2021.01.21.  144,743 read Evidence that Porsche is made by real aliens Automobil Korea 126

2021.01.21. 144,743 read Evidence that Porsche is made by real aliens Automobil Korea 126

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Tesla is leading the EV market. A situation is unfolding where numerous brands are releasing new electric cars in an attempt to catch up and take them down from the lead.. On the contrary, he quietly pioneered his own path, There is even an explosive brand of consumer reactions. Porsche.

Even when manufacturing internal combustion engine models, it was recognized for its technological prowess that became the standard for several brands.. This was continued in the electric car model.. The Taycan incorporates technologies that were not available in existing electric vehicles, Porsche still has aliensThere is a reaction like. Then, what is the reason Porsche is considered a pioneer??

Models commercialized, starting with Tesla,
The electric car market was flooding

Tesla is a relatively expensive sedan model SWow SUV Model who is model X, A model that is a low-cost model of these two models 3And model YIs leading the electric vehicle market. It made a big sensation by trying things that existing car brands didn’t try..

Since then, almost all manufacturers have entered the electric vehicle market, and most of them have replaced existing models with electric vehicle versions., There were a lot of commercialized models that could sell well.. Among them, he was competing to see who is better..

For electric sports car
Taycan solves thirst

No matter how powerful Tesla exhibits high-speed performance, consumers are bound to lack it.. In particular, the demand for electric sports cars was constantly arising in the context of the accelerated transition to electric vehicles.. Brands that used to make sports cars and supercars still couldn’t catch up with electric cars..

In this situation, Porsche has declared that the Taycan will appear.. Consumers cheered, We were delighted with the news that Porsche is building electric cars.. After some time, the Taycan was released, That expectation turned into satisfaction..

Previously unseen
Electric sports car

Porsche’s technology applied to the Taycan occupies a large part of the factors that consumers feel satisfied after seeing the Taycan.. The most striking part of it is that it is an electric sports car that has never been seen before.. In addition, Porsche’s unique driving performance and texture are properly mixed with electric vehicles, and are receiving great reviews..

The Taycan is the base model 4SIs the highest motor power 530horsepower, Motor torque 65.3kg.mThe performance of, Turbo model is the highest motor power 680horsepower, Motor torque 86.7kg.mThe performance of, Turbo with the most power SIs the highest motor power 761horsepower, Motor torque 107.1kg.mPerformance of. The size is the full length 4,963mm, full width 1966mm, Full height 1,379mm, Wheel base 2,900mmAll.

Battery performance

The reason why this powerful output can be supported is because it has strong battery performance.. The first mass-produced electric vehicle 800V By applying the technology to the Taycan, the cross section of the cable is reduced, improving charging and driving performance, and the body is also lighter..

Also, thanks to the new battery system, charging speed is faster than other models.. With Porsche’s battery charging system, 5In minutes 100 km It can charge the electricity that can be driven, 5%In sweet 22In minutes 80%Applied technology that can be charged up to.

Unique Porsche
4 wheel drive system

In addition, the know-how of the four-wheel drive system, which has been well received by the internal combustion engine, has been incorporated in electric vehicles, and the Taycan also boasts unmatched driving performance as an electric vehicle.. On the front and rear axles respectively OneEach electric motor was installed to establish a four-wheel drive system, enabling efficient distribution of driving power..

This ensures that the four wheels always maintain traction in any driving situation., Porsche-specific sharp steering performance and driving feel when cornering. Here, the overboost function developed exclusively for the Taycan is installed to increase the maximum output instantaneously to show more powerful acceleration performance..

After all, Porsche
You’re walking your own path

Consumers’ reaction to this Taycan varied.. “You also have an alien”, “After all, Porsche has its own way.”, “Porsche pioneers a new electric vehicle, Awesome”, “I really want the Taikan”, “If I have a lot of money, I want to pick a Taikan.The response of praise to Taikan followed..

together With the advent of the Taycan, the electric car market has become more diverse.”, “The EV market is getting bigger.”, “Only when such a model appears, the electric vehicle market becomes more active.”, “I wish more other electric sports cars appeared.And even opinions on the electric vehicle market..

Macan, Cayman and Baxter
Preparing to switch to electric vehicle

Porsche recently announced that it is expanding the Taycan lineup.. existing 3One more is added from the dog’s trim. In the midst of speculation, A great deal of emphasis is on being an entry trim with rear-wheel drive that was recently unveiled in China.. This makes it a Taycan that will be chosen by various consumers..

Also Porsche SUVIn Macan and Cayman and Baxter, full of their identities, are also preparing to switch to electric vehicles.. We are excited to see what Porsche, which will present various electric car models, will appear in the fiercely competitive electric car market.. We are curious about the future Porsche move.. Also, I wonder what new technology to show..

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