2021.01.22.  7,175 read Which sports car tastes better with a manual transmission rather than an automatic?  KB Cha Cha Cha 32

2021.01.22. 7,175 read Which sports car tastes better with a manual transmission rather than an automatic? KB Cha Cha Cha 32

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In the past car catalogs, the automatic transmission was one of the features.. Even in the price list, the automatic transmission was an optional item and had to be installed at an additional fee.. However, in today’s passenger cars, automatic transmission is a basic item.. Only some models support manual transmission, and most cars don’t even select it..

Except for some models, there are few cars that can choose a manual transmission.

In the past, manual transmissions were lighter, cheaper, and more efficient than automatic transmissions.. However, as the disadvantages of automatic transmissions are offset by the development of technology, manual transmissions are gradually losing their place.. Unlike Europe, where the ratio of manual transmission is still quite common, in Korea car=Automatic transmissionThe equation of is taken for granted. now 8However, automatic transmissions became common, and Ford and Lincoln 10Stage, Benz 9However, fuel efficiency has also been improved through multiple stages such as mounting an automatic transmission.. In addition, the automatic transmission of the dual clutch system now shows quick shifts that cannot be followed by human hands..

I looked for a sports car that can feel its taste only with a manual transmission.

One of the fun of a manual transmission, adjusting the shift point can also be replaced with a paddle shift, etc.. Like this, manual transmissions are only used in some races and commercial cars, and are gradually disappearing from our side.. To go()The appearance of shifting with a ruler is now a memory of the past, but some sports cars still require manual shifting to taste good.. Of course, there are certainly a handful of enthusiasts who welcome these cars.. I looked for a sports car that can feel its taste only with a manual transmission..

MAZDA MX-5 (4th generation)

The MX-5 continues to be popular for its lightweight body and excellent driving sensation. [출처: 마쓰다]

MX-5Made in mazda 2Miata as a lightweight sports car(US export name)Also known by the name. Small engine but light body and excellent driving feel, At a reasonable price, etc. 1989Since its debut in 1 year, it has been loved a lot until now. Unfortunately, it has never been officially imported in Korea.. Currently on sale MX-5Is 4Generational 2014First appeared in the year and after 2018Introduced an upgrade model with improved engine.

Two-seater lightweight sports car MX-5 [출처: 마쓰다]

The MX-5’s manual transmission can manipulate the car with more detail than the automatic. [출처: 마쓰다]

2.0L Sky Active-G Engine is the highest power 181horsepower, Torque 20.9kg·mExerting 6However, manual or automatic transmission can be installed.. According to the evaluation of foreign media MX-5Compared to the automatic transmission, the driver can operate the car with more detail. MX-5It is said to be more suitable for driving sense.

PORSCHE 911 GT3 (991.2)

Porsche 911 GT3 with high-revving naturally aspirated engine [출처: 포르쉐]

Porsche 911 GT3Compared to other Porsche modelsRawStrong scent. They have given up the benefits of high power through a supercharger and stick to a high-rotation naturally aspirated engine.. 2013Released year 911 GT3 (991)Is 7Generation 911Was produced based on. Porsche is proud of its horizontal orientation 6Cylinder 3.8L The engine was fitted and 7Only dual clutch was installed. after 2017Engine and manual transmission with increased engine displacement can be selected. GT3(991.2)Has released.

Equipped with a horizontally opposed six-cylinder 3.8L engine, it exhibits a maximum output of 500 horsepower and a maximum torque of 46.6 kg·m. [출처: 포르쉐]

The zero-back is a little slower than the PDK-equipped model, but the top speed is higher. [출처: 포르쉐]

New GT3Under the bonnet of the 6Cylinder 3.8L The highest output due to the engine installed 500horsepower, Torque 46.6kg·mExert. 6However, if you select a manual transmission 0→Speed ​​per hour 100 kmUntil 3.9It takes seconds and the maximum speed is 320km/hAs automatic 7However, compared to a model equipped with a dual clutch Zero backsilver 0.5It’s super slow, but the top speed is 2km/h High.


Jaguar CX-16 unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show [출처: 재규어]

Jaguar F-Type voted the most beautiful car at launch [출처: 재규어]

If you want to feel the roar of the beast, the manual is more suitable than the automatic transmission.. Jaguar 2Seater sports car F-Type is past 2011Concept car presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show CX-16Was made based on. With an appearance and a luxurious interior that closely resembles the concept car’s design 2013It was voted the most beautiful car at the time of its launch in year..

F-type with partial change [출처: 재규어]

Jaguar also put a lot of effort into the F-type exhaust sound. [출처: 재규어]

Jaguar F-For the type, not only the design, but also the exhaust sound.. The optional sports exhaust sound makes the beast’s roar even louder.. F-Type is V6 Engine and V8 The engine is mounted. double V6 The maximum output of the basic type with engine is what 380Even entry-level models boast powerful performance with horsepower.. sure V8Equipped SVR The model has a better output(575horsepower)But according to overseas media evaluation, 6However, the combination of the manual transmission F-It says that you can handle the type softly and delicately.


The more powerful 718 GTS 4.0 with more cylinders and higher displacement instead of turbo [출처: 포르쉐]

Porsche unveiled a new model with a large displacement naturally aspirated engine even in the wind of downsizing and electrification that blows strongly in the automotive market.. Porsche’s entry model 718(Baxter, Cayman) Remove the turbo from the engine and 4In dog 6It’s a small but powerful Porsche by increasing it with dogs and increasing the displacement.. Horizontal 6Cylinder 4.0L Engine is the highest power 407horsepower, Torque 43.9kg·mExert.

The engine of the 718 GTS 4.0 exhibits a maximum output of 407 hp and a maximum torque of 43.9 kg·m. [출처: 포르쉐]

An attractive combination of a manual transmission, a solid body and a large displacement naturally aspirated engine [출처: 포르쉐]

Porsche proud PDKIs also great 718 GTS 4.0If you want to enjoy more fun, we recommend the manual transmission.. The dynamics are doubled by a large displacement naturally aspirated engine and a chassis that provides a sharp and precise driving sensation enough to bring out aliens to torture.. if 718 GTS 4.0If it is not enough 718 Cayman GT4I recommend. This model with manual transmission only 718 GTS 4.0It’s more powerful and more fuel efficient..


BRZ, a lightweight sports car developed by Toyota and Subaru [출처: 스바루]

The Toyota 86, brother car of BRZ [출처: 토요타]

Unless you are a car fanatic or interested in cars BRZThe name may be a bit unfamiliar. BRZIs a lightweight sports car developed by Subaru with Toyota. 86It is sold under the name. Easy to say toyota 86And subaru BRZIs a sibling car. They are brothers, but they have slightly different tendencies.. 86If you want to restrain the roll as much as possible and pursue a solid ride BRZThere are some rolls 86Rather than a smooth ride.

BRZ with partial changes in November 2020

BRZ for the pleasant driving sensation of a lightweight sports car [출처: 스바루]

Last year 11month BRZIs 86We made partial changes first.. existing 2.0L The engine that Subaru is proud of 2.4L Changed to Boxer engine so the maximum output 228By horsepower 23Horsepower has increased. Partially changed BRZAccording to foreign media that experienced the engine, the engine power is not an impressive number compared to the modern sports car equipped with a turbo, but FR It is said that it is a lightweight sports car of the type, and the light driving feeling is very attractive..

The manual transmission is less convenient than the automatic, but the unique sense that you can feel with your hand is attractive. [출처: 마쓰다]

So far, we have looked at a sports car that requires a manual transmission to make driving more interesting.. In a manual transmission, your hands and feet must move together every time you change gears.. Compared to an automatic transmission, the convenience is inferior, but it has a unique charm that allows you to show your driving skills while changing gears yourself.. In addition to the teas introduced here, if there is a tea that you think has excellent’hand-made taste’, please leave a lot of comments..

When I buy or sell a used car, I only remember this one. KB Cha Cha Cha

KB Cha Cha Cha

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