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2020 fuel-efficient locomotive recommended | Sports Speed ​​Keda TOP 10

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Sports Quicko has both the practicality of Quicko and has excellent sports performance, it is the first choice for many passionate boys to start their first locomotive in life. In addition to familiarity with multiple generations of CYGNUS-X, JET, RACING car series, there have been several new faces throughout the year, such as DRG and JET SR. Can the new car models squeeze out the 2019 list? Let Moto7 tell you which one of the TOP 10’s most fuel-efficient sports quick-speeder awards through the 108-year vehicle fuel consumption guide of the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economy!

【Last year list】
Recommended fuel-efficient locomotives in 2019 | TOP 10

Tenth place: KYMCO G6 150


The lines of the G6’s car side extending upwards are very nice.

The tenth place is the Kymco G6, a 150c.c. class model that emphasizes linear acceleration. The G6 uses VVCS variable valve technology to give it a good acceleration performance. The maximum horsepower of 14.1ps will be completely released at 6,500rpm. KYMCO pays a lot of attention to its practicality. It uses a unique central control lock lever to open the flying pedal. The front space and the storage space under the seat are quite enough, making it more suitable for daily commuting. Car models. The G6 retained the tenth place with a city fuel consumption of 35.0km / L, a fixed speed fuel consumption of 53.1km / L, and a test value of 40.5km / L.

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Ninth place: KYMCO RACING S 150


RACING S adopts hydraulically shaped frame to improve the rigidity of the body and give better control performance.

Like the tenth place, RACING S also uses VVCS technology in engine technology, so it has a very excellent acceleration performance. In addition, RACING S uses a liquid molding frame, so that it has excellent body rigidity, which has become its biggest feature and advantage. With the suspension setting biased towards toughness, RACING S is very stable in corners. In addition, it also uses a brand new aluminum alloy triangular table to achieve the purpose of weight reduction, which allows RACING S to have a more flexible and lighter performance than other 150c.c. class models. RACING S ranks ninth with an urban fuel consumption of 36.2km / L, a fixed speed fuel consumption of 55.8km / L, and a test value of 42.2km / L.

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Eighth place: SYM DRG 158

SYM DRG 158.

Since its publication, SYM DRG 158, which has been widely discussed, is a new entry this year. The urban fuel consumption of 36.9km / L, fixed speed fuel consumption of 54.5km / L, and the test value of 42.4km / L have made DRG rank first Eight, DRG avant-garde and aggressive, shaping the unique temperament of “Eastern Spirit Beast”, in addition to the appearance, the power part is also quite a dragon king.[email protected]The maximum horsepower of 500rpm, coupled with the low-torque torque-oriented power curve, makes DRG start very quickly, and the relatively short 1,380 wheelbase also makes the driving very flexible. The appearance and power settings are indeed implemented. The design image of “Dragon King”.

The suspension of the rear of the car and the separate taillights, with the card frame moving down, make the tail shape simple and at the same time more sense of speed.

DRG is also equipped with a beautiful single rocker design and short tube, the overall design is very neat and distinctive.

In terms of equipment, DRG is equipped with SYM’s proud three zero technology-“zero pollution idling flameout”, “zero delay start”, “zero back suspension”, zero pollution flameout can reduce exhaust emissions and fuel consumption at idle speed, and The zero-delay start allows the rider to start faster after turning the throttle slightly after idling. It also reduces machine wear and achieves a quieter start quality when starting. The mounted zero-rear suspension is an upgraded “rear-rear suspension system 2.0”, which can prevent the engine from being lifted during acceleration, and can release the power better when starting and reaccelerating, in addition to fuel saving. The full speed of sports can reach the dragon king!

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Seventh place: YAMAHA CYGNUS-X 125

The fifth generation of YAMAHA CYGNUS-X.

The seventh place belongs to the “Fighting” YAMAHA CYGNUS-X, which is familiar to everyone. It won the city with a fuel consumption of 38.6km / L, a fixed speed fuel consumption of 55.6km / L, and a test value of 44.0km / L. For prospective car owners who have the willingness or demand for modification, CYGNUS-X can be said to be the best choice, because of the huge sales of CYGNUS-X in past generations, it has already had a large number of related modified products in the market. Even a modified kit allows you to easily upgrade your car or make it the way you want.

The shape of the taillights has become quite recognizable in the fifth-generation conversion.

Suspension setting for biased movement allows CYGNUS-X to still have sufficient support in the corners.

In addition to having a large number of modified products and kits for car owners to choose from, it is also a major attraction. The excellent physique of CYGNUS-X is also a major reason for attracting many car owners, from the frame and body weight to the adjustment of front and rear suspension. In comparison, the overall performance of CYGNUS-X is fairly balanced. In the fifth-generation facelift, all car lamps have been LED-based and ABS version imported. If you are looking for a sports Sukoda that has a balanced performance in all aspects, you may consider CYGNUS-X.

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The last four new car models have appeared. For more fuel-efficient car models, please see the next page!


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