2021.01.25.  103,692 read The BEST 7 imported sedan worth 50 million won Auto Tribune 153

2021.01.25. 103,692 read The BEST 7 imported sedan worth 50 million won Auto Tribune 153

[오토트리뷴=양봉수 기자] As the prices of imported cars continue to decrease 3~4There are many models available for purchase for 10 million won compared to the past., Diversified. But still have the right size, If you want to expect a premium brand or quite good driving performance or specifications, 5I need a budget of around 10 million won..

Volvo S60It is also the most leisurely in its class and has an excellent cost-performance ratio with abundant specifications.. Traditionally powerful BMW 3series. Although the size is not a premium brand, Volkswagen Arteon and Peugeot for good value 508Even after all is okay. In addition, a model that has emerged as a leader in the electric vehicle market in Korea.3Until 5Worth buying for 10 million won 7Meet a model.

Volvo S60(4,810Ten thousand won~)

Volvo Cars Korea recently launched S60 B5Is 2L Gasoline turbo engine with hybrid system. To eliminate the existing gasoline lineup, I base the hybrid model,, The price is rather cheap compared to the competitive model.. The 2 liter gasoline turbo engine 250The highest output of horsepower, 35.7kg.mThe motor adds the maximum output of 10 horsepower and the maximum torque of 4.1kg.m while exerting the maximum torque of. The combined fuel economy is 11.6km/lRecord.

In particular, as a brand with the modifier, Volvo of safety, all trims have advanced safety specifications as standard.. Filters with fine dust and air cleaning functions are natural, Bowers at Inscription&Wilkins sound system and Orepos’ crystal electronic gearknob, All convenient features such as around view are also included as standard..

Front-wheel drive is relatively easy to operate even in winter, and the proportionality of the side is the same as that of rear-wheel drive.. Interior design with Swedish luxury sensibility, It is evaluated as the most cost-effective model among premium brands because it secures the most spacious interior space in its class with the appearance of less likes and dislikes..

BMW 3series(5,170Ten thousand won~)

premium DVolvo in the segment market S60Although this is growing fast, BMW 3The series is a model that has steadily gained popularity not only overseas but also domestically.. Based on rear-wheel drive, sporty driving performance overwhelms competing models.. 320iIs the highest output 184horsepower, Torque 30.6kg.mIt is among the lowest compared to similar models in the same price range., High power, We operate a high-performance model separately,, If you have enough budget, you have the most options..

Basic specifications are Volvo S60Germany premium excluding 3Among the four models, he is on the good side.. LED From headlamps to ambient lights, 18Inch wheel, Electronic parking brake, Head-up display, 10.25With inch touch screen 12.3Inch display dashboard, Includes an electric trunk, etc..

It’s luxurious as it is a premium model, but, As a brand pursuing a sporty tendency, the headlamps from the radiator grille, bumper, Wheel, Even the sense of proportion on the side is dynamic.. The interior is more comfortable and comfortable compared to competitors in the same class., Clean and fit rather than a luxurious atmosphere, It is the atmosphere that should go out of sporty driving..

Volkswagen arteon(5,324Ten thousand won~)

Arteon’s price is 5,32410,000 won, This is just the official price. It is actually a Volkswagen with good promotion conditions.. Volvo mentioned earlier, BMW It’s not as luxurious as a model,, That doesn’t mean it’s not below the level, It’s a model with everything to have.. Even the size is similar to the Hyundai Grandeur, Like the fastback model, the rear window is completely open, so it has excellent loading capacity..

2L Diesel engine has the highest output 190horsepower, Torque 40.8kg.mExerting, 7Gearbox is engaged. Performance itself is not lacking. However, the expression of a daily sedan is more appropriate than a sports sedan.. The combined fuel economy is 15.2km/lIs the official certification figure,, Actually per liter 20km/l It is known that the fuel economy is high enough to record both inside and outside..

From premium, the basic trim LED Headlamps are applied, With knee airbag LED Headlamp, Nappa leather sheet, 12-way Electric seat, Driver’s memory sheet, Panoramic sunroof, Adaptive Cruise Control, State-of-the-art safety specifications, Specifications such as electric trunk are installed.

Peugeot 508 GT (5,190Ten thousand won)

A model similar to the Volkswagen Arteon and a good value for money is the Peugeot 508Can be counted. Peugeot 508The basic model of 4It is sold for 10 million won, Top model GTIs 5,19010,000 won. Volkswagen Arteon contrast 500The cost performance is good because it is cheaper than 10,000 won..

2L Diesel engine 177The maximum output of horsepower and 40.8kg.mThe maximum torque of, 8However, it is engaged with the automatic transmission 13.3km/lRecord the combined fuel economy of. 19Because inch wheels are standard, there is a slight loss in fuel economy,, The actual fuel economy is also excellent,, There is a strong point that it has even styling..

Peugeot 508 GTExcellent fuel economy or frameless door, The coupe style is good too,, Focal(Focal) HiAround view starting with the Pi audio system, Hands-free tailgate, Memory sheet, Nappa leather, Panoramic sunroof, Adaptive Cruise Control, Advanced safety specifications, Massage sheet, pool LED The generous specification of the headlamp also increases the cost-performance ratio..

Cadillac CT5(5,428Ten thousand won~)

I hate diesel, Gasoline is goodRamen 5Cadillac is a mid-sized premium model that can be purchased with a budget of 10 million won. CT5There is. Model name CTSin CT5The basic design was changed to be very sporty as well.. The size is also more spacious than the European sedan in the same price range, making it a good family sedan.. Although the crudeness peculiar to the United States remains,, With a lot of European sensibility added, the refinement has improved a lot..

Cadillac CT5The basic specifications of the Bose Performance series audio system(15 speaker)Is applied and, Around view, Head-up display, Heated front seats/Ventilated sheet, Adaptive Cruise Control, 8Inch touch screen, Auto hold, 18Inch wheel, etc. are prepared. Besides ambient light, 6:4 Rear seat folding, Smartphone wireless charging, Hands-free electric trunk, etc. are still standard.

2L Gasoline turbo engine has the highest output 240horsepower, Torque 35.7kg.mExerting, 10However, the automatic transmission is engaged 10.2km/lRecord the combined fuel economy of. Output is also compliant, but, It is a bonus to increase the fun of driving with rear-wheel drive..

MercedesBenz CLA(5,520Ten thousand won)

Volvo S60or BMW 3The series is also big, It’s smaller and pretty, If you even need four-wheel drive, MercedesBenz CLA 250 4Matic is the answer. price is 5,520Although there is a problem that it is expensive compared to large or high-performance vehicles with 10,000 won,, Still, there is no alternative like this if several conditions are attached..

Very small, Add speciality with coupe style, Like a sedan 4Equipped with a door. naturally(?) As the size is small, there is no space in the rear seat for adults to comfortably board, but, ‘Style even if I die soonIf it is. The interior is also gorgeous. The wide screen continues from the dashboard to the center display,, Ambient light or vent, There is no gap between leather and aluminum finishes..

2L Gasoline engine is the highest output 224horsepower, Torque 35.7kg.mBy doing 6.3second(0-100km/h)Boast of acceleration performance of. 7However, the transmission remains a bit of a regret, Fuel economy is 11.5km/lIt is on the good side. Along with all-wheel drive, advanced safety features such as the Driving Assistant Package are of course standard..

Tesla model3(5,479Ten thousand won~)

Now if you don’t like the internal combustion engine model 5Premium electric cars can also be purchased with a budget of 10 million won.. Tesla model3Even without subsidies 5,47910,000 won, When calculating the subsidy, add options or, Upgradable to the upper trim, Long Range.

Tesla model3The basic mileage of 352 km, Output 238horsepower(175kW) Torque 38.3kg.m (375Nm)Equipped with an electric motor that showsSpeed ​​from stop 100 kmby 5.6Reach in seconds. Like an electric car 5There is no more powerful model among the 10 million won import sedans..

The specifications of the basic model are simpler than those of similar priced models.. Electric front seat(12-direction/Heated wire included), Bluetooth function, It’s all about electric adjustable heated side mirrors.. The famous autopilot 900Since it is an option of 10,000 won, it is necessary to select it considering the support fund..


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