted to have a dynamic feeling, BMW 5The series tried to preserve the straight line and take the existing image almost as it is.. So if you don’t look to the side EThe class has a strong feeling of the new model 5The series does not show much difference from the previous model.. One thing is for sure, They both wanted to be models with dynamics..

first EClass. Grill unlike before AI cut it into shape, It may look awkward when viewed in the picture, but I think it’s okay to look at it.. In order to preserve the shape of this grill, the test drive AMG I applied the bumper of the line, The angle drawn by the grill and the air intake angle of the front bumper are perfectly matched.. In the headlamp EThe two lines of daytime running lights, the symbol of the class, have disappeared,, Leaving a small shining shape next to the module to heal regrets.

5The series has a narrower headlamp and a slightly larger kidney grill.. suddenly 7I think of the series facelift, Since the grill is much smaller, 5Doesn’t hurt the proportions of the series. Is a very good choice. onetime BMWThe prototype that was like a symbol of LED The daytime running lights have turned into hexagons and are now at the bottom LLeft only in shape. The fog lights at the bottom of the front bumper disappeared, creating a more dynamic and aggressive shape..

Both models seem to focus on clarity from the rear.. EThe class changed the tail lamp to a triangle, Unlike the photo, it feels pretty beautiful. I think it’s more like that because the bright red line cuts through the middle of the tail lamp.. 5The series changed the internal graphics while keeping the overall shape of the tail lamp intact., The red color that fills most of it LEDLooks great. The turn signals and reversing lights were finely trimmed., There is no need to worry about visibility.

I thought there wasn’t much change in the interior as it was a face lift model, EAs soon as the class saw it, it noticed the change.. I have no choice but to, Because the steering wheel has changed drastically.. EDare to say that it is the most beautiful in class history, yet polished for the digital age.. Without having to emphasize the bottom DMaking use of the cut, Haptic touch evolves, so volume control becomes natural.. Unlike in the past, now ACC No need to shake the steering wheel you are holding when operating.

The steering wheel is closer to the center than before, I also like that I kept the shift lever intact. Benz specific MBUXIt is easier to find features such as radio channels than before and recognizes voice commands quite well.. The seat looks like it would suit dynamic driving,, It’s still comfortable, covers your body well, and doesn’t build up fatigue even on long distances.. It would have been better if there were additional features such as ventilation and massage..

5At first glance, the series seems to maintain the existing interior.. I can see the difference though, The monitor at the top of the center fascia 12.3Increased to inches. I don’t use the basic navigation anyway.? It doesn’t matter though. There is an Apple CarPlay that fills this big screen, so you can turn on the smartphone’s navigation and run.. It is convenient because it can be connected without wires, and if you put it in the storage box, you can use the room neatly..

5What I like about the series OneThe top of the backrest of the thermal seat can be adjusted separately.. It will help you find the correct posture over time.. It is equipped with ventilation seats along with heating wires, and there is also a steering heating wire, which doubles the convenience.. 2Heat cushions are quite long, so even people with long legs will be able to give full rest to their thighs.. Instead, the legroom is sacrificed that much,, It’s okay if you don’t sit with your legs crossed.


It’s a match’s flower performance test. Both 4Cylinder 2.0ℓ Have a diesel engine. EClass is the highest output 194horsepower, Torque 40.8kg∙mPower of four wheels, 5Series is the highest output 190horsepower, Torque 40.8kg∙mPower is transmitted only to the rear wheel. The power is almost the same, but the difference is BMWIs equipped with a mild hybrid system. Therefore, vibration and noise that is annoying during idling, which is a disadvantage of diesel engines, are not transmitted to the cabin room.. There is no stop-and-go button even under the engine start button.. Only disabled in sport mode, Always keep the engine down when stopping. When a normal diesel car is turned off and on, it transmits unpleasant vibrations to the steering wheel and seat. 523dIs not. When the engine was turned off, It is difficult for the driver to notice if it is turned on. This is an attraction that can be dazzled even by consumers who are reluctant to use diesel engines.. You can feel the luxury you can expect when riding a premium brand car..

Usually consumers say that Benz BMWI think it’s more luxurious, but at least looking at these two Taiwanese, the luxurious engine feel BMWIs the overwhelming victory of. EThe class feels the rough engine rotation peculiar to diesel at idle or at low speeds like a normal diesel car.. The triangular star badge seems to be self-explanatory by the brand that it is suitable for gasoline engines..

The two units have similar acceleration.. It’s not hot, but that’s not enough. It’s enough power to use in the public road.. Easy to pass while following normal traffic flow. Next, let’s compare the transmission EClass its 9only, 5The series is ZFof 8Use only units. Both shift speed and shift shock 5One of the series leads. That doesn’t mean that Mercedes’s aren’t too good. The shifting speed is not stuffy and it is quite active in downshifting, but I couldn’t give a high score because there were occasional rumblings at the bottom.

Suspension settings are interchangeable between the two cars.. EThe class is a little tense lower body 5The series shows a smooth ride. Damper stroke is EThe class is shorter and the spring EClass is stronger. Not the Mercedes we knew, but the old BMWIt feels like riding. Then how about the cornering performance of the two?? Both show great moves for a business sedan.. The surprising thing was that I felt soft 5The series is in the corner 180° Show a different look. BMWLikewise, despite the dramatic movement, the left and right rolling is not severe and the degree of understeer is not large.. The corner line can be pulled inward with just the amount of throttle opening and closing.. Steering feedback is honest, it’s a diesel car, but it tastes like a winding ride..

Test ride EClass is 5Unlike the series, it has a four-wheel drive system.. The suspension is also tighter, so it was expected to show a little more resistance to corner escape.. Contrary to expectations, the rigid suspension does not cope well with the dramatic steering.. 5The degree of understeer is more severe than the series, so the entry speed should be slowed down.. The two tires have different brands, but even though they are wearing the same size of the same class, the tire skid sound EFlies first in class. Chassis balance too 5It’s a series of victory. On the other hand, when it comes to German cars, high-speed stability is indispensable, but both offer excellent high-speed stability.. The feeling of the car body on the road 5I could feel more in the series.

Finally, the braking test.. Both of them have good braking performance so that the superiority cannot be hidden.. Nose dive is not severe and breaksteer is well suppressed.. In addition, no fading or vapor lock phenomenon is seen even when strong braking is applied repeatedly at high speed.. What I like the most is that the body does not curl inward even when braking occurs while turning the corner.. Important basics in automobiles, And the most important braking performance among them both shows the brand value..

Performance test is over. When it comes to running BMWShowed a better figure than Mercedes. It’s not that I judged that because it doesn’t matter which car out of the two runs like a sports car.. 4How luxurious it works even with a cylinder diesel engine, Whether it shows a ride that is suitable for the price of the car, And sometimes, when the driver wanted to run, he only tried to match the beat.. In this topic BMWTook a better report card than Mercedes. Demonstrated what a sporty business sedan is.

Length×width×Height 4940×1860×1475mm | Wheel base 2940mm | Engine type I4 Turbo, diesel
Displacement 1950cc | Output 194ps | Torque 40.8kg m | Transmission 9Only automatic
Driving method AWD | Combined fuel economy 13.2km/ℓ | price 7790Ten thousand won

Length×width×Height 4965×1870×1480mm | Wheel base 2975mm | Engine type I4 Turbo, diesel
Displacement 1995cc | Output 190ps | Torque 40.8kg m | Transmission 8Only automatic
Driving method RWD | Combined fuel economy 15.6km/ℓ | price 7500Ten thousand won

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