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The HONDA CB300R, featuring the Neo Sport Café design style, combines retro and trendy design, with good physique, and has always been one of the first choices for many riders to enter the light car market! In the article on the recognized advantages and disadvantages of CB300R owners in the past, Moto7 sorted out the advantages and disadvantages recognized by car owners in 2020 through a questionnaire survey of car owners. As for the car owners after riding for a period of time, what reasons do they want to give the prospective car owners, and the quality problems encountered? Let’s take a look!


Three reasons to recommend to future car owners

Third place: Lightweight and flexible dynamic response (15%)

The equipment weight of the CB300R is only 145kg, which is quite light in the same class. And through the frame design, 41mm inverted front fork, asymmetric gull-wing rocker arm and other equipment, the CB300R has excellent dynamic response. A total of 15% of car owners listed this as one of the reasons they want to recommend to prospective car owners. In addition, the built-in IMU can detect the dynamic changes of vehicle inertia, effectively restrain the rear wheels from lifting up, and achieve a better center of gravity balance.

The 41mm inverted fork and lightweight wheels are the two major contributors to the flexibility.

The asymmetric gull-wing rocker arm is thickened near the body to increase rigidity, and the hollow rear axle is used to reduce the unsprung weight.

Second place: low cost of keeping a car(36%)

In addition to the pleasant starting price, according to feedback from many car owners, whether the CB300R is for oil, tire replacement, or various consumables, future maintenance costs are quite low, coupled with its excellent fuel consumption performance, compared to other large heavy motorcycles , CB300R has a lower cost of ownership. For economic riders with a smaller budget, it is a very friendly choice to be able to own this car without burden.

According to the owners’ feedback, the maintenance cost of CB300R is quite low.

CB300R is quite suitable for economically oriented knights.

First place: handsome appearance (37%)

CB300R adopts the new generation of HONDA Neo Sport Café design vocabulary as the main axis, combining retro and modern technology elements. The muscular fuel tank shape and the sturdy golden inverted fork present a modern mechanical beauty. Many exposed mechanical structures and LED round headlights are perfectly integrated into the retro spirit. Many car owners appreciate that its exterior design is mature and not old-fashioned, and it is a car that is very attractive and suitable for all ages.

Fuel tank full of muscle lines.

The LED round light design combines retro and modern technology.

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