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				"The law that I want to leave like this is number 1" Why Korea is cursing Car Zoom 65

2021.02.02. 31,728 read "The law that I want to leave like this is number 1" Why Korea is cursing Car Zoom 65

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2021Despite the bright new year of the year, the New Year’s mood does not appear more than usual due to the corona.. It was always bustling with parties and drinking during the New Year holidays, It was just quiet this time.. Nevertheless, this year was no exception as much as the drunk driving incident that was heard all over the year-end and New Year holidays..

2021It’s been less than a month since the year of the year was bright, but only the drunk driving accident that appeared in the Blue House National Petition already 2It’s a case. Whether the Yoon Chang-ho Act was enforced 2Years have passed, The number of drunk driving accidents is not decreasing than expected.. Today, we will look into the effectiveness of the Yoon Chang-ho Act and the reality of drunk driving in Korea..

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2018year 9month,
A catastrophe for a soldier on vacation

2018year 9month, Blood alcohol concentration, which is the level of license cancellation 0.181%In a state of intoxication BMW A traffic accident occurred when a vehicle driver hit a pedestrian standing at a crosswalk at an intersection in Haeundae-gu, Busan.. The victim, Yoon Chang-ho, suffered a severe head injury and suffered a brain death condition., 11May eventually died. 2015Since 2017By year, At that time, the average sentence for the accused of a drunk driving fatal accident was only Oneyear 6Was months.

Accordingly, through the Cheong Wa Dae national petition posted by acquaintances of the victims, the amendment to the law on punishment for the perpetrators of drunk driving was publicized.. Imprisonment higher than average sentence even in court 6Sentenced to years, The sentence was much lower than the public sentiment, so he was criticized by the public.. Starting with this case 2018YearOne The Yoon Chang-ho Act was enforced, The following year 6Month2 The Yoon Chang-ho Act was enacted..

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MyOne Changho Yoon Law Department
My2 Yoon Chang-ho method

MyOne The Yoon Chang-ho Act is an amendment to the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes.. If you hurt someone 10Imprisonment for not more than one year, or 500To be put in ten thousand won OneMore than a year 15Imprisonment for not more than one year, or OneI changed it to ten million won. Also, If you kill a person OneInorganic or 3Was revised to imprisonment for more than one year..

My2 The Yoon Chang-ho Act is an amendment to the Road Traffic Act.. My2 In the Yun Chang-ho Act, the blood alcohol concentration in the drinking standard “0.05%”in “0.03%”It contains the content of lowering to and extending the disqualification period for license cancellation due to drunk driving, and slightly increasing the level of penalties for drunk driving itself..

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With a grand beginning
Loose reality

Enforcement of the Yoon Chang-ho Act 4Behind the moon 2019year 4According to monthly data, Compared to the previous year OneIn May 3The number of drunk driving crackdowns by month is about 27.7% Decreased. Also, traffic accidents caused by drunk driving 35.3%I can see how drunk driving accidents have greatly given to me as a whole..

In addition, the Supreme Court came up with an amendment that raised the sentencing standards.. Therefore, the winning rate of administrative judges requesting to overturn their licenses after being suspended or canceled for those caught while driving under the influence of alcohol also decreased significantly.. When looking at the figures up to this point, it seemed that the effectiveness of the Yoon Chang-ho method was proven..

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However, in the Incheon area, deaths caused by drunk driving increased after the implementation of the Yoon Chang-ho Act.. Incheon Police Agency officials Penalties were strengthened by the enforcement of the Yoon Chang-ho Act,, There seems to be some aspect of the driver’s less alertness over time.Saying, Awareness that has become loose over time was cited as the cause of the increase in deaths..

The recidivism rate that does not decrease is also a big problem.. 2020The drunk driving recidivism rate in the first half of the year was a whopping 46.4%in, 2019year 44.7%It can be seen that it has increased significantly compared to. Road Traffic Authority officials The most frequently asked question after the Yoon Chang-ho method How many drinks are you okayThere is a misconception about drunk driving.SoftSaying, It emphasized that improving driver’s perception is of paramount importance..

2021Year from new year
2Suggested Drunk Driving Death Accident

Of the Blue House National Petition website safety/EnvironmentIn the category already this year 2A petition related to drunk driving was posted.. First, Onemonth OneDay afternoon 10city, There was a case where a victim who was waiting for a signal at an intersection in Gwangju was hit by an assault vehicle that violated the central line.. At that time, the drunk driver was in a state of drunkenness at the level of license cancellation.. Accordingly, the bereaved family filed a national petition appealing for severe punishment of the perpetrator..

The second, 4At work, the Avante vehicle stopped by hitting the median on the Gyeongbu Expressway. 1~2Benz after a minute SUV There was a car crash and the death of the Avante driver.. Benz drivers have blood alcohol levels 0.115%Was intoxicated at the level of revoked license, He was a drunk driving repeat offender. This case was also reported by the bereaved family by filing a national petition demanding severe punishment for the first offender to prevent recidivism..


In addition to this 6Actor Bae Seong-woo was also briefly charged with drunk driving.. Bae Seong-woo’s blood alcohol concentration 0.08% Was subject to the above license cancellation. Also 11There was an incident in Incheon in which a man was drunk and trespassed into a daycare center and was arrested by the police while stealing a taxi and fleeing.. The perpetrator was arrested after hitting a curb on the sidewalk and overturning the vehicle.. The perpetrator is currently I can’t rememberAnd denies the charges..

2020Year corona19 Despite the decrease in traffic due to social distancing measures, drunk driving accidents have rather increased.. In the background of this phenomenon, corona19There was a perception that the drinking crackdown would be loosened due to. Some have revised the Yoon Chang-ho Act, which allows perpetrators to be sentenced to life imprisonment for life, but it has not been sentenced to life imprisonment..

Even for netizens
Bought a ball

The reaction of netizens is hot to the drunk driving accidents that have occurred since the new year.. “What if the sentence is high. The judgment is not highThere were also netizens who questioned the effectiveness of the Yoon Chang-ho method, which was lower than expected.. Here I don’t know why there are conditions for commuting. Arrest the first offenderThere were also a number of reactions calling for stronger punishment of perpetrators of drunk driving..

There were also voices calling for more fundamental problem solving.. One netizen Instead of urgently drafting a bill after every big incident, we need to take measures to prevent it.And emphasized the responsibility of the government.. Also It is mandatory to provide drivers with prior education to awaken the dangers of drunk driving.There was also a response that emphasized the need for institutional education..

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The solution is
What is it

As one of the causes of drunk driving accidents, the public pinpoints a loophole in the law with different sentences between first offender and second offender.. Drunk driving detection criteria specified in the Yoon Chang-ho Act are drunk driving 2More than once 2It is that the occurrence of drunk driving is psychologically easy.. In addition, experts have questioned the gap between the sentence prescribed by law and the sentence actually sentenced.. While the maximum sentence specified in the law is life imprisonment,, The highest sentence ever sentenced 8One of the causes is that only years.

Some experts have discussed the causes of drunk driving. “‘If you are drunk, you should not drink and drive.I couldn’t think of it and started driving repeatedlySaying, For drunk drivers, drunk driving mistakeNot habitI explained. In addition, he argued that it is urgent to improve drivers’ fundamental awareness to fix this habit..

Drunk driving accident by chanceor MomentDoes not happen to. The driver is drinking, Take out the car key and open the door, Start up, Shifting gears, There were enough moments to stop the accident until I stepped on the accelerator.. However, it did not stop at the driver’s will..

The moment you drink and grab the steering wheel, The vehicle I drive becomes a weapon in no time.. Luckily, the weapon might not hurt anyone,, Just walking around with such a weapon makes me an outlaw, not a driver.. For a moment of comfort, it is necessary to be alert to drunk driving that hurts others and yourself..

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