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2020 models of eight rear seat buyers: recommend your back seat!

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In addition to paying attention to power, equipment, price, and maintenance, when buying a car, if you have a manned passenger, the comfort of the rear seat is also a major focus! After all, the two people’s travel is to increase their feelings, to go home happily, and no one wants to travel on a locomotive, but they suffer from back and back pain. To this end, Moto7 sorted out the models with high comfort from the rear seats at all levels. In addition to the white, yellow and red card grades, it also sorted out the different models in the same grade to provide you with “front seat” reference. Avoid buying a car but angering the “back seat”.

Traveling by bike is a happy thing, and it is the perfect journey for both to have a comfortable experience.


125c.c. White card speed up to:SUZUKI Saluto 125

SUZUKI released the white-label Sukada Saluto this year, which focuses on the texture route of Japanese and Italian hybrids, and has also worked hard on the comfort of double loading.

The Saluto 125 launched by SUZUKI features a European-style texture style. It adopts a relaxed and casual positioning. The setting of the vehicle is also very suitable for women to ride. It has a seat height of only 690mm. The seat cushion is made of leather. And the thickness of the seat cushion is increased, so that the overall comfort of the rear seat is further improved. In addition to the good seat in the rear seat, Saluto also uses the same Eco Performance engine as Swish. The low-vibration operation quality can also improve the comfort of the rear seat. And Saluto is equipped with an automatic opening cushion, which is also very intimate and convenient for placing personal items.

The flat seat cushion includes an automatic opening function, which is not only comfortable but also convenient.

The seat height is only 690mm, it is very easy to sit on the front and rear seats, and it is also very suitable for women to ride.

The flat cushion design makes the double-load sitting posture very comfortable.

White card running brigade: PGO TIGRA200


TIGRA 200 enters the market with the positioning of running car models. Since there is a gene for leisure travel, the most important thing is of course a comfortable and stable riding experience. TIGRA 200 has a large and comfortable extended seat cushion, which can have spacious space in the front and rear seats during double loading. Compared with other running brigades of the same level, the rear seat cushion shape is also thicker and more comfortable. TIGRA 200 is also equipped with a horizontal six-link rear suspension, combined with a stable body, which can provide a more stable riding experience during travel.

The extended seat cushions of TIGRA 200 provide a wide space for front and rear seats, which improves comfort.

The horizontal six-link shock absorber cooperates with the stable linear power output to provide a stable riding experience for the knight and the rear seat.

White brand light car: BENELLI LEONCINO 250


After BENELLI launched LEONCINO 500, many retro and Italian-style designs were widely praised. Later, LEONCINO 250 was launched, which is a white brand-level model, and Taiwan introduced a 785mm low-seat high version. The whole car is smooth and smooth. The lines are very friendly to the people. In the style of sports street car, the rear seat usually has too narrow or too high angle. Although the LEONCINO 250 seat cushion is also designed with a height difference, the overall line is relatively flat, so that the rear seat is not easy to slide forward. And the seat cushion is relatively wide, so the rear seat will not feel too much higher than the front seat when riding, and naturally there will be no greater pressure.

Although the seat cushion is designed with a height difference, the seat cushion is actually flat and wide.

The LEONCINO 250 introduced in Taiwan is a 785mm low seat high version, and the rear seat height is also very close to the people.

Yellow card big sheep: YAMAHA XMAX 300

YAMAHA XMAX is launched as a big sheep car model. The rich equipment, amazing fuel consumption and competitive price make XMAX a popular yellow car commuter car. Since it has a commuter car positioning, of course it will not be comfortable. Somewhat ignored. The seat cushion of XMAX adopts the design of height difference, the seat cushion of foam cotton is wide and comfortable, and there is a raised waist design between the rear seat and the front seat, which can prevent the rear seat from sliding forward. In addition, the cabin space is also a very outstanding feature of XMAX, which can put in two full-cover helmets and raincoats and other debris. Combining the above advantages, XMAX is definitely a car model that can make the rear seat happy.

The seat cushion is designed with a high-low difference and a large size, and the actual riding feel is good.

There is also a very large gap between the front and rear seats during double loading, and the riding comfort is excellent.

It can accommodate two full-face helmets, raincoats and other accessories.

YAMAHA has also launched original high-quality cushions to make XMAX more comfortable.

There are four recommended heavy vehicles, the next page is announced!


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