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PGO ALPHA MAX 125 relies on its unique appearance, technologically-sense full-car LED lamps, oil-cooled engine, CBS and other equipment. When the model is launched, it can be said to be quite special in the same class. After the car owners actually purchased the ALPHA MAX 125, what advantages and disadvantages did they feel? Moto7 conducts a survey on car owners who bought cars in 2020, sorting out the three major advantages and three major disadvantages recognized by the owners, let’s take a look!


Three major advantages recognized by car owners

Third place:Sufficient storage space (13%)

The third place recognized by the owners of the ALPHA MAX 125 is its ample storage space. 13% of car owners said that the compartment space of the ALPHA MAX 125 can be easily put into gloves, raincoats and other personal items after putting a medium-sized or even large full-face helmet. In addition, large items such as suitcases can also be placed in the front glove box and front pedal storage space under the faucet. For daily use, the storage function is quite abundant.

The compartment of the ALPHA MAX 125 can easily fit a full-face helmet.

Second place:Enough headlight brightness (22%)

ALPHA MAX 125 uses LED lamps for the whole vehicle. For a 125c.c.-class scooter, it is quite sincere and original factory configuration. Its headlights adopt the form of separating the upper and lower far and near lights. According to 22% of car owners’ feedback, the performance of the headlight brightness of ALPHA MAX is very satisfactory, and the LED lamps can also save power and reduce the burden on the vehicle battery. .

The brightness of the ALPHA MAX headlights is appreciated by car owners.

In addition to the headlights, the taillights and direction lights are also LED lamps.

First place: smooth acceleration (24%)

ALPHA MAX 125 is equipped with a 124.8cc, 4V SOHC oil-cooled engine that can output 11.1ps of maximum horsepower. With the setting of its transmission system, 24% of car owners are quite satisfied with its acceleration performance. No matter it is the acceleration of the start, or the extension of the medium and high speed domains, it does not appear weak. And the blessing of the oil cooling system can make ALPHA MAX accelerate the performance stably without declining.

The acceleration power of ALPHA MAX is quite abundant.

Whether it is acceleration at the start or the extension of the medium and high speed domains, it is very smooth.

Two major shortcomings recognized by car owners, please see the next page.

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