2021.01.25.  17,589 Read Jeep Unveils'Grand Wagoneer Concept', a 3rd row SUV with massive build Kaholic 21

2021.01.25. 17,589 Read Jeep Unveils’Grand Wagoneer Concept’, a 3rd row SUV with massive build Kaholic 21

Jeep unveiled the concept model of’Jeep Grand Wagoneer’, a premium large SUV for a new era, and released relatively specific and detailed information.
Grand Wagoneer, which was unveiled this time, was’Wagoneer’, which presented a more luxurious sensibility under the concept of’family SUV’ introduced by Jeep in the 1960s, and’Grand Wagoneer’ in the late 80s that inherited this lineage. It is the successor model of
The Grand Wagoner concept, which debuted with a completely new look, has a bold and grand physique like the existing Grand Wagoner. However, unlike the previous Grand Wagoner, which looked like a kind of wagon-type hybrid model, the new Grand Wagoner concept presents a complete’high-end SUV’ presence.
Due to this background, the Grand Wagoneer concept is not a revival of the’Wagoneer’, but rather a real successor to the Jeep’s full-size SUV,’Jeep Commander’, which was sold from 2006 to 2010.

The brand’s flagship three-row SUV is reminiscent of the brand’s flagship three-row SUV with its high bonnet line, elongated overall length, and long wheelbase, as it was built on the platform of the FCA Group’s pickup truck specialty brand, Ram’s flagship pickup truck model 1500. .
In terms of design, there is no big difference from the teaser image that has been released before, and the Jeep’s unique seven-slot front grill and headlight are integrated into one, and a body kit that emphasizes stability is added. On the side, the giant body was added with Grand Wagoneer lettering to bring out the American sensibility.
The rear combination lamp that extends horizontally is added to create a clean and stable look, and the shape of the trunk gate and body kit is similar to the Jeep’s large SUV’Grand Cherokee’.

The attractive point of the Jeep Grand Wagonier concept is the interior space. In addition to applying a wide symmetrical dashboard based on a huge physique, the center fascia is refined in a completely new style to present a futuristic sensibility.
Functions such as infotainment system, vehicle air conditioning control, and seat adjustment can be handled through two display panels. In addition to the digital cluster, a new display panel has been added to the passenger dashboard panel to allow users to enjoy various functions.
Here, based on the huge physique, it presents ample boarding space in all rows from 1st to 3rd rows, and also presents excellent charm in the loading space to more clearly present the identity of’Grand Wagoneer’. Here, 23 speakers provide rich sound.

As the Jeep Grand Wagonier concept is literally a concept model, many parts have not been confirmed. In the powertrain and driving part, it was only known that an electric powertrain and a powerful 4WD driving system would be installed, but no specific details were disclosed.
Christian Meunier, president of the Jeep brand, presented a high satisfaction with the new Grand Wagonier concept. Expectations were revealed.

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