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2021.01.29. 7,060 read How to become a parking master even for beginner driving! Parallel Parking, Front Parking, Rear Parking Tips Bulls1 0


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Of course, beginner driving, Even a driver who is quite accustomed to driving will have a lot of moments when they have difficulty parking.. Parking is real, but, You can save time by learning the method properly with your eyes and head first and then practicing.. How to park, learn with your eyes and practice with your body, Let’s start right away.

1. Tips for parallel parking

Parallel parking is usually done on the road or in residential areas.. In fact, parallel parking cannot be said to be difficult in terms of technique compared to other parking.. However, it is parallel parking that even veteran drivers who are accustomed to parking struggle because of the external environment, such as when there are many vehicles on the road or the street is very narrow.. That’s why you need to be calm in case of unexpected situations.

One. Enter in parallel with the vehicle in front of the parking space. about 1m It’s better to keep a distance.

2. It stops when the side mirror of my car is in line with the rear bumper of the car in front..

3. About to handle 0.5~1Turning the wheel and moving forward slightly 45The road angle will open up. It stops when the rear bumper of my car and the rear bumper of the car in front are parallel..

4. The wheel 11Sort by ruler, The rear bumper of the car in front and the right front bumper of my car slowly retreat to a similar position.. After that, turn the steering wheel completely to the left and slowly release it to park..

*The vehicle may be slightly distorted right after entering. At this time, move slightly in the opposite direction to finish parking straight..

2. Tips for rear parking

If you are a novice driver, you can think that it is easier to enter front parking than to enter rear parking.. But if you’re a car nowadays with most of the options for parking assistance systems like the rear camera,, Rather, rear parking can be easy. Let’s find out how.

One. Parking space and pills 1m Enter at a distance and stop when the parking line is crossed as shown in the picture..

2. Wind the handle all the way to the left and move forward, When the car edge is aligned with the line, it stops..

3. In that state, wind the steering wheel all the way to the right and back.

4. If you want the car to have entered some extra space, slowly loosen the steering wheel and center it., Complete parking by making it parallel to the car next door.

3. Tips for front parking

Source: Pixabay

Front parking is usually apartment, I do it a lot in the parking lot of residential complexes.. In general, it is recommended to park in the front to prevent various damages caused by exhaust gas.. Then let’s find out how to park in the front.?

One. Parked vehicles and drugs 3m, If there is not enough space, enter at least one car away.

2. Winding the steering wheel to the left, slowly advance until the left corner of my car is close to the parking line..

3. Wind the steering wheel all the way to the right, back up until the left wheel hits the parking line and stop while aligning the steering wheel.

4. Wind the steering wheel about one turn to the left, advance slowly to enter the parking space, and then stop..

What is necessary for a beginner driver who has difficulty parking?

Bulls One Wide Mirror (Click on image to move)

If you have trouble parking, you need to practice above all else., Another practice! In fact, it’s the most important thing to learn the senses of the body and eyes and gain practical experience.. But it would be easier if there were assistive devices to facilitate difficult parking.?

Bulls One Wide MirrorIf installed, the risk of accidents caused by blind spots while driving can be reduced through a wide viewing angle., It is also easy to check the parking line, making parking easier.. Parking is difficult, Not only beginner drivers who are afraid of driving on the road because of other vehicles popping out from behind, The Bulls One Wide Mirror is also recommended for veteran drivers who want a cool, open view..


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