2021.01.25.  48,686 Reads About 20 Million Won Price Cut!  2021 Land Rover Range Rover launch road test 91

2021.01.25. 48,686 Reads About 20 Million Won Price Cut! 2021 Land Rover Range Rover launch road test 91

Jaguar Land Rover Korea 2021 Land Rover Range Rover launched. Add basic convenience equipment and safety equipment and 2,000I lowered the price by 10,000 won. Standard wheel base(SWB) The model is 5.0 SC Vogue SEend OneBillion8,957Ten thousand won, 5.0 SC Motorcycle art 2Billion59710,000 won. Long wheelbase(LWB) The model is 5.0 SC Motorcycle art 2Billion2,437Ten thousand won, 5.0 SC SV Motorcycle art 2Billion9,48710,000 won.

First, I put an indoor air ionizer in as a convenience device.. PM 2.5 Filters can filter out even ultrafine dust. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 10We also prepared an inch rear seat entertainment system.. ‘Meridian Signature Reference Sound Systemsilver LWB Options for model. speaker 28Dog and dualChannel subwoofer, Trifield 3D Demonstrates vivid sound quality like a concert hall with technology.

Safety equipment is also richer than previous models.. Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Keeping Assist System with Steering Assist Function, Emergency braking aid, Passenger disembarkation monitoring system, A blind spot assist system was established..

The diesel powertrain was removed.. now V8 5.0L Has only one gasoline supercharged engine. Output 525horsepower, Torque 63.8KgMSpout 0Per hour 100Acceleration up to 5.4Hang up in seconds. Empty vehicle weight 2,625KgIt is a good output to lead. Land rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Rough hands of the team 5.0 SC SV Motorcycle typography is more powerful. Output 565horsepower, Torque 71.4KgMBoast.

Off-road driving ability is basic knowledge. Fully automatic terrain response system that changes the driving mode by itself according to the road surface 2(Terrain Response®2)And downhill driving control device(Hill Descent Control, HDC), Electronic center/Rear differential lock system, Low Traction Lunch(Low Traction Launch) Function. Sand or gravel, Mud, Irregular road surfaces, such as snow, come out easily..

In addition, all terrain progress control(All Terrain Progress Control)And dynamic response system, Electronically controlled air suspension ensures both riding comfort and driving performance.. Especially, Light suspension and adaptive dynamics system add to the fun of driving on winding roads.

Meanwhile, Jaguar Land Rover Korea CEO Robin Colgan Range Rover is past 50Unrivaled luxury through years of iconic design and outstanding driving performance SUVSettled intoSaying, “We made a bold decision to provide differentiated services and more benefits for the Korean market.. Jaguar Land Rover transforms with new pricingSaid.

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