2021.01.21.  5,688 read Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 Test Drive 1.3 Turbo Origong 47

2021.01.21. 5,688 read Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 Test Drive 1.3 Turbo Origong 47

Hello, this is Oregungdi.

A test drive was supported by Renault Samsung Motors.

The face-lifted Renault Samsung SM6 is available in TCe260 and TCe300.
All of them are gasoline engine models, showing differences in displacement.
First, I tested the TCe300, so I was curious about the TCe260.

This is Renault Samsung SM6, which debuted 4 years ago and returned as a model with partial changes to facelift.
In fact, despite the passage of time since it was released, it still has a design that looks good.
With a partial upgrade, the satisfaction is higher compared to the previous model.

We adhere to the family look design that feels the identity of Renault Samsung.
Similar images can be felt on the XM3 and QM6.
I think that cleanliness with a uniform image is the charm of Renault Samsung.

The skirt made of chrome at the bottom of the front shows a more luxurious look.
It’s not a big change, but it feels like an upgrade from the existing framework.
It’s okay for the owners to see it as such a change that can be seen.

With the semi-autonomous driving function applied, a radar consisting of an acrylic cover was mounted on Renault Samsung’s mark.

Matrix Vision LED headlights applied for the first time in a mid-size sedan
Like Benz’s multi-beam, auto high beam is applied.
With 36 LEDs, it detects a person or vehicle on the other side and supports a high beam that turns off only that part.
Of course, you have to add it as an option, but personally, I think it is a mandatory option.

There is no change in the side design, and it has a clean composition and character line.
The former is 4855mm, the width is 1,870mm, the height is 1,460mm and the wheelbase is 2,810mm.

The sleek design wheel was a pretty satisfactory point.
The tire is Kumho Majesty Solus and the size is 245/45R18.

It is neat with window lines treated with chrome molding.

The rear design is also a face lift, so it’s not a big change, you can see it as a detailed change.
I think the expression that it has been trimmed would fit well.

The muffler is a hidden type and has not been highlighted.

The tail lamp is not designed to be connected from both sides, but the chrome lines are straight.
It has a visual effect that seems to lead to the center.
It is a design effect that is used a lot these days because it can produce a more stable effect when the tail lamp is connected.

The shape of the tail lamp is quite three-dimensional
The turn indicators are of a sequential type, and the appearance that lights up like flowing water is luxurious.

However, the position of the rear camera is ambiguous.
It’s located in the center of the Renault Samsung mark, but it doesn’t look neat.

Just before I experienced the Premier Trim, I thought I would feel that it would be insufficient if I took the RE grade.
Of course, there is a clear difference in material and luxury, but there is no lack of RE grade.

The three-spoke steering wheel has a good grip and can control media and semi-autonomous driving functions located on either side.

The 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel is composed of a dynamic UI.
The visibility was good, and it was convenient to display the navigation screen.

For Renault Samsung, the media volume and buttons exist as separate levers behind the steering wheel.
It was awkward at first, but now I can use it comfortably, so I need a little adaptation, but I can use it comfortably later.

RE grade, but all the necessary options are applied, so even while riding the SM6 TCe260
I hardly thought I was lacking.

The seat position of SM6 is higher than that of competing models.
It is unfortunate that the height of the seat is not adjusted, but for those with short stature, I think it is a point to be able to drive stably.

Both driver and passenger seats support fully automatic seats,
The massage seat is applied to the passenger seat, making it a convenient option that stands out on long distances.

The steering wheel telescopic can be operated manually and there is a heated steering wheel.
A non-organ type accelerator lever is applied.

The 9.3 inch vertical LCD touch panel
It has a size that is suitable for checking information from various functions.
The advantage is that the overall UI is also neat and easy to use.

The engine start button also has a finish on the rim to keep your hands from slipping.

SM6 TCe260 with 2-zone auto air conditioner can set the temperature of both sides separately.
Heated and ventilated seats are supported for more comfortable and
It includes lane assist and automatic parking.

The gear lever might seem a little clunky, but it’s applied in a traditional way.
These days they use the button or dial method, but the classic method is more intuitive.

The electronic parking brake was applied, and the auto hold, which was stingy at Renault Samsung, is now applied.
Ambient light is applied to the cup holder to highlight the luxury.

It does not apply to the second row, but the ambient light is applied to the center fascia and center console in the first row.
You can select the color you want from among several designated colors and switch it according to your mood.

The space in the second row of the SM6 is generous and the seats are quite fluffy.
In the Premier, the headrest is angled like First Class,
The second row seat headrests of the RE trim are applied in general form.

Legroom and headroom weren’t enough when a strong adult man sat down.

There is an air conditioning vent in the center.

The SM6’s armrest angle is also comfortable, but it has the biggest drawback.
The point is that it is difficult to turn on the heating sheet if 5 people are riding in winter.

In a mid-sized sedan, I think it’s a lot of space.

The capacity of the trunk space, which also has ski-throughs, is 571L.
Since the entrance is wide, it seems that there will be no shortages in putting in a golf bag.

Under the luggage compartment cover is a tire puncture kit and storage space.

Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 is a 1,332cc gasoline single-turbo engine with 156 horsepower and 26.5kg.m of torque.
In fact, it was an engine with a displacement of 1.3, so I didn’t expect anything.
The number of performance parts was meaningless in actual driving, so I hardly felt lack of in everyday driving.
Of course, there was a regret in the overtaking situation where you had to speed up rapidly and at high speeds.
It was the acceleration performance of the SM6 TCe260, which was not a big disappointment.

The SM6 is not a sports sedan, so I felt the performance in everyday life.
There was no shortage in both braking performance and handling that I thought would be suitable for the SM6.

The official fuel economy is 12.9km/L, and the number of 12km/L was recorded even in actual driving.

The wind noise that flows into the room is low and the engine noise is low.
It also has the advantages of a gasoline sedan.

It is a combiner type, but the head-up display is also a pretty good point.

Due to the adaptive cruise control, which is semi-autonomous driving, it maintains a distance from the vehicle in front and maintains the set speed.
The lane keeping function was able to reduce fatigue while driving on the highway.
In fact, it was a convenience option that was applied late compared to a car in its class, but I felt quite happy that it was applied.

The TCe300 can also adjust the suspension sensitivity, but it was not included in the 260.
It was impressive that each mode showed distinct differences from steering wheel sensitivity adjustment to powertrain mode change.

I was able to control the engine sound using a sound generator.
Because of the sound that is not excessive, I think it was a point where the ears could be enjoyed.

In fact, when it comes to SM6, there are many people who are against the fact that the rear wheel suspension is a torsion beam.
The SM6 face-lifted this time has an Adaptve MotionLink suspension.
In fact, although it is a type of torsion beam, the bushing has a larger size and a modular valve system.
Compared to the past, it has been tuned to reduce the impact.
In fact, in order to configure the multi-link in the body to which the torsion beam was applied, the design of the body must also be changed.
It incurs a large cost, but it was impressive because it showed a more stable appearance than before in a way that could alleviate the regret of the torsion beam.

These days, if you want to buy a mid-size sedan, you have to have at least mid-3,000, so there are plenty of options.
It is an era where you can get a sense of satisfaction.

Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 is a low displacement,
It has a price structure that cannot be subtracted from the cost performance.

SE is KRW 24.5 million, SE Plus is KRW 26.68 million, LE is KRW 28.6 million,
The RE, which was a test drive, started at KRW 31.12 million, and the Premier started at KRW 32.65 million, so you can add options.

For those who plan to purchase a medium-sized sedan at the beginning of 30 million won or less
Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 seems to be quite a merit.
The regrets of Renault Samsung that were felt in the past have been reinforced or added in many parts.
I would like to have more competitiveness by making minor design changes with Face Lift.

This is the end of the Renault Samsung SM6 TCe260 test drive that I have felt for a few days.


A test drive was supported by Renault Samsung Motors.

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