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2020 Beijing Auto Show |500 new Lincoln Adventurer Black Knight Limited Editions launched

Beijing News Shell Finance News (Reporter Yinyue) On September 26, at the 16th Beijing Auto Show, the all-new Lincoln Adventurer launched its first limited-edition model-the Black Knight Limited Edition, limited to 500 units. The manufacturer recommends retail The price is: 285,800 yuan. Also listed at the same time is the Lincoln Navigator 2.0T submarine version. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 408,800 yuan.

The Lincoln Adventurer Black Knight Limited Edition is equipped with an exclusive Hanjin black front grille and exclusive 19-inch sports wheels made of high-grade aluminum alloy. The combination of high-bright black spraying technology highlights the fashionable style; the interior is new. The seats, steering wheel, door interior panels and other positions are all designed with black leather with NAPA red stitching, which is full of black and red contrast. The center console is decorated with satin aluminum trim, and the exclusive sports pedal is made of brushed metal. Metal texture; exclusive 3D foot pads using Lincoln Logo elements, presenting a unique leather touch.

The Lincoln Voyager 2.0T submarine version is equipped with a series of exclusive accessory kits for both luxury and practical submarine version. The package includes: a large panoramic sunroof and an exclusive smart car heating and cooling box, the original driving recorder, and the new 18 with luminous hub cover Inch wheels, exclusive headrests, 3D floor mats and luggage compartment mats with Lincoln and model logos.

In addition, Lincoln officially released a new brand proposition at the Beijing Auto Show: “Luxury has its own way.” Mao Jingbo, President of Lincoln China, said: “Lincoln’s vision of luxury does not have to cater to others’ approval, but the joy of immersion in the heart. This is what makes Lincoln’s new brand proposition that “luxury has its own way” unique.”

Beijing News reporter Yinyue Photo source: Official editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Yue

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