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2021.01.22. 326,808 read "Catch Tesla" Hyundai Motor Company finally officially unveiled IONIQ car zoom 468


Semi-medium SUV Ionic 5Finally took off the veil. Ionic 5Is 2019Hyundai Motor’s electric concept car unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 ’45’Is an evolved electric vehicle model. ’45’Is a modern reinterpretation of the Hyundai Pony Coupe., It is an electric vehicle based on an electrification platform..

2020year 8In March, Hyundai Motor Company launched the exclusive electric vehicle brand Ioniq, Ionic 5′Had announced the release of. And finally past 13Work, Ionic 5Revealed its appearance through a teaser video. Today, Ioniq, the first model of the Ioniq brand, unveiled by Hyundai Motor Company ambitiously 5Brought everything about.

To add something special to your daily life
Extra power

Conventional electric vehicles only used electric energy to move the vehicle,, Ioniq, the next-generation electric vehicle 5Is different. Ionic 5Not only driving, but also supplying electricity from the vehicle to the external power grid. V2L System is built in. Kind of like a giant auxiliary battery V2L The system is not only inside the vehicle, Various electronic devices can be used outside.

In the video released by Hyundai Motor Company, Ioniq 5of V2L There was a picture of using the system. The characters in the video V2L System 3.5KW Use high power to cook outdoors, Listening to music, I could even use a treadmill. Hyundai Motor Company officials In the future, the Ionic brand will change the paradigm for customer experience.And sparked consumer expectations..

for you
Valuable time

Ionic 5Is the first electric vehicle platform to be applied to E-GMPIs 800V Equipped with a charging system, when using a super fast charger 18Within minutes 80%Can be charged up to. Even sweet 5In minutes 100 km It is expected to overcome the inconvenience of charging that used to be the biggest drawback of electric vehicles as it can drive above..

Then Ioniq 5Proud of the best E-GMPWhat is? E-GMPUnlike conventional electric vehicles that used the platform of an internal combustion engine vehicle, Optimized structure for electric vehicles onlyIt is a platform designed exclusively for electric vehicles. Also E-GMPUnlike other platforms, Lego-like prefab design is possible, so it can show various car designs..


This Ionic 5‘S teaser video aims to present a fundamental change in the way of thinking about cars in the era of electric cars.. in reality, Lee Sang-yeop, executive director of modern design Ionic 5To provide a new design experience that has never been seen beforeSaying The ionic brand will set a new standard in electric vehicle designSaid.

Ionic 5Boasts a palametric pixel, a key design element of the IONIQ brand, and an exterior that reflects nature-friendly colors and materials.. Parametric pixel is a design that embodies pixels, the smallest unit that composes an image., It is one of the core design elements of the IONIQ brand.. Hyundai is ionic 5This design will be applied to the upcoming Ioniq electric vehicle models..

Electric vehicle design
New standard

Ionic 5Concept car ’45’Is 1974It attracted attention with a design inspired by the Pony Coupe, which was released by Hyundai Motor Company in 2008.. Ionic 5Dopony Coupena 45Likewise, it features a unique headlamp design.. Also Ionic 5On the front of Hyundai Motors, a clamshell hood that covers the entire upper part was applied for the first time in Hyundai Motors, minimizing the parting line where the side meets and divides into a line..

The side is the largest diameter ever 20Equipped with a wheel with inch aerodynamic structure, the proportion of electric vehicles is near perfect.. With this, Hyundai Motor Company attempted to lead a new electric vehicle paradigm by creating a softer and more emotional image with a high-tech impression..

Modern ambitious work
Consumer reaction?

The design aspect that Hyundai was particularly elaborated on surely captured the hearts of consumers.. There was a reaction that it caused nostalgia for middle-aged consumers in that it interpreted pony well.. Also fresh in terms of specifications V2L The system aroused the curiosity of consumers, causing a positive response.

On the other hand, there were many voices of concern.. One netizen is Ionic 5To Electric charging toysAnd expressed concern over the problem of electric vehicle defects that have had many problems recently.. In addition, some say that the price is likely to be more expensive than expected, and the upcoming Tesla ‘Y’There was also an expectation that there would be no competition.

Ionic 5Looking at the reaction of consumers who expected, The teaser video and vehicle introduction are positive.. First of all, once in a design where clean lines stand out, Two times enthusiastic about the specifications and performance beyond expectations.. On the other hand, it can be seen that there are many voices concerned about defects or defects by recounting the controversial electric vehicle market so far..

Hyundai is ionic 5The real thing 2Will be released during the month. And Ionic 5Starting with 2022Ioniq, a midsize sedan in the year 6, 2024Large in years SUVInn Ionic 7Announced that they plan to release. In the future, Hyundai Motor Company is expected to take steps to expand its presence in the global electric vehicle market..

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