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The YAMAHA SMAX 155, which is designed with sports travel as the main axis, has both sportiness and fashion sense, and has been well received since its launch. In the past, among the five advantages & six shortcomings of 2020 YAMAHA SMAX 155, Moto7 sorted out the advantages and disadvantages recognized by car owners in 2020 through a questionnaire survey of car owners. As for the car owners after riding for a period of time, what reasons do they want to give the prospective car owners, and the quality problems encountered? Let’s take a look!



Three points recommended to future car owners

Third place: huge compartment space (6%)

For a running speed Keda, sufficient storage space is a very important function for long-distance journeys. The carriage of SMAX 155 can not only put a full-face helmet, but also leave space for raincoats, gloves and other personal items. Looking at the white-brand Scooter models on the market, the cabin space performance of SMAX 155 can be said to be good Quite excellent, and it has become one of the reasons why 6% of car owners want to recommend it to prospective car owners.

SMAX 155 has a considerable amount of compartment space.

Plenty of storage space makes SMAX 155 more competent as a touring car.


Second place: stable appearance (19%)

No matter how rich a car is equipped, if the appearance is not attractive enough, it still cannot convince consumers to pay. The appearance of the SMAX 155 is one of the items that many car owners think is very attractive. The LED headlights are full of technology, and the full muscle lines of the body bring a richer sense of layering. 19% of car owners voted the SMAX 155’s stable and durable exterior design as a key point worth recommending to prospective car owners.

LED headlights, muscular lines, etc., make the SMAX 155’s exterior design more timeless.

Elegance and atmosphere are exactly the appearance of SMAX 155.


First place: drivingGood stability (27%)

SMAX 155 is equipped with 13-inch wheels commonly found in large scooter models, which has higher stability than the 12-inch setting. At the same time, the design of the rear center shock absorber also eliminates the problem of left and right coordination when the traditional dual-gun rear shock is activated. The engine of SMAX 155 is also equipped with a reverse balance shaft, which eliminates the vibration when the engine is running and brings a smoother riding experience. Combined with the above design, the driving stability of SMAX 155 became the first reason why 27% of car owners wanted to recommend it to prospective car owners.

The center suspension improves the uneven force on the left and right sides of the two guns.

The stable riding experience of SMAX 155 is appreciated by car owners.


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