2021.02.02.  11,678 read Jaguar The New F-Type P300 Coupe Explore & Quick Test Drive @Jaguar Land Rover Pyeongchon Exhibition Center AutoDesign 34

2021.02.02. 11,678 read Jaguar The New F-Type P300 Coupe Explore & Quick Test Drive @Jaguar Land Rover Pyeongchon Exhibition Center AutoDesign 34

There are various car brands, and each brand has a wide variety of models for each segment, but among them, there must be one vehicle that specifically represents the brand’s identity. One of the UK’s leading brands and a model representing Jaguar’s DNA, which has been active in various racing stages such as F1 and Formula E, Group C, GT3 European Championship, and Le Mans series for a long time. ‘F-TYPE’ CoupeI think it might be.

The F-Type, which was released in 2013 and introduced a variety of high-performance lineups including V6 S, V8 R, and SVR, went through a year change to the 2018 model, and finally the design was changed to a facelift in 2019, and this year in 2021, finally! Even in Korea The New F Type Face Lift The model landed and visited the Jaguar Land Rover Pyeongchon Exhibition Center to see the real thing.

The vehicle on display is the entry-level among the new The New F-Type Coupe. 2.0 Turbo P300 modelHowever, it was enough to find out the design of the new F-Type and the major changes.

The biggest change is the impression of the front. The headlamp, which was located above the hood as a vertical type, is sharp and slim. Horizontal LED headlampChanged to, the position is also lower, showing a much bitter impression. It feels so similar to Jaguar’s other sedan models, but the addition of a new grille and a larger air vent design makes it a more aggressive style.

As a test ride, the existing F-type P300 coupe model is ready, so you can compare it like this. The side line is almost the same, but you can feel the impression of the front part has changed. Personally, I liked the existing design more until I saw the real thing, but it seems that the new F-Type, which has a more ferocious eye than the previous one, which remains a pure feeling if you keep looking at it, suits the atmosphere of a sports car better.

In addition, the hood’s air vent garnish position and design have also been changed from vertical to horizontal along the headlamp, and the color is applied the same as the body color.

If you keep looking, you can find other parts that have changed.The air vent garnish on the front fender was previously engraved with JAGUAR’s English lettering intaglio, but the new version has the Jaguar logo without any letters, and the chrome finish has also changed to black.

The rear lamp is said to have been changed in an angular shape, and the chicane curve of the racing track was formed. The Jaguar emblem and FTYPE lettering on the top of the spoiler have also been changed from chrome to black.

However, the sexy side design delivered by the F-type’s long-stretched nose, the low-falling roof line with the fastback type, and the volume-conscious rear fender are intact. No place has changed much, but it is still attractive and sexy. The same applies to the P300 with a large square center single muffler tip.

However, it is said that the body is a rivet-bonded high-strength, ultra-light aluminum monocoque body that enables a stronger performance with a more rigid and lighter body.

The interior configuration is also hidden, but the central air vent that pops out when the engine is started, a structure designed around the driver, a 3-spoke steering wheel, an electronic gear knob, and many other parts are almost the same as before, but the instrument panel that was analog type 12.3-inch digital clusterIn addition, the 10-inch Touch Pro display, Connected Navigation Pro, suede facing sports seat, and Meridian sound system are also applied to the P300 model.

It may feel sad 5.7 seconds to accelerate from standstill to 100 km/hWith a sufficiently fast acceleration performance, the top speed can reach 250km/h, Certified combined fuel efficiency 9.8km/LIt is equipped with observable efficiency compared to performance.

In addition, the active sports exhaust system, even though it is a four-cylinder model, has a fairly dynamic sound, passive suspension, and an open differential including a torque vectoring system, which is the most entry trim, but it is expected to show sufficient performance to be called a’sports car’.

F type coupe Safety features of the P300 include driver condition monitoring, emergency brake assist, lane keeping assist with valet mode and driving assistance system, front and rear parking sensors, cruise control, etc.This applies.

The top model 380 horsepower V6 3.0 supercharged P380 R-Dynamic model features an active exhaust system and adaptive dynamics, while the 575 horsepower V8 5.0 supercharged P575 R model features a four-wheel drive system and Windsor leather performance seats.

It would have been nice to have tried the new F-type until the test drive, but it is still too early to prepare for the test drive, so the test drive is Existing F type P300 modelProceeded to. Powertrain Same as the new model, 2.0 gasoline turbo 300 horsepower engine, 8-speed automatic transmission, rear wheel driveAs it was applied, it seems that there will be no big difference in driving performance in general situations.

However, since it was a test drive conducted through an exhibition hall event, the test drive time was short, about 20 minutes, so I couldn’t see in detail, and I hope you take into account that it was only a little taste.

As the test drive was an existing model, the central LCD window was applied to the analog instrument panel, but the accumulated mileage was only 93km, and it was still a hot new car. Since it is a four-cylinder 2.0 model, it doesn’t sound as loud as the V6 S test drive a few years ago, but when you step on the accelerator, you get a sound that you want to step on more subtly.

It was difficult to properly step on the test drive course because it is a very limited environment in the city center, but when accelerating after waiting for a signal, and when stepping on it slightly in dynamic mode in a quiet area, it is not as good as the top model, but it is difficult to enjoy sports driving with the P300. I felt like it was enough. When you accelerate deeply, the torque that pushes the driver’s body is also strong, and the acceleration is lighter than expected. However, there is a slight delay due to the characteristics of the turbo engine during rapid acceleration. Instead, the 8-speed automatic transmission’s downshift response is more immediate than expected.

Still, whether it is because it is not a pure sports car, but because it is a GT coupe, or because it is the most entry-level model, there was no back pain or uncomfortable feeling while maintaining a moderate fit in the ride comfort while driving in the city, and acceleration was lightly, body stability, lower body. The feeling was a feeling that remained heavy.

The seat position is quite low and the nose is on the long side, so I was worried that it would feel awkward to drive, but the body was compact with a length of 4,482 mm and a wheelbase of 2,622 mm, so there was no difficult feeling, and the driving view was good except for the rear. The steering operation was also heavy, so there was no hard feeling, and I was able to turn it very comfortably during U-turn. It would be better to know how the weight changes depending on the speed, but I expect it to deliver a sense of stability and heavy steering at high speed.

It is now outdated, but even in the old P300 model, there are convenient equipment such as seat heating wire, steering wheel heating wire, cruise control, and voice recognition function along with the memory electric seat.

The wide screen touch pro navigation, auto air conditioner, blind spot warning system, and other safety specifications were also quite faithfully observed.

It would have been nice if I could have looked into it longer and more closely, but that’s it for the Jaguar F-Type P300 simple test drive. We look forward to having an opportunity to deliver a test drive with the new The New F-Type with a longer time in the future.

The place where I met the new F-Type P300 Coupe exhibition vehicle and the existing F-Type P300 Coupe by test drive Britishioto Jaguar Land Rover Pyeongchon Exhibition Center.

In a pleasant environment, you can meet the new Jaguar The New F-Type Coupe, the new Defender, and various Range Rover models as exhibited vehicles and test-drive vehicles, so it is recommended to visit if you need a purchase consultation/inquiry along with a new car test drive.

Britishioto Jaguar Land Rover Pyeongchon Exhibition Center

375 Sinjin-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do


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