2021.02.02.  3,718 read Wheel alignment and hub bearings are inseparable?  Pick Plus 9

2021.02.02. 3,718 read Wheel alignment and hub bearings are inseparable? Pick Plus 9

Wheel alignment About basic contents is If you are a driver everyone know Presence Will. Tire Replace time Once Being checked to It’s common. Situation Along no matter how Wheel alignment Catch Symptoms Not improved not Even if There is. Today is this Problem Met time first Doubt Must see which strong suspect medium One person Hub bearing and With wheel alignment Relationship Organize To see I’ll do it.

Relationship between wheel alignment and hub bearing

Wheel alignment(Wheel Alignment) Is basic car Maintenance As a matter Vehicle upright Going for Straightness, Wheel Alignment well Became Whether see thatis. By manufacturer Normal value Range Settled Publicly And if this Range Escape Occation Vehicle To one side Or Tire Uneven wear Happen Tire Life Shorten Vibration or Noise department same Inconvenience, Steering Instability Etc. Even driving anxiety Feel Number There is.

What is a hub bearing?

Hub bearing (Hub Bearing Assembly)silver engine Of the power system Terminal Drive axle(Drive Shaft)this Wheel Turn time Friction Big Reduce At the same time Wheel On the body Hold on Put From the wheel Transmitted Shock and vehicle Load Supportive roleof Do. Now is ABS(Anti-lock braking system) sensor Combined there is assembly In the form Being supplied And Because The problem Occur Occation bearing Itself only To repair Would not Device The whole Whole Exchanged Do.

What are the symptoms of hub bearing damage?

Hub bearing If it breaks On wheels The gap Happen continuous Shock On the body Is applied. Gro Due to Noise department With vibration damaged Whether Doubt ball Number And Neglect Occation Noise or Vibration Getting worse Helicopter Propeller or Cultivator Like the sound of an engine Woong Woong(or King) soundend Comes out.

damaged In the car initially Wind noise Degree of It starts because it’s annoying When it gets worse Iron Scratched With a seemingly noise unpleasant Mood Make you feel It’s possible. And this Despite the situation Maintenance Procrastination Occation unstable Steering performance show In the worst case finally There may be even the possibility of the wheel being removed.

Damage to the hub bearing affects wheel alignment

Wheel alignment Right Would not have Time Symptoms and Hub bearing damaged city Symptoms are Similar Side There is. In addition Wheel and Related Have Because each other Affect Give and take It’s possible. only Hub bearing So Sturdy Wheel alignment well Right Would not have time Hub bearing Crazy Rather than influence Hub bearing Ruined time Wheel alignment Damaging Influence more Big which Number There is.

Hub bearing Damage When it gets worse Wheel From shock Supportive Ability Deteriorating On wheels In a gap Due to continuous Shock Also Happen Wheel alignment Increasingly Go wrong Bound There is not. therefore The problem appeared Hub bearings as it is Dull pick Wheel alignment only grasped It’s not so meaningless to say,’Pour water into the poison underneath.’

Hub bearing and wheel alignment maintenance

Wheel alignment Calibration Normal Even in a tire specialty store or some equipped workshops Receive Number There is. On the sensor due to Measured Figures have The work Proceed And badly Twisted There If not simply To be finished Capital There is. But Wheel alignment Ideal Occurred State Worker’s In proficiency follow 1~3time Degree Required. At this time Hub bearing Broken if there is Measure Shame Not clear Not Because Working time more Lengthen It’s possible.

Check hub bearing abnormality before viewing wheel alignment

Wheel alignment Cycle Oneyear, distance driven 20,000 km Based more often See or Sun But Hub bearings are Scrapped until Repair Days Not Number Be as much as Sturdy this Whether it’s a problem To doubt Easy Not Number There is. Especially car Maintenance which Number there is Expert If not More I will Number There is. if previously Introduce Gave Hub bearing relation Symptoms If you felt it Wheel alignment Example I’m Vehicle Float by hand Wheel Turn More than Noise Check or Wheel Hold shake it Seeing The gap Whether identify needend There is.

Replace if hub bearing problem

Hub bearings To replace key Like theory Easy not. First Wheel Should be separated to do Corrosion or Fixation Intensified Probability very High Because Rather than replacing it yourself To a maintenance company entrusting Would good. In the company Separation while doing Not just solving the bearing problem, around Of devices As well as Check and Corrosion appeared key cleanly Remove One rear again Reunion Let.

Consider replacing hub bearings when tire wear is uneven

Hub bearing stick there is ABS sensor Broken if there is Hub bearings Whole Need to change which Number There is. ABSIs Brake Caught time Tire Attracted Steering ability Not lost Not Sliding At speed Guess Wheel Locked Avoid I do.

if this Function Lose When Brake Caught time Wheel Roll Not In the state car Going on Because In tire most Thick Partial Tread(Tread) One side Big Worn out Number There is. this kind of Uneven wear If it happened Wheel alignment not ABS or Side brake fixation My back In doubt Do.

So far Wheel alignment More than Misunderstood Number there is Hub bearing relation Maintenance Point Organize I gave you. Car Is it a machine As usual Other Symptoms Appear For sure The problem appeared Will. Unlike humans, cars have limitations in expressing even if there is a problem with the car, so when there is an abnormality in the vehicle through noise, vibration, and warning lights on the dashboard, which are not usual, it is necessary to take action as soon as possible.Do it.

I think that the best way to keep your car running longer and safer is not to finish with the usual inspections, but to find a reliable repair shop or company to solve the problem.

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