2021.01.25.  37,173 read Reasons why you shouldn't buy a Hyundai instead of a Japanese car proved by one photo AutoPost 126

2021.01.25. 37,173 read Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a Hyundai instead of a Japanese car proved by one photo AutoPost 126

When you hear the word’Hyundai Motor’, what comes to your mind first? Trend-conscious consumers will think of the recently launched new car, and Hyundai’s top brand, Genesis, and the high-performance division, N.

However, consumers who are interested in recent trends will think of “quality” first. Amid various quality problems occurring in Hyundai’s new car recently, controversy continues as the work environment of workers at the Toyota factory, a rival manufacturer of Hyundai, has been disclosed. Today’s AutoPost Issue Plus takes a step closer to the work of Hyundai Motor and Toyota factory workers.

Written Joonyoung Park Editor

Someone design
Somebody else is performance,
You can prioritize cost-performance

For those of you who are reading this article, what do you think is most important to you when buying a car? Someone can think of design as the top priority, performance if you like driving, and cost performance if you think about practical aspects.

This is an area where there is no fixed answer because it is divided according to the tendency of each consumer. Not only does each look at the car differently, but there will certainly be areas that give priority to each situation.

When purchasing a new car,
Quality is what you need to weigh

However, there was something that many consumers overlooked when purchasing a new car, so it is the quality of a new car. When most consumers buy a car, they are attracted to the design, performance, and cost-effectiveness of the car, so they often purchase a car without considering other factors sufficiently.

In particular, in the case of new cars, there are tens of thousands of customers who purchase cars through pre-contracts without confirming the actual product yet. Buying a new car whose quality has not yet been verified carries the risk that the problem is likely to occur, so consumers have to take it, but most often say, “There will be a problem,” and pass it on.

The quality of the new car
On satisfaction after purchase
Have a profound effect

The quality of a new car is a part that has a great influence on satisfaction after purchasing a car. No matter how good you buy a car, if there is a constant breakdown or quality problems, you will be in a situation where you cannot attach it even if you attach it to the car.

In fact, if you look at the Hyundai-Kia Motors’ new car and Genesis lineup that were released last year, the car came out really well, but consumers regret buying new cars due to the quality and defect issues of the new car. When I bought a car, it was just that, but in many cases, the feeling of satisfaction getting higher and higher while riding is mostly because I am satisfied with the overall quality.

Following controversy over various defects
Eventually, it was mentioned in the Blue House National Petition.

Hyundai-Kia Motors, which had defects in numerous new cars, was engulfed in controversy last year. Hyundai The New Granger, which sold the most in Korea, had a crash pad, and the problem of oil reduction in the 2.5-liter smartstream gasoline engine is still unresolved.

In addition to the premium brand Genesis, as well as Kia Motors, various defects that can interfere with the safety of passengers were found, causing many consumers to suffer. As a series of new car quality issues arose, Grandeur owners eventually referred to Hyundai Motor’s quality in the Blue House National Petition and urged improvement.

“It wasn’t a joke, it was real”
Making the world noisy
Hyundai Motor Company’s construction case

There was also a so-called’Hyundai Motor Foot Assembly Case’ that made the country buzz in the second half of last year. This is a scene where a worker working at the Hyundai Motor Company’s Ulsan plant assembles and inspects Starex, using a foot on the shoe to match the step of the sliding door in the rear seat was captured in the official video of the manufacturer.

In the video, it was a moment that passed by for a while, but netizens who captured it said, “Is this make sense?” Continued.

Recent Toyota plant
The actual situation of the workers is disclosed
The controversy grew

On the other hand, recently, the working conditions of Toyota factory workers were disclosed through video, and again, there were fewer criticisms about the working conditions of Hyundai Motor Company factory workers. This is because the workers in the video introduced by Toyota in the official video had a very different feeling from the Ulsan factory where Hyundai Motor Company workers worked.

The content was also uploaded to the automotive community site, and the author said, “Comparing the world’s fifth largest companies, Hyundai Motor and Toyota, it seems that Hyundai Motor Researchers and designers are becoming world-class, but production workers still seem to be third class.” This article was followed by a hot response from netizens, with more than 140,000 views.

Set work clothes and
Toyota workers wearing hard hats
Hyundai Motor Company workers working in autonomous clothing

How did these words come about because the working conditions of the workers at the Toyota and Hyundai Motor Company mentioned by the netizen were different? First, workers in the Toyota plant continued working while wearing designated work clothes and hard hats. This was the case for both the assembly and quality inspection teams.

However, if you look at the videos that have been released to many Hyundai Motor Company factory workers, you can see that they are working in autonomous clothing. There is no set work clothes, and it was difficult to find a worker who also wore a hard hat. The author said, “Hyundai Motors mostly wear mountaineering clothes, and the work environment is dirty.”

Watching YouTube while working
Even without earphones
It is a contrasting appearance

The so-called “Wi-Fi union” case, which was controversial in Korea last year, was also highlighted. Workers at the Toyota plant in Japan watch YouTube during the assembly and inspection of new cars or work without earphones.

However, in the video of the Hyundai Motor Company factory, a number of workers wearing earphones and a worker assembling the brakes and watching a tablet screen were captured, which was once controversial. According to the testimony of many workers who worked in the Hyundai Motor Company factory, they mainly work while watching TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos.

Work done according to the manual
VS work status controversy

In the end, it was said that the working conditions of factory workers were very different. It was mentioned that the Toyota factory workers were doing everything according to the thoroughly structured manuals, and the Hyundai Motor factory workers were continuing the stupid work.

In addition, he emphasized that the Toyota plant operates through a well-equipped system that allows tours from the global automobile industry, and that the workers are also strictly following this. On the other hand, Hyundai Motor Company criticized the actual status of work, saying, “There are many cases where contract workers and part-time workers are tightening bolts.”

“The noble union is the problem”
“Even if I make it with my feet, I live anyway.”
Strong criticism of the Hyundai Motors union

Netizens who encountered the content showed a hot reaction. Most of the netizens continued to criticize the Hyundai Motors union by comparing the working conditions of Toyota factory workers and Hyundai Motor factory workers.

“Aristocratic unions are garbage”, “Hyundai Motors assemble them with real feet”, “When looking at new car clubs, I wonder how there are so many defective cars out there, but I know why”, “I hate Japan, but let’s learn what to learn”, “Japan The reactions continued, saying, “I shouldn’t do it better than that.”

“Don’t be fooled by the show-style video.”
Toyota video pointing out
There were also netizens

However, there were also netizens who actively refuted the article and pointed out that the comparison between Hyundai Motor and Toyota factories is all false. The netizen said, “It is a false fact to write down the working conditions of all factory workers while sharing the video of the Toyota Mirai Research Institute,” he said. “Workers at other Toyota factories are full of workers who work in plain clothes without wearing safety shoes. Are they all of poor quality?”

However, even in this article, the majority of netizens continued to respond, saying, “Hyundai Motor’s union’s working conditions are already so famous that there is no need to look further.” There were also netizens who responded, saying, “I don’t know Toyota, and Hyundai Motors did much more than the pictures there, but not less.”

Consumer public opinion toward Hyundai
Turned out to be naked

The current situation of workers in Toyota and Hyundai Motors factory, which has been a hot response from numerous netizens, can be seen as a quick release of the image that the Hyundai Motors union has built up. Looking at the actual conditions at other Toyota factories, it is not much different from that of Hyundai Motors. Although there were netizens who argued that the contents were false facts, the majority of netizens continued to criticize the Hyundai Motors union rather than focusing on the facts .

It is true that Hyundai Motor Company has developed at a very rapid pace, and compared to the past, its international status has also increased a lot. However, shouldn’t the continuing new car quality problems, attitudes toward domestic consumers, and the working conditions of factory workers, which continue to be controversial, be reliably improved? It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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