2020 New Year’s Eve Street delivers Julie ’s cookies-Lianhe Daily

(Newspaper, Miri, 18th) Julie ’s cookies are a great gift, so you will be accompanied by Julie ’s cookies in the new year. In order to thank customers for their support along the way, Julie ’s biscuits will deliver up to 300 copies of Julie ’s biscuits on the “New Year 2020 Shopping Street” held in Miri Times Square, the most compact punching point today.

Julie’s biscuits have always been very supportive of local community activities. Recently, with the arrival of the Lunar New Year, in addition to the Spring Festival delivery, it is also one of the main sponsors of the 2020 New Year’s Goods Street event. The “Funny Little Lion Dance Competition” was kindly sponsored.

In order to give back to the society and take care of the disadvantaged groups of the society, Julie ’s biscuit also recently went to the home for the elderly with the Miri Sing Chau Daily, and the event was thoroughly penetrated, and Miri was the last stop.

On the coming Monday, I will also visit with many units, give gifts to the Moss Jaya Special Children’s Center in Bumigo, and spend the holiday with everyone in advance.

Shen Qingzhong (left), Regional Sales Manager of East Malaysia, Julie Manufacturing Co., Ltd. handed over the sponsorship to Tang Zuhua, the person in charge of the “2020 New Year Goods Street” program.


2020 New Year’s Goods Street

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