2021.01.25.  25,444 read Porsche's new car design anatomy recently fully unveiled without a camouflage membrane.

2021.01.25. 25,444 read Porsche’s new car design anatomy recently fully unveiled without a camouflage membrane.

Porsche is expanding its portfolio with the latest Taycan base models. The Taycan Base is a new rear-wheel drive-based model that builds the Taycan lineup along with the Taycan 4S, Taycan Turbo and Taycan Turbo S.

As Porsche is actively expanding its electric car model, a new model of the Taycan has been spotted overseas. This is the Taycan Gran Turismo model, a vehicle that focuses more on practicality like the Panamera Gran Turismo.

The Taycan Gran Turismo in the photo shows the design as it is without a separate camouflage film, and clearly shows the new roofline and wheel design for Gran Turismo.

In the front photo, you can see that the same headlamp design and air curtain surrounding the lamp is applied to the existing Taycan, but the bumper part is equipped with an additional LED fog light that was not seen in the Taycan, which differentiates it from the Taycan.

The sides have the same design as the existing Taycan air intakes, but cladding is added to the wheel arches and the lower side of the side, and extra reflectors are located on the front and rear wheel arches.

In addition, the spokes of the wheel, which emphasized the sense of speed with a smooth and soft feel in the Taycan, added a sculptural element to the Gran Turismo model to add visual diversity, and a two-tone color of black and silver is mixed.

On the rear, the typical integrated LED strip of the Taycan is applied, and the location and detailed elements of the reflector on the lower bumper are inherited from the existing Taycan. However, at the top of the roof is a roof spoiler that was not seen in the Taycan, and an additional rear window wiper was also installed.

In fact, Porsche unveiled the Mission E Gran Turismo concept at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, foreshadowing a pure electric version of the 4-seater Gran Turismo model. As the name suggests, the Mission E Gran Turismo concept is based on the Mission E concept introduced by Porsche in 2015.

Inside the Mission E Gran Turismo concept, two permanent magnet synchronous motors (PSM) are mounted to deliver a combined 600 horsepower (440 kW), which can reach 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and accelerate to 200 km/h in 12 seconds. .

In addition, four-wheel drive based on the Porsche Torque Vectoring System is applied, and adaptive air suspension is installed, which can raise the ground clearance up to 50mm depending on the driving situation.

In addition, Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) is equipped to provide active roll stabilization and prevent the vehicle from tilting to one side when cornering, providing the best driving experience.

The lithium-ion battery under the Mission E Gran Turismo concept is capable of charging energy up to 400 km with a 15-minute charge through an 800 volt port.

The design of the Mission E Gran Turismo concept follows the design of the Mission E concept. The front is equipped with a new 4-hole LED matrix headlight from the Mission E concept, and the air curtain design on the side is still inherited.

However, according to the concept of supporting off-road driving, a new cladding is attached to the bottom of the bumper to create a more visually solid feel, and an extra LED light is also located between the headlamps on the top of the hood, which differentiates it from the existing Mission E concept. The Turismo concept creates a new impression.

The Mission E concept and differentiation are also connected in terms. The main difference is the profile of the vehicle, which shows a silhouette closer to an SUV instead of the lying C-pillar and the resulting fastback roofline, which Porsche is known for, which Porsche calls the’flying line’.

Instead, the roof spoiler placed at the top of the roof adds sportiness, and the three-dimensional wheel arch cladding and door sills highlight the width of the vehicle and the strong feeling of off-roader.

However, the biggest difference from the existing Mission E concept is the shape of the door and pillar. In the Mission E concept, the B-pillar was removed and the coach door method was adopted to emphasize the wide openness, whereas the Mission E Gran Turismo concept had a physical B-pillar, and the way the door was opened was changed to a general method.

In addition, in the Mission E concept, a pop-up door handle was adopted for aerodynamics, and in the Mission E Gran Turismo concept, an exposed door handle was applied, and the electric charging port was also hidden inside the side air intake surface in the Mission E concept. Appears on the exterior panel.

The rear is also designed without much difference from the previous concept. The lower panel of the rear lamp contains the Porsche lettering for a 3D effect, the last of which will automatically flash while charging.

The dashboard inside the Mission E concept is designed in the shape of a wing to visually emphasize the width of the vehicle, and the standalone TFT cluster tilted toward the driver delivers driving information to the driver through three circular display graphics.

In addition, both the entire dashboard and the center console are equipped with digital displays, and in particular, eye tracking and touch screen technology are applied to the dashboard display to enhance the passenger’s convenience.

On the inside of the spokes of the steering wheel, on the edge of the thong, and on the door panels and on the center console, the Nordic blue lines are harmonized with the black and light gray analine leather to create a colorful look.

In the center of the new bucket seat, the Porsche lettering illuminates through LEDs, giving it a modern feel. In addition, a 3D pattern was applied to the door panel to add visual interest.

The individual two-row seat backrests feature a ski-through design and can be folded across the entire two-row seat to increase the luggage capacity. Finally, the Mission E Gran Turismo concept features an extra mobility Porsche e-bike.

Up to now, we have looked at the real photos of the Taycan Gran Turismo model and the Mission E Gran Turismo concept behind it. Porsche, which is famous for applying the concept design to mass-production models, is preparing a new model that does not differ much this time. I am looking forward to seeing when the Taycan Gran Turismo will be released. Thank you.

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