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				"Does the smart key work here too?", What are the hidden functions of the smart key button?  VIEW H 6

2021.01.22. 7,868 read "Does the smart key work here too?", What are the hidden functions of the smart key button? VIEW H 6

Of new cars key(Key)’If you look at, Most of the time, it is not a folding key in the form of an iron bar, but a simple button to unlock and start. Smart keyEvolved into.

Even recently, using a smart key from the outside, remote startup, New technology that enables parking is introduced to help you enjoy a more comfortable daily life..

With the evolution of smart keys, drivers can lock and unlock with a single button without having to push the key directly into the keyhole and open it, making it very convenient to use the vehicle.

Also, when you press the button PivikYou can check the location of your car with the sound, but it can also be used to check the location of your car in a mart parking lot filled with vehicles or in a complex underground parking lot..

However, if the receiving distance of the smart key exceeds a certain range, smooth operation may be difficult.. indeed, How far can the smart key work??

To solve your curiosity about this VIEW HI experimented myself at.

For today’s experiment, we conducted an experiment in an underground parking lot where cars were parked.. First, the operating distance specified in the instruction manual (about 10m)As a result of testing at, it showed smooth operation..

Afterwards, I gradually increased the distance and checked the operation., Based on the straight line distance from the tested underground parking lot, approx. 70mI could see that the lock and unlock buttons work without difficulty in.

if so, What will happen when the vehicle is operated between surrounding vehicles rather than the straight distance seen?

I tried to operate it in a place covered by a parking lot pillar.. Same distance as above, but smooth operation was difficult. By narrowing the distance between the vehicle and other vehicles, it was operated intermittently., The overall result was not working smoothly.

More information on this can be found in the vehicle instruction manual.. The distance for the smart key to operate smoothly is approximately 10m Inside and outside, May not work in the following cases.

▶ When the battery of the smart key is weak
▶In case of interference by other vehicles or objects
▶When the weather is very cold

The working principle of smart key is radio wave transmission and reception technology.. The vehicle has an antenna that can receive external information.. The information transmitted from the smart key is received through the antenna mounted on the vehicle., The information transmitted by the smart key can be received only when the antenna is located within a distance that can accept radio waves..

As confirmed in the above experiment, the distance specified in the manual 10mBeyond, about 70mThe reason why the operation worked well even at a straight distance of the car is that the information transmitted from the smart key could be received normally to the antenna of my vehicle because there were quite a few elements that could be subject to radio interference..

However, it was confirmed that operation was difficult due to many obstacles even if the distance between my car and my car became relatively close between the pillars or other vehicles..

Meanwhile, If the number of floors is different, can I receive it?. Occasionally, in a parking lot divided into several floors, there will be cases where I am confused about the number of floors where my car is located..

I checked it in the parking lot of the same building where I tested above..

Vehicle underground 5layer, Smart key operation is underground 4Experiments were conducted with different numbers of floors at the same location on each floor.. In other words, The vehicle is located on the lower floor where the smart key is operated..

The results were surprisingly working fine. Of course, there may be differences depending on the number of floors in the building. Please note that it may differ depending on the design of some parking lots.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are various functions and buttons in the smart key of the recently released model.

First of all, the lock and unlock buttons located on the top of the smart key are the most basic elements of the smart key. There are quite a few people who use only these two buttons. If so, what functions are the other buttons except these two buttons, and how can they be used?
※Based on Santa Fe

The function shown in the photo above is a button to open the trunk or tailgate. However, it is activated when the button is pressed for more than 1 second, rather than a single’click’ and operation method. This is a way to prevent malfunction, and it can be seen that the word’HOLD’ is engraved at the bottom of the button.

If I have a smart key, I can open it by pressing a button from a distance, without having to hand over the key directly when someone tries to remove the luggage from the trunk. Alternatively, it can be used as a way to shorten the time by opening the trunk in advance to load the luggage.

The button located on the right is also marked with’HOLD’ at the bottom, but it can only be operated by pressing for more than 1 second as above. The function of the button is an emergency alarm button, and the emergency warning light and alarm sound are activated for about 30 seconds, allowing you to intuitively check the location of your car.

Next, the left/right buttons below are the functions that can use’Remote Smart Parking Assistance’. When parking or leaving the vehicle, you can remotely move the vehicle using the smart key. This can be useful if the parking space is narrow or it is difficult to leave the car while boarding. ※It may be different depending on the specifications.

Lastly, the button with a round arrow mark at the bottom of the smart key is the remote start button. This also has the phrase’HOLD’ engraved, so it can only be operated by long pressing.

In the case of remote start, the function is not activated by simply pressing the button, but within 4 seconds after pressing the lock button once, the remote start button can be pressed for 2 seconds or longer to activate the function.

However, the shift position of the parked vehicle [P] It must be located on the stage and remote starting cannot be initiated when the engine hood or trunk (tailgate) is open. In addition, if you board without a smart key or do not board the vehicle within 10 minutes, the engine is automatically turned off.

There are times when it is difficult to easily check the location of my vehicle because the smart key has a limit on the reception distance as the number of nearby vehicles or various interference elements increases..

But Blue LinkIf you use the service, you can check the location of your vehicle more easily..

Lock and unlock by selecting the control items of the Blue Link app, Emergency light/There is a tab for operating the horn, etc..

Blue Link is different from the smart key transmission method. LTE You will use a wireless communication network..

In the case of models with Blue Link, it can be used in a way of communicating by assigning a unique number like a smartphone we use., It will be easy to understand if you think of it as a smartphone implanted in a vehicle..

Blue Link, which is not a smart key method that delivers information through direct one-to-one communication, LTE Since it uses a communication network, it has the advantage that it can operate smoothly regardless of distance..

In addition, remote starting can be used to control various vehicle conditions, such as indoor temperature, heating and ventilation seat operation. It can be very useful because the air conditioner can be activated before going out and boarded in a comfortable state even in winter as well as in summer, when the severe cold is getting rid of these days.

The’car key’ that can lock and start a vehicle has evolved numerous times. Recently, a’digital key’ that can be used as a’car key’ has been applied to many models, so you can enjoy a more convenient car life.

A digital key is a function that allows you to unlock the vehicle from the outside as well as start the vehicle using a smartphone, eliminating the hassle of having a separate car key.

This is a method using near wireless communication (NFC) technology and Bluetooth communication, and the driver can drive the vehicle through a car key in the form of a smartphone or card without a’smart key’. In particular, the key in the form of a card Since it is composed of the same size as a credit card, it is lighter than a smart key and is easy to store, which is attracting attention from many consumers.

In fact, Hyundai digital keys are widely applied to various models such as Sonata, Avante, Kona, Tucson, and Santa Fe, and as of the end of last year, about 70% of buyers of car models that can apply digital keys chose the function.

On the other hand, due to the recent epidemic of Corona 19, many fields are favoring the non-face-to-face method. The digital key can share the vehicle key with others by using a smartphone, and Hyundai Motor Company is using it to provide various services.

① Pick-up and proxy

Usually, when calling a substitute driving, they move to the location of the vehicle and pass the car key to the assigned driver to move to the destination. However, since the digital key has a sharing function, you can reduce the hassle of having to move to where the vehicle is.

If it is difficult to pick up your children by car directly due to work, or when moving a car from the airport or terminal to home due to travel or business trips, you can conveniently move your car through’Pick-up & Proxy’.

② Pick-up and delivery

The pick-up and delivery service is similar to the above. In short, it can be seen as a non-face-to-face vehicle delivery service, which helps the vehicle move to a desired location even if the driver is not accompanied by it.

There is no parking lot, or you can get your vehicle back at home after putting it in the garage for vehicle maintenance during work.

③ Pick-up and car wash

Pick-up and car wash is a service that allows you to receive detailed car wash by sharing a digital key with a professional technician without having to go to the car wash.

Usually, it is a great service for busy office workers or those who want to leave the car wash at home and receive a car at home. You can choose a round trip or one-way type depending on the situation.

In addition, it provides various lifestyle-oriented services such as a’department store shopping porter’ service, a’department store valet’ service, and a’visit car wash’ service, which delivers purchases by vehicle in place of luggage full of both hands when shopping.

A smart key that I thought was only used to lock or unlock a vehicle door. As you know, there are various functions.

I hope it will help you to use the vehicle more conveniently based on the contents of the experiment in VIEW H today and how to use the smart key. Also, note that you can use a variety of services using a digital key.

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