2021.02.01.  4,525 reads'Strangely Powerless' 3 signs of a car generator failure!  ABC Tire 13

2021.02.01. 4,525 reads’Strangely Powerless’ 3 signs of a car generator failure! ABC Tire 13

Three signs of a car generator failure,’Strangely Powerless’!

It is no exaggeration to say that a car is a moving generator. Engines driven by gasoline or diesel based on an internal combustion engine generate the rotation of the shaft, and electricity is also generated at this time. So, all cars are equipped with small generators. This is called a generator. The generated electricity is stored in the battery. As generators are not regularly replaced parts, drivers are not very aware of them, but like all auto parts, there is a good chance that they will fail. ABC Tires informs you of signs of a car generator failure.

The era of cars running only on oil is over.

Most drivers think that all the power in the car is supplied by the battery. Of course, it’s not wrong, but unexpectedly, there is little electricity supplied from the battery, and it is said that the generated electricity is supplied to the car as it is while driving.

Especially in recent years, almost all auto parts require electricity. These include steering, various safety devices, and sensors. So, if the generator causes trouble, the safety of the car is significantly reduced, so it can be said that it is as important as the engine. In addition, there is a trend of enhancing the performance of generators and increasing the voltage of car batteries.

Usually, generators are exchanged for 10 years or 100,000 km. However, depending on the vehicle type or driver’s habits, the lifespan is slightly flexible. In particular, experts point out that if the voltage in the car is not constant even though the battery is replaced, the generator should be suspicious.

3 signs of possible failure

There are three main signs of a car generator failure. First of all, the operation of the air conditioner or audio is unstable. Both parts have something in common. If the voltage is not stable, operation becomes unstable.

Another prognostic symptom is when you feel that the engine has no power. The engine doesn’t just run on gasoline fuel. I absolutely need electricity. This is because electricity is supplied directly to the spark plug to ignite the injected fuel. So, if the RPM doesn’t go up faster than in the past when accelerating, you need to question the generator.

Finally there is noise. If the bearing on the shaft with the generator is not working properly, abnormal noise will be generated. It is said that if this is left alone, there is a high risk of generator failure. Car care is done with the five senses, and don’t forget that hearing is especially important.

Generators are quite expensive parts. If you are replacing it with a new one, you must be prepared to pay at least 1 million won, including labor. If you detect abnormal symptoms in advance and perform repairs rather than replacements through inspection, you can save the car maintenance cost as much.

However, it is said that there are quite a few useful parts among used parts as they are long-lived parts. It is said that if you get repairs from a reliable place, you can significantly reduce the cost of replacement, even if it is not new. So far, ABC Tire has delivered it.

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