As the New Year is approaching, Dainese offers 2020 Chinese New Year promotions. From January 17 to February 16, 2020, Dainese Taipei Store and Taichung Store will launch six major promotions simultaneously, with great value and a minimum of 30% off. Offer! For those who are interested in Dainese, it may be a good choice to take this opportunity. Let’s take a look at the special offers of Dainese now!

From January 17th to February 16th, Dainese Taipei Store and Taichung Store launched special promotions.

Dainese offers six-fold discounts at Taichung and Taipei stores. The offers are as follows:

  1. Spend 5000 to get 500, cash coupons to take home!
  2. Dainese original custom made jumpsuits, leather jackets, leather pants up to 10% off!
  3. AGV Helmet K1, K3SV series 20% off in stock!
  4. 40% off on various Dainese T-shirts
  5. Up to 70% off on welfare items! (Discounts for coupons without discount)
  6. In line with the zero interest rate on credit cards of 28 domestic banks, consumption can be divided into three installments from 10,000 yuan, and can be divided into six installments from 26,000 yuan, and the “National Travel Card” credit card service has been added.

First: spend the full amount of cash coupons to take home

For customers who come to the store from 1/17 (Fri) to 2/16 (Sun), if they spend 5,000 yuan, they will receive 500 yuan in cash coupons, and when they reach 10,000 yuan, they will receive 1,000 yuan in cash coupons, and so on. The more you get, the more you get!

Coupons will be sent when the store is full.

※ Note: Discount coupons are only available in March and April

Second: Tainese original tailor-made service 10% discount

Dainese original custom-made jumpsuits, leather jackets, leather pants, all up to 10% off! Let you play with creativity and personal characteristics to create your own unique knight uniform! You can also enjoy Dainese’s highest specifications without having to go abroad. The original factory-trained and certified clothing manufacturers are professionally tailored. There are a total of 25 measurable parts in the whole body, which can be created according to your body. Your unique style.

Dainese’s tailored service is also among the items on this offer!

Tailor-made leather jackets also have a 10% discount.

A tailor-made jumpsuit offers a 10% discount!

Third: AGV helmet K1, K3SV series 20% off

The popular K1 and K3SV series of well-known helmet manufacturers AGV are up to 20% off, and they are available in the store. The original price of K1 for 8,980 yuan and K3SV for 9,700 yuan can be brought home at a better price!

AGV helmets K1 and K3SV series are 20% off in stock.

Fourth: Multiple T-shirts are 40% off

Want to wear not only cycling, but also Dainese? From now until February 16, Dainese offers a variety of T-shirts with great discounts. White, blue, and red label products can be freely matched, with a minimum of 40% off. For those who want to buy Dainese for daily clothing, it is a very favorable choice!

Dainese also has a variety of T-shirt specials, white, blue and red labels are free to match up to 40% off.

Fifth: Up to 70% off on welfare goods

If you want to get Dainese products at a better price, perhaps the welfare products will be a good choice! We also offer benefits for welfare products in this offer. Some products that are slightly defective but do not affect normal use, or slightly older products will be included in the welfare products, but the safety and protection of these products are still beyond doubt. As long as it’s informal, these welfare products have a minimum discount of 30% off!

※ Sale of coupons without discount

Sixth: 28 banks with zero interest rate in installments

Dainese cooperates with 28 domestic banks’ credit cards. Spending over 10,000 yuan can be divided into three installments, and it can be divided into six installments starting from 26,000 yuan. In addition to the zero interest rate installment, a national tourist card credit card service has been added to allow consumers to buy Be happy and pay without pressure.

The installment of zero interest rate discounts makes shopping friends more stress-free.

From January 17th to February 16th, riders who spend in Taipei and Taichung stores can enjoy the above six discounts. Taipei and Taichung stores are also open during the Spring Festival.

  • January 24 New Year’s Eve: 10: 30 ~ 15: 00
  • January 25, the first day: 12: 30 ~ 18: 00
  • January 26, Tuesday: 12: 30 ~ 20: 30
  • January 27, the third day: 12: 30 ~ 20: 30
  • January 28 Normal business resumes from the fourth day

Store information:

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Dainese Taichung Flagship Store No. 198, Section 3, Wenxin Road, Xitun District, Taichung City

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