2020.12.29.  12,491 read Hyundai Genesis Coupe Long Term Test Drive, The Story of a Hand-Held Rear-wheel Drive Car 32

2020.12.29. 12,491 read Hyundai Genesis Coupe Long Term Test Drive, The Story of a Hand-Held Rear-wheel Drive Car 32

More than half a year has passed since I brought Zen Kup. At the end of the year, I plan to dig into the amount of money spent on vehicle tuning and operation during the 20,000 km ride, for about 9 months since it was brought in early April. It is an old Genesis Coupe 2.0 turbo model of 2010, and the price of the vehicle was brought in by private transaction, so it was brought at almost half of the price, and I plan to disclose everything except the vehicle price and labor.

The exterior and output of the vehicle is genuine Rudder kit, cooler, exhaust, steering wheel, original LSD, blow-off valve I have added a light. I brought it with me for reasons such as the defect of the previous vehicle, the regret of the output, and the desire to ride the rear wheel drive, and I enjoy drifting along with the winding.

First of all, after bringing the car, it is accident-free except for the insurance treatment of 100,000 won by accidentally scratching it once while parking. I don’t know what kind of accidents have happened before, but I guess it’s not a car that’s been smashed here and there if you consider the bad shell condition that flew to clear.

2020.04.09_I brought a vehicle and started riding on this day. In terms of premium/tax, I paid insurance premiums (about 2.6 million won) and taxes (143,000 won) based on my age (21 years old). The current mileage is 12,500 km… The first Genesis Coupe was brought to 102,000 km.

265 days have passed since the date of writing, Driving 20,500km in 8 months and 20 daysdid. Used The price of oil is 2,253,500 wonAnd complex The final actual fuel consumption is 9km (Toll fees are all excluded because they cannot be calculated. Insurance and tolls vary from person to person, so it would be good to just refer to them.)

Since it was a vehicle that was not tinted, I started with tinting. The black box was received as it was, and the amount was not added. Because I prefer reflective film for my personal preference, I installed V-KOOL nh (30% front, 10% rear). The amount is 500,000 wonI heard this.

The darker the density, the more invisible, but I hated the exposure of private life. The visibility was good compared to the density. Because it is a reflective film, I am satisfied because it is not visible from the outside.

After the tinting work, the soundproofing work was carried out to make everyday life possible. It worked to catch exhaust booming and road noise coming up from the bottom of the trunk, and the result was successful. 3M synthlate and rubber dustproof pad are attached. 30,000 wonAnd it took about an hour.

Due to the nature of the Genesis Coupe for drift purposes, it is equipped with a cooler & rudder kit (Stage 3), which is irrelevant to all vehicles. It was a part of my concern even before buying a car, and when I actually got on it, I was at a level that made my daily life such as U-turn and parking at a level that was ridiculous. Coolers and target kits are not regulated by law and do not require a separate structural change. All the prices, such as parts and alignment necessary for tuning, were combined to cost 560,000 won.

At the time of the first circuit driving, the cooler and rudder kit were not worked, and after the work, the fog lights were removed and the lower part of the bumper was cut to allow cooling. Even if fog lights are removed, there is no legal problem with structural changes. However, if a fog light is installed and the lamp does not come out, it may be a problem during inspection.

The biggest question is the oil price, tuning status, and tire settings. Let’s also first look at the maintenance (oil and consumables) part of the vehicle.

In the case of wheels, the old Genesis Coupe genuine wheels are used both front and rear, and tires are 225/40 R18 front wheels (Kenda KR20A) and 245/40 R18 rear wheels (Kumho PS31) respectively. In the case of tires, since they are still using the spares handed over by the previous owner, there is no part in which the amount has been added, and in the case of the pads, only Hadron has been replaced, and in the case of engine oil, only Turbo Thin (original 5W30) has been used, and then the viscosity and manufacturer have been changed.

Repairs pads, spark plugs, all belts (bearings) of the engine, water pump and coolant, and costs 540,000 won as parts.In the case of engine oil, it costs 5 liters for one replacement and about 60,000 won for one engine oil change including oil (5 liters), oil filter, and air filter (engine oil is 5 liters). It has been changed every ~7,000 km and has been done 4 times so far.)

For the clutch, I changed it a few months ago. The slip (a symptom of increasing only rpm), which is commonly referred to, became severe and was replaced. I changed the new Genesis Coupe clutch because the output improved and the durability was improved, and I wasn’t confident in the work, so I gave it a labor, but I plan to do it myself next time.

They paid 600,000 won for parts such as disc clutches, bearings, and flywheels. Apart from the clutch replacement, I changed the mission oil and paid 170,000 won.

While riding the vehicle without difficulty, a crazy roaring sound suddenly started and I liked it as a magnificent exhaust sound, but a strange exhaust sound that could not be produced by tuning was produced and I tried to launch the vehicle. After the first catalyst, all lines were corroded, and the exhaust line after the middle tube was not functioning properly. If it was an excuse, it was an excuse, but that was the reason to exhaust the cannon. Due to the characteristics of a four-cylinder single turbo engine, the exhaust line comes out as one after passing through the primary catalyst, so it is not necessary to worry about the left and right back pressure, and above all, I just wanted to do it.

After the exhaust manifold, the line was completely ripped off, and the common middle end was made as straightforward as possible. It went through the rectification, and the steering wheel was replaced with a momo racing (genuine) negative steering wheel along with the exhaust work, so it spent about 1.4 million won, including the warding cost. At this time, I preferred the taste to pay for maintenance and find the original sound.

One of the most frequently received Q&A… Why did you change the steering wheel without an airbag? I want to answer that I changed the original steering wheel because it was too big in diameter and the leather was peeled off, and it was too difficult to control when riding on a circuit or winding. (Recently, the gear bar was removed, so I replaced it with an aluminum gear bar for 10,000 won.)

Exhaust-related structural changes must be 100db or less, have all catalysts, and have passed all documents.

#manual, Ramp #jungle Caution stickers were more essential than possessive. As it was a manual vehicle, it was very difficult to climb uphill while driving in the city, and even if the cars behind them were spaced apart from the cars in front, they seemed to understand more than before.

I think I wrote about 10,000 won on the sticker.

As mentioned earlier, the output is pure, and I decorated the car to do the winding and drift little by little. The exterior maintains the concept quality that is left as pure.

LSD and blow-off valves existed before, and intake was cleaned in preparation for winter. There is no separate opening, the throttle valve was removed, and the throttle valve gasket was replaced for about 600 won (throttle valve gasket part number). It is based on 35101 25200, Hyundai Mobis parts dealer, and it is recommended to order and visit gaskets in advance.)

Unexpected spending was everywhere. A frameless door without a frame surrounding the glass on the door, a window that slightly lowers when the door is opened, but there was a time when the window did not go down due to a window motor failure. Since it was impossible to drive, I urgently moved to the house by consignment, obtained parts, and finished the window replacement in less than 10 minutes. On this day, I realized that domestic cars are the answer to self-maintenance.

I didn’t remember the part number and bought a window motor for 104,000 won. If you ask a local agency or parts store, it varies from store to store, but they are prepared quickly. In addition, the headlamp (H7) was exchanged with the left and right and consumed 17,000 won.

I’m going to calculate the cost of going to the middle circuit. The fuel price and fuel economy are the final sum of travel, commute, and circuit, and tolls are excluded because they cannot be calculated. The circuit had a license issuance fee of 100,000 won and 9 sessions with the Genesis Coupe, so I invested 550,000 won in the circuit with the session cost as well (50,000 won for 20 minutes based on Inje Speed, and there is a slight difference in price and time in the winter season. These hobbies are different for each individual, so it seems appropriate to see how much they spend in decorating and maintaining a car for reference purposes only.

We have solved the items that were really purely essential or tailored to your taste and the most frequently asked monetary questions.

5,918,100 won was used for oil, tuning, and maintenance costs excluding insurance premiums, and 12,018,100 won was invested in the vehicle when insurance premiums and car purchase costs were included. We looked at the cost of operating 20,000 km for about 9 months. It’s not a small amount of money, but don’t forget that a car costs more than you think. Rather than worrying, I eat and live in plenty, so I recommend taking a ride.

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