2021.01.25.  67,298 reads Just one car in the world at the price of a jet?  Dark Post 76

2021.01.25. 67,298 reads Just one car in the world at the price of a jet? Dark Post 76

Poor family Out of 5 The youngest British born, Henry Royce, was a renowned electric and engine engineer who built his first car in 1904. To Royce 10 This car, named, stood out from a car dealer.

Born into a wealthy family, Charles Rolls has reached out to car dealerships through careers ranging from engine technicians to pilots to car racers. Renowned for his high eyes, he used the Lois 10 At sight I met Henry Royce in person.

The two met at the Manchester Midland Hotel in 1906 formed a company with their respective surnames and founded the Rolls-Royce we know. Rolls-Royce, which was known for its high quality from the beginning, is still considered the best automobile company.

Each of the cars made by the best companies is titled the best Worthy It boasts quality, design, and performance.

According to statistics released by Rolls-Royce, more than 60% of all vehicles produced by Rolls-Royce are still on the road. That means that even Rolls-Royce made at any time is not lacking in the name of the best.

The current Rolls-Royce lineup includes the Phantom and Ghost sedans, the Wraith and Dunn Coupe, and the latest SUV. Cullinan have.

Can you hide the best among them? Rolls-Royce says its cars are all different sizes, and each one is not lacking in the best titles.

But implicitly, everyone knows that the most Rolls-Royce down vehicle is the Phantom. So, is the best Rolls-Royce a Phantom? Sweptail It was until it came out.

Rolls royce Swebtail is It is the best work of the company certified by Rolls-Royce. Only one in the world Swebtail is All the capabilities Rolls-Royce can mobilize Concentrated.

Yourself’ only one Big The client, who claimed to be a collector of unique yachts and planes, wanted a vehicle for himself.

This much This is a common demand for customers ordering Rolls-Royce. However, this particular client has a vehicle for himself. To bespoke I asked for a new creation from start to finish. This level of quest is by far less common.

Customizing the interiors of existing cars is a different dimension than customizing a new car.

In the early 1900s, when automobiles were exclusive to the wealthy, this type of work was not uncommon. Automakers sold frames and engines, and specialized design firms completed the exterior.

In a time when the automobile industry was not mature, the process of making cars and wagons was a similar process. So, in the transition period, Coachbuilder and Carrozzeria, who specialized in covering the exterior of the frame like this, flourished. The two are words that refer to the same thing, and the only difference is between English and Italian.

In the modern automobile industry, where manufacturers do all the work, it is almost impossible to do the above. Although there are difficulties in work and problems in the production process, the stricter modern safety regulations have made the certification process and cost unparalleled. Big money Because it enters.

It is good to say that there is no case for a single Taiwanese test that is required for new cars, such as crash tests and environmental tests.

But Swebtail Money didn’t matter at all to the client. Even today, the client, who has been kept in strict secrecy, demanded only one vehicle he wanted, no matter how much it cost, and Rolls-Royce was willing to start working.

The customer’s direct request was’a two-seater coupe that resembles a classic yacht and has a large panoramic glass roof.’

Personalization provided by Rolls-Royce Bespoke This request, which is different from service, was a collaboration between traditional patrons and craftsmen, reproduced in the modern era.

This work, which can be called the automotive version of the top-class custom fashion, haute couture, has become a huge project that Rolls-Royce devoted its full power to.

Rolls-Royce wanted to save their proud heritage. Of our own design The 1920s, the golden age, It was inspired by classic Rolls-Royces of the 1930s. The most representative reference reference was made in 1925. Phantom 1 There is a round door.

Make a request From accepting The project, which took a full four years, finally became the Italian Classic Car Festival in May 2017. Concorso Deleganza (Concorso d’Eleganza) showed its fruits.

Published Swebtail The design is regarded as an excellent modernization of Rolls-Royce’s heyday design in the 1920s and 30s. The essence of Rolls-Royce design is intact.

In the swept tail Mounted The Parthenon Grill, Rolls-Royce’s signature grill, is said to be the largest and widest grill ever made by Rolls-Royce. It is said that the grill, made from a single piece of aluminum, is handcrafted by craftsmen and polished by hand. The mirror-like surface is thanks to that.

The cover part of the air vent under the grille is printed on a 3D printer, boasting a three-dimensional unique pattern.

It’s grand and classic, but it doesn’t look old at all. The contradictory word of modern classic is limited to this car, so it doesn’t feel strange at all.

The silhouette on the side is so elegant. Considering that the general Phantom alone boasts a ground clearance similar to that of an SUV, Swebtail The presence is more ridiculous when viewed in real life Not really Will be felt.

Rolls-Royce vehicles are quite different when viewed in photos and in real life. When looking at the photos, the silhouette or shape is not so different from that of a general vehicle, so it is difficult to see what it will be like in reality.

Then, when you see it in reality, you feel the huge scale and feel unfamiliar. Details and finesse Excluded The volume and aspect amplify the sense of scale even more.

As a result, people who are not interested in cars can easily feel something different and special when viewed from the street. The simple design has such a huge presence Maximized The intention is contained.

The narrowly gathered lines and faces of the rear design naturally draw attention to one place. Swebtail The highlight The rear part Compared to any vehicle other than Rolls-Royce, it is unique.

The elongated tail impresses both sides and back. This is because it gives off a much more elegant feel compared to a regular vehicle.

Thick, not vast C filler Swept tail It makes it look like a car at all. On the road The word yacht doesn’t sound compelling at all.

The details of the U-shaped aluminum frame, which resemble a yacht, make the yacht-like design more reminiscent and What applies I did it well without being awkward.

The front part of the interior is not very different from the Phantom. But from the yacht The back part In any car Look up It is a design that cannot be done.

Resembling the deck of a yacht The back part Four to five materials were used in combination for one pillar and surface. It can be said to be the extreme of luxury.

The moldings are natural, and the original surfaces of the materials are alive as they are. It is a sample of well-finished British design.

The wide panorama that the client emphasized so much The sunroof Two pieces of glass cover that large area. These two pieces of glass are said to be the largest and most complex of all glass used in automobile history.

You must have liked it.

Even in the long automotive history of over 100 years This much It is not easy to see the project. After a difficult journey finished Swebtail is 14 billion won That’s a lot over the price. It is close to the price of a private jet.

After various public events, Guided Swebtail is It is said to be sometimes caught in the UK. Only one Big Since it is a car, it goes around the same number as 08 without a license plate. It’s really a special car in every way.

The price of a jet, the only car in the world?
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