2021.02.02.  68,022 read Old is okay!  BMW 530i xDrive KB Cha Cha Cha 121

2021.02.02. 68,022 read Old is okay! BMW 530i xDrive KB Cha Cha Cha 121

Good morning, KBCha Cha Cha is the official post keeper..
BMW 5Series and benz EThe class is a model representing an imported midsize sedan. When I look at the two, the word Yongho Sangbak comes to mind. Unfortunately last year 10Both cars showed a partial change model.. At the beginning of the launch EThe appearance of the class’s likes and dislikes 5The dominance of the series was expected, but looking at the actual sales volume, the kingship of the imported mid-size sedan is still Benz’s..

The first half of the 7th generation 5series still looks attractive

In sales EJust because the class has an edge 5I’m not saying the series is falling. Both models have similar overall car performance, such as performance and quality, so that it is difficult to say that anyone is better, and the characteristics and orientation of the models are slightly different.. In sales volume 2Staying in the Son of Man, but still charming and missing one 5I’ve experienced the series in a long time. It’s also “old”..

It is getting bigger with generations.

The model I experienced this time 7First generation(2017~2020) 530i xDriveis. Now, a partially changed model is out and it’s slightly outdated, but it’s still too early to treat the old man in the back room. 7Generation 5Series size is length 4,936mm, width 1,868mm, Height 1,479mmAnd the wheelbase is 2,975mmis. 6Length compared to generation 29mm, width 8mm, Height 15mmAnd the wheelbase 7mm It got longer. It’s not a big difference, but if you look at the growing body 8Generations are probably length 5m, Wheel base 3mI think it will be a medium-sized car like a large.

Kidney grill symbolizing BMW

Test ride with M Sport package

BMWIs famous for its unique design.. Sedan or SUV, We apply the same design concept to various models such as sports cars.. 7The same goes for the first generation type.. BMWKidney grill and connected headlamps, Large air intake, Familiar CFiller, etc. BMWIs full of elements. The test ride M The sports package is a little more sporty than the luxury line, but we haven’t forgotten the neatness that a business sedan should have..

Interior that has not changed significantly compared to the previous generation

BMW emphasizes familiarity when competing models take big changes.

7The interior of the first generation type BMWLike the model of the model, it shows a composition that has not changed much from before.. BMWShows how to upgrade only the detailed elements while maintaining the big frame of the interior design.. There is no drop in function, but rival EClass and A6Compared to showing the feast of the display, I think that he chose familiarity rather than challenge..

Seats that can be operated in detail have good seating comfort.

No shortage of second row space

There is not enough space for loading, but space utilization is a little lower due to the protruding walls on both sides.

The sheet shows a marked difference compared to the previous generation.. The seat adjustment width has also been widened, and detailed operations such as tilting the top of the backrest or adjusting the side bolsters are also possible.. 2The heat sheet was also satisfactory. 6Compared to the generation, it doesn’t feel like it’s significantly wider, but it has enough space to support the thighs and the seating feel is great.. Loading space is 530LIt is not insufficient, but the space utilization is a little lower as both walls are protruding a little..

Inline 4-cylinder 2.0L engine has a maximum output of 252 horsepower and a maximum torque of 35.7 kg·m. [출처: BMW]

The 8-speed automatic transmission has a smooth shift and shows quite different propensities depending on the driving mode.

7First generation 530i xDriveIn serial 4Cylinder 2.0L The engine is mounted. Output 252horsepower, Torque 35.7kg·mShow good performance with. supercharger(Turbo) Thanks to 2,000cc By displacement V6 3.3L It produces similar power to the Granger with a naturally aspirated engine.. ZFfour()of 8However, the automatic transmission changes the way the driver wants, and the difference is clear according to the driving mode change..

Instrument panel that changes according to driving mode

In the Eco Pro, the instrument panel turns blue and shows an eco-friendly image.. It’s also fun to show the fuel efficiency increase with economic driving.. Comfort is okay. There is no corner touching the driver’s nerves.. It keeps the engine speed high in sport mode and gives its own shock when shifting..

The degree of intervention of the driving safety device can be easily adjusted.

7Generation 5The series allows the driver to easily control traction and DSCMay reduce the intensity of your intervention or turn it off entirely.. There are surprisingly few cars that can completely turn off the safety device.. For German premium brands, this is only possible in high-performance vehicles.. Also, even if there is a disabling function, the process is complicated and annoying to the driver.. In this respect BMWCan be said to be on the driver’s side. It’s also a part where you can feel proud of the car they made.

The operation of adaptive cruise control is as smooth as a skilled driver.

7Even though it is the first generation, the configuration of the driver assistance system is impeccable.. In the case of adaptive cruise control, acceleration and deceleration are as smooth as a skilled driver. 1km/h It is adjusted in units and the distance between cars is also level.. I don’t know if it’s a test drive problem, but the lane keeping ability is a bit poor.. It often happened to move from side to side or did not recognize lanes well.. The new model that has undergone partial changes is said to have applied a driving assistant professional one notch higher than the previous model, so I expect it to show a better appearance..

The 5 Series, a textbook model of the Premier Business Sedan

530i xDriveIs a premium sedan without lack. all 5Like the series, it’s a car like a ‘Umchin-ah’ that’s compliant and doesn’t fall out.. Although the new model came out and it is now slightly old, it is still attractive, satisfactory, and can be said to be a rideable car.. The textbook model of premium business sedan 5series, What do you think?

When I buy or sell a used car, I only remember this one. KB Cha Cha Cha

KB Cha Cha Cha

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