2021.01.22.  56,939 read The level of detail common to domestic cars these days, Stinger Copyence 93 expanded to the extent that it was burdensome

2021.01.22. 56,939 read The level of detail common to domestic cars these days, Stinger Copyence 93 expanded to the extent that it was burdensome

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One of the many misconceptions that people once thought of when they thought of a’sports car’ is that’there is a lot of sacrifices for other elements because they focus on running only.’ Although once pure sports cars, or some sports models designed with the intent of making driving fun for many people at an affordable price, had such a tendency, now consumers’ eyes have increased. No matter which car you look at, you can see every detail. And in order to satisfy the eye, manufacturers are releasing automobiles through the process of elaborating even the invisible meticulous things.

The Stinger Meister is the model that best represents that trend, and it can be said to be a model that demonstrates to what extent Kia Motors’ skillfulness in refining details has improved. Let’s take a closer look at every corner of Stinger Meister, who discovers differentiated details to enhance performance and emotional quality everywhere.

The most eye-catching features of the Stinger Meister 2.5T model are the modified DRL design and headlamps. The four DRLs up and down make the eyes sharper, and the MFR (Multi Focusing Reflector) type headlamp placed inside it delivers a clear feeling. In particular, the three LED headlamps, which have a reflective surface divided into several surfaces, are a part where the functional and aesthetic elements that dissipate light are well harmonized.

If you look closely, the turn indicators composed of eight LEDs that have a unique shape one by one are also an element that captures the attention from the front of the Stinger.

In the middle of the grill, a camera and radar sensor that detects the situation in front are exquisitely hidden. A few years ago, it was difficult to naturally place this sensor on the grill, which often hurt the design of the grill, but now it is possible to apply a pattern on the sensor panel naturally without damaging the grill design, making it possible to complete a more stylish design.

The Stinger Meister’s back has changed dramatically. The sleek and huge rear lamps connecting the left and right convey a sense of refinement and cutting edge. Also, if you look closely at the LED rear lamp that emits light in the form of a plane, you can see that a detailed pattern is applied.

If you look closely at the direction indicators of the rear lamps, you can see that they are composed of LEDs with very detailed patterns. Suddenly, I wondered why I made it so carefully that I could not see it well, but in fact we know. It is this detail that completes Stinger Meister’s premium image. It is literally the part of Meister’s spirit.

When you open the door and get into the car, there is a part that exudes presence in the dark. Immediately Start buttonto be. The start button, which emits an intense red light, hints at the Stinger’s intense driving performance.

Stinger Meister uses a unique emblem different from other Kia models. It is an element that makes it possible to gauge the direction of the Stinger in that it embodies the ideal front and rear weight balance of a car, 5 to 5, with the motif of the rear-wheel drive vertically arranged engine. In addition, the elements of’Exclusive’, which means a special car for the selected few,’Exquisite’, which means sophisticated and delicately embodied products and services, and’Evolutionary’, which means constantly evolving and developing, are’Engineered by Excellence’. It also contains the meaning of’car embodied as’. Stinger Meister’s unique emblem with this meaning becomes an element that makes you proud as an owner.

One of the materials that appear as classics in high-performance car interiors is carbon and aluminum. In particular, aluminum material that retains the cold metallic feel can only feel cold, but Stinger Meister is a material that creates a luxurious texture through processing that utilizes hairline on aluminum materials in major interior parts such as center console and door trim. Reborn.

The air conditioner, which is more useful in winter, is operated with an intuitive dial method. It has a simple circular shape, but if you expand your gaze, you will notice that it is a way to match the three circular air vents placed above it. Naturally, the rim of the dial was processed in the form of a protrusion to melt details that enhance operability.

Steering wheelIs one of the most important elements in Stinger Meister. The steering wheel, which is in contact with the driver’s hand, is a part of how the Stinger Meister, who considers the connection with the driver particularly important, treats the driver. The left and right sides of the steering wheel that hold the grip during sports driving are padded with perforated leather to enhance both luxury and grip.

Stinger Meister is more toxic than other cars Drive mode dialIs often manipulated. In city driving, it is fun to change to ECO or comfortable COMPORT mode to increase efficiency, and to switch to SPORTS mode when enjoying sports driving on a quiet road or circuit. When I see the personality that changes clearly every time I go to and from each mode, I can see’Why are you so fickle?’ Rather than thinking,’This is a perfect beauty!’ If you want to have this fun, you can actively use the drive mode dial. It is very easy to operate because it is located near the center console where you can reach it naturally without turning your gaze while driving.

The interior of the Stinger Meister gives off the feeling of a cold and cold sports car, but on the contrary, there are parts that convey a warm and cozy feeling. Such are the dashboards and door trims with leather and stitching, and ambient lights that convey a subtle atmosphere. Especially Quilted pattern sheetAlthough it normally wraps around the body, it has a good ability to hold it firmly so that there is no shortage for sports driving, which increases the satisfaction of driving.

Another attraction of Stinger is that it delights the ears. The engine exhaust sound that resonates while driving is also audible, but it should not be overlooked, the Stinger Meister also has very good audio performance. While driving, it produces a natural sound that naturally filters out road noise, while it also has the magical ability to turn the inside of a car into a performance hall while stopping. And the source of that sound is the beautiful detail Lexicon audio speakersAll.

The Stinger Meister has been refined to the meticulous detail and reappeared to be worthy of the name’Meister’. If you are curious about the deep side of the Stinger Meister, which is completed with a variety of details that satisfy the five senses with strong driving performance, we recommend that you meet and take a look. You may find hidden details that you haven’t been able to meet even with photos.

Written by PLAY KIA
Edited by Copyence

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