2021.01.19.  6,287 read The 4 ring we want... Audi RS 6 Abant Motor Vehicle Reporter Youngjae 27

2021.01.19. 6,287 read The 4 ring we want… Audi RS 6 Abant Motor Vehicle Reporter Youngjae 27

Best 600Magical Force smoking Audi RS 6 Abant. A6 product family At the top Seated this In the car about Audi Sports “RS 6Is RS Brand Representing Iconic carCalled Explained. Exterior If you look at, exactly Basic felled A6 Abant prepare offensive Molding Equipped That egg Number There is. With this Related door, Loop, trunk Cover Except all body Panel RS Exclusively Packed. In detail, 40mm Degree more Wide open Wheel Arch and this Inside closely Filled 21inch or 22inch Wheel, And Oval Exhaust RS exhaust The function is Abant Dynamics Emphasize, Power Dome there is new bonnet, Wide Three-dimensional 3D black single frame Grill singular Image Emanate.

Interior operator to the center Designed. Of tea various Information To provide Entering displays operator In sight come in Have, RS As a monitor real time Driving Information provide. interior In color Gray and Red Was written, aluminum Paddle shift inclusive RS Steering Wheel, rhombus Pattern of RS sports Sheet On the back Sporty Atmosphere Directing. Space is Wide, trunk Capacity of Occation basic 565liter, maximum 1680Liter.

Engine 48V Mild hybrid System inclusive V8 4.0 TFSIin Best 600Horsepower Exert, 8only Tiptronic meet At standstill Per hour 100 kmUntil Acceleration 3.6In seconds Finish. Per hour 200 kmeven 12Out of seconds Not caught not. The maximum speed is Per hour 250 kmin Limited Optional Dynamic package Plus If you add Per hour 305 kmUntil Step on Number There is. Quattro The system is Peacetime Back and forth 40versus 60of power Distribution Unfolding Situation follow Back and forth 70versus 30, Back and forth 15versus 85in Force Divide. RS Adaptive air Suspension Basic person Lower body Always tight Tension Flowing, Dynamic Ride Control included RS sports Suspension Plus As an option If you choose More stable Behavior Implement. Here Rear Axle Steering As an option If you add, when Anywhere Disheveled Do not have Posture To continue Number There is to Audi Side Is the captain. track Width is front 1668mm, rear 1650mmis. Braking front 420mm, rear 370mmof steal Of the disk 10piston RS brake System In charge, As an option front 440mm, rear 370mmof 10piston RS ceramic brake system Mounting Available.

Driving Safety for representative As a function Adaptive cruise Assist There is. Adaptive cruise In control Audi active lane Assist bound By function At standstill Per hour 250 km between autonomy On driving near Driving Environment To implement Would Is a feature.

previously Like I said RS 6Is RS Brand Representing It is an iconic car. 2002year First With release At the same time I’m World Consumer Mind Captivated. Current RS 6 Abant is RS History is sure technology In all At the apex Seat. today The video is here I’ll say hello. For watching Thank you. It was reporter Moon.

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