2020 mobile game market report released Tencent becomes global mobile game gold champion

In recent years, with the rapid development of mobile games, it has far surpassed end-games and console games in terms of playability, fun, and diversity. With the expansion of the mobile game market, global users ’spending on mobile games has hit record highs.

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Today (January 16), market research organization App Annie released the “2020 Mobile Market Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), which stated that in the global game market in 2019, the mobile game market share has reached 56%. It is expected that global mobile game user spending will exceed $ 100 billion in 2020.

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In the global user spending game rankings, in the domestic hot glory of the king, the card game Fate / Grand Order is only ranked second. Pokémon GO ranked fifth, NetEase’s Fantasy Westward Journey ranked seventh, and PUBG MOBILE ranked ninth.

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In the top ten global mobile game revenue manufacturers, Tencent and Netease, the two largest domestic game giants, respectively ranked the top two, and Tencent has no suspense to become the world’s most expensive mobile game manufacturer.

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In addition, according to the reported statistics, the top ten most popular games for Chinese users in 2019 are King of Glory, Fantasy Westward Journey, Peace Elite, Perfect World, Yin Yang Division, Westward Journey, QQ Speeding, Landslide Coast, Tomorrow’s Ark and Running the official racing version of Kart. Among the top ten games, there are 5 models developed and distributed by Tencent, while NetEase has 4 models.

It seems that in the development and operation of mobile games, Tencent and NetEase still maintain absolute leading strength.


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