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				[시승기] Outstanding presence and satisfaction'Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum' Kaholic 16

2021.01.31. 6,218 reads [시승기] Outstanding presence and satisfaction’Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum’ Kaholic 16

The Cadillac brand is rapidly improving its portfolio and brand constitution.
As for the sedan-centered portfolio, the proportions of SUVs and sedan line-ups have been reversed, and the naming system used since the 2000s and the’alphanumeric’ currently in use are also preparing to disappear behind history.
In this situation, I faced the’Cadillac CT6′, a full-size sedan that became Cadillac’s’turning point’. What value and charm can the Cadillac CT6 offer in this situation where so many brands are continuing their course in chaos?

The Cadillac CT6 is literally the brand’s full-size sedan, presenting the value of a’flagship model’ with the Cadillac Escalade.
The physique also has a long overall length of 5,227mm, and the overall width and height also reach 1,880mm and 1,473mm, respectively, effectively presenting a bold and agile proportion. In addition, the long wheelbase of 3,109mm raises the expectation of space.
On the other hand, the Cadillac CT6 has an empty vehicle weight of 1,941kg, which is about 150-200kg, which is lighter than the full-size sedans of the same class, despite its huge physique, making it a measure of’GM’s ability to develop chassis’.

A new paradigm in Cadillac design
The recently debuted Cadillac’s large three-row SUV, XT6, and the upcoming sedan models CT4 and CT5 are presenting the’Escalar-Like’ design that inherited the keynote of the Escal concept, but in fact, the Cadillac CT6 is actually Escala- It is the starting point of Like design.
The Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum, prepared for the actual test drive, completely deviated from the conventional design that had a large front grille and a headlight unit that was strongly drawn vertically, and showed off the front grille and Cadillac’s crest emblem with a more dynamic and bold silhouette.

Here, the Cadillac traditional identity was effectively presented by combining the horizontal lighting unit, which is the core of Escalar-Like, and the DRL drawn vertically toward the ground like a conventional Cadillac. Personally, I think the body kit of the Sport and Sport Plus trim is more attractive, but the platinum specification looks strong enough.
From the side, a distinctive long and low silhouette is revealed. The long overall length of 5,227mm, and the low height compared to the total length, the relaxed yet dynamic sedan’s sensibility is effectively revealed. In addition, the new 20-inch alloy wheel, which presents a difference from the existing alloy wheel, is added to enhance the sense of satisfaction.

The Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum’s rear design, like the front design, has an Escala-Like design stance that once again shows off its presence.
Thanks to the redesigned trunk gate design and the new rear combination lamp with horizontal lighting, it effectively presents a more intense and sporty image. In addition, the upper part of the trunk gate is trimmed like a lip-type spoiler to further emphasize the sporty sensibility. In addition, twin muffler tips trimmed in a dual type were added to both ends of the lower body.

One that builds the pride of the flagship
The interior space of the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum has secured the’competitiveness’ that should be equipped with a sedan model representing the brand.
In fact, the interior space of the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum not only presents the latest interior design stance, but also presents a variety of technical charms, as well as advanced materials and finishes that have been refurbished compared to the existing ones, and efforts in detail. .
A display panel of the CUE system and a digital cluster are added on the symmetrical dashboard and the neatly trimmed center tunnel, and the overall satisfaction is improved by presenting a control interface with improved usability.

Along with this, the CUE infotainment system not only presents a clean and intuitive graphic theme, but also makes it easy to handle various functions with direct and concise operation. Along with this, the Panarray sound system prepared exclusively for the CT6 and the rear view camera mirror 2.0 with improved functions are also sufficient as’appeal points’.

There is no regret about the interior space. First of all, the seat has a generous and relaxed design, so you can enjoy legroom and headroom regardless of your body shape when seating. Along with this, the satisfaction is even more excellent as the Masagi function, which can be said to be the best in its class, is added. In addition, the usability is excellent in the seat adjustment function, and the satisfaction is high.
In addition, as it occupies the top of the sedan lineup, it seems that he is surely taking the extra space for the second row. Thanks to the long wheelbase of 3,109mm, even an adult male close to 190cm can sit cross-legged. The seat’s softness is a bit lacking, but the Cadillac’s unique solid yet stable feel is clearly conveyed. There is also no shortage of massage functions and entertainment systems for the second row.

Compared to the generous physique and space of the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum, the loading space is somewhat disappointing. The trunk space of 433L, which can be regrettable for domestic consumers who have strong willingness for four golf bags, is a little smaller than that of competing models. However, the shape of the space is neat, so the usability is good, and the lighting of the loading space is also satisfactory.

Embracing the heart of GM’s high-quality V6
Under the bonnet of the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum sits the highly acclaimed V6 engine. This engine is also evaluated for its high degree of completeness in the market. Based on the displacement of 3.6L, it provides a maximum output of 334 horsepower and a generous output of 39.4 kg.m. Even in recent years, when downsizing turbos became mainstream, the pride of the’naturally aspirated engine power’. Is erecting.
In addition, through a 10-speed automatic transmission and an AWD system, we pursue optimal power distribution and efficiency according to the situation. Through this, it presents’competitiveness’ in the market not only with light and strong driving performance, but also with a compound standard of 8.7km/L (city 7.5km/L, high speed 10.9km/L).

Driving an all-round sedan with ownership
Often, when evaluating a full-size or flagship sedan, the focus is on the’shopper-driven sedan’, that is, the area where you can sit down in the second row and enjoy. However, the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum presents its presence and competitiveness with a slightly different attitude.
When you open the second row of doors and look at the rear seats, you have secured the value and competitiveness of the’Flagship Sedan’, and it is also clearly appealing in the functional part. Nevertheless, the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum offers confidence in the’front seat’, the ownership-driven sedan.

When the engine is started and the accelerator pedal is stepped on, the texture of the naturally aspirated engine that is soft at first and gradually aspirated stands out. Thanks to this, it makes the Cadillac CT6 be judged as a’shopper-driven’ sedan for a while.
However, if you press the accelerator pedal a little harder here, the Cadillac CT6 shows off a fairly dynamic movement with a fast rising RPM and a sharp texture and quite sporty sound accordingly. In particular, the’texture’ felt in the process of soaring RPM can be said to be the best in its class.
The acceleration performance of the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum, which is transmitted throughout the ride, is quite excellent, and it continues to move without hesitation even in overtaking acceleration. In addition, it is not a’exciting level’ even in the high-speed area, but it presents a sufficiently attractive and intense’charm’. Thanks to this, I became more curious about the CT6-V Black Wing, which is not sold in Korea.

The presence of the 10-speed automatic transmission that adds up to this is also significant. In addition to shifting speed and shifting texture, it does its part in the’dynamics’ part that matches the sportiness of the V6 engine by excellently suppressing impact during the shifting process, boasting a flagship margin.
When the actual driving mode is changed to sport, the 10-speed transmission utilizes the RPM of the V6 engine abundantly, and it shows sufficient response for sports driving and actively reflects the driver’s will in manual shifting. Of course, there is no unnecessary level of’shift shock’, so driving sophistication can be maintained steadily.

The movement of the vehicle provides comfort for the occupants, but it has enough’the ability to run’.
In actual everyday situations, the impact from the road surface is more actively and actively suppressed so that the occupants can enjoy the leisure. However, as the MRC (Magnetic Ride Control), which will be described later, basically focuses on’sports driving’, it seems that the hardness sometimes stands out.

Increasing the driving tempo makes the vehicle’s movement sharper and bolder, just like the V6 engine did. In addition to the steering system that is relatively light and provides detailed feedback, the vehicle’s movement is made more light and agile through rear-wheel steering.
Thanks to this, when digging into a corner, it is not only agile and sharp so that you do not think that it is a vehicle with a long overall length of more than 5m, but thanks to the MRC, the lower body at a terrifying speed of 1/1,000 seconds depending on the situation. By adjusting the damping power of the vehicle, it is possible to immediately present a solid yet agile movement, leading to admiration and satisfaction for the movement throughout the ride.

Meanwhile, the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum is equipped with a rear view camera mirror 2.0 that illuminates the rear view.
It provides a wide rear view and is updated to 2.0, and you can adjust the camera’s angle, field of view, and brightness. In addition, it has another charm of enhancing the convenience of the rear seat by preventing the driver and the passengers in the second row from meeting their eyes.
Good point: Driving with bold, bold presence, and coexistence of comfort and intensity
Regrettable: Cadillac’s narrow position and public prejudice against Cadillac

The best product, Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum
Looking at the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum, I think that it is perhaps the best in the market except for brand recognition and market performance. Of course, there may be regrets when it comes to luxurious sensibility and details, but it is also true that considering the’price of over 100 million’, it makes the’price tag’ of competing models shudder.

Of course, consumers may want a’vehicle that can be proud of others’ rather than a good vehicle.
Indeed, I think I want to apply the’Sports Trim Body Kit’ to the Cadillac CT6 AWD Platinum.

Photography cooperation: HDC I’Park Mall Yongsan

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