After weeks of leaks and publicity, the 2020 GENESIS GV80 became GENESIS ‘first SUV, adding to GENESIS’ G70, G80, and G90 product lineups. GENESIS launched the concept car in 2017, showing the GV80 Concept to the world. What surprised many people is that the commercially-available GV80 is still very loyal to the concept car design.

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Original: GENESIS Grand Tourer 2020 GV80 officially unveiled in South Korea

From the front, even in mass production models, the triangular water tank air intake shield and four strip LED daytime running lights on the concept car have been retained. GENESIS said that the design of the GV80 front was inspired by the company’s logo shape. Looking to the side of the GV80, its eye-catching design includes a double-layer vent panel (also a turn signal) on the front leaf version, and a sharp shoulder line that extends from the front to the rear lights, and 22 Large inch wheels.

At the rear, the GV80 has a large two-color rear spoiler and a double-layer rear light unit that echoes the headlights. In addition, its trunk door has a concave design similar to a lip, which is very unique. There is a huge GENESIS in the middle of this tailgate. At the bottom, there are slender plated strips on both sides of the rear bumper, the bottom is painted black, and there are two back lights on the inside. Many of the GV80’s body panels, including doors, hood and tailgate, are made of lightweight aluminum alloy.

As for the interior, it can be seen that the designers of GENESIS obviously tried to keep the interior design of the concept car as much as possible. Therefore, you can see that it is equipped with a two-spoke leather-covered steering wheel, a digital dashboard, and a layered leather dashboard. In addition, the center console has a 14.5-inch multimedia infotainment widescreen, and the central saddle is very tall. The central saddle adopts a double-layer design. The front end is the air-conditioning control area of ​​the LCD screen. In the middle, there are hand-held recognition systems that control the multimedia screen, wooden trim panels, knob-type gear shifts, and the descent system.

Due to the introduction of an active road noise control system, GENESIS provides a quiet and luxurious cabin environment for the GV80. This noise control system analyzes road noise at any time and generates opposite sound waves within 0.002 seconds. In addition, GENESIS equips the GV80 with 10 airbags as standard. This includes the airbags on the center side of the front seats, with the goal of reducing passengers’ head injuries during side collisions. Other safety features include SCC intelligent fixed-distance cruise control system, FCA collision avoidance assistance system in front, RCCA rear traffic warning assistance system, HDA II high-speed lane assistance system, parking assistance system, and driving attention warning system.

Another impressive feature of the GENESIS GV80 is the electronically controlled suspension system with Road Preview. This system analyzes the road surface through the front camera and makes corresponding adjustments to the suspension for the passengers in the car. Provide a more comfortable riding environment.

In terms of power, in South Korea, the GV80 will initially be sold with a 3.0-liter V6 diesel turbocharged engine, which can provide a maximum horsepower of 274hp and a torque of 60.1kgm, as well as an 8-speed automatic transmission. Depending on the market, two gasoline engines will also be available. One is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo engine, which has a maximum horsepower of 300hp and a torque of 43kgm. The other is a 3.5-liter V6 turbo engine with 375 hp and 54 kgm of torque. The GV80 comes standard with rear-wheel drive, but there are also four-wheel-drive models. GENESIS GV80 will go on sale in Korea this month.

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