2021.01.24.  48,160 read Volvo S90 Autolog is said to be the most reasonable price among imported cars 123

2021.01.24. 48,160 read Volvo S90 Autolog is said to be the most reasonable price among imported cars 123

Volvo’s flagship sedan S90 Face lift model 6,030~6,690It is released for 10,000 won and is in popularity.. Pre-contract last year only 3,200If you achieve the unit and contract, the basic 6It is so popular that you have to wait for months.. S90Domestic sales volume of the world 2What was the reason that caused the gust to occupy the stomach?.

past S80Silver germany 3four E There was not much demand due to lack of marketability compared to segment vehicles, S90Mercedes as upgraded to E class and BMW 5Compared to the series, it has grown to the extent that there is no shortage. The wheelbase goes through the face lift 120mm Getting longer and the battlefield 5090mmAs the number increased significantly, competitiveness increased by completing the most comfortable indoor space in its class..

2021 Volvo S90In 2liter 4On cylinder turbo engine 48V Mild hybrid system is applied 250horsepower 35.7kg.m I emit torque. Here 8However, the automatic transmission was matched to increase the efficiency.. It’s not explosive, but it has a steady boosting acceleration and fuel economy 11.3km/lRecord.

The Nordic Scandinavian-style interior with a neat and modern design provides a comfortable habitability for the driver, and the advantages of the rear seats are highlighted thanks to the increased overall length.. Motorized sun shade, Vast Legroom, The application of the large panoramic roof S90It shows that this is no longer an owner-driven, but a shopper-driven.

There was a concern that there might be a quality problem because it was originally produced at the Daqing factory in China. S90Consumers’ enthusiastic interest in China confirmed that Chinese production was not a concern..

Meanwhile, Volvo Cars Korea 2019-2020year 2Consecutive year sales It has achieved 10,000 clubs and continues to grow steadily.. XC40, XC60, XC90 in recent yearsof SUV If the lineup drove sales, now S60and S90Taking over this baton, it is contributing to the increase in sales.. As sales volume expands, Volvo Cars Korea 500It plans to invest billions of dollars and open additional exhibition halls to maintain high customer satisfaction..

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