2020.12.21.  12,891 read Optional specifications for 49 million won tin cans in the GV70 Total cleanup autopost 12

2020.12.21. 12,891 read Optional specifications for 49 million won tin cans in the GV70 Total cleanup autopost 12

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2020Genesis’ second to mark the end of the year SUV, GV70Has appeared. The design philosophy of Genesis, which has been well received so far, is applied as it is, SUVConsumers’ interest is growing in that. However, there are many consumers who point out the problems contrary to this hot reaction..

What they have a problem with is price.. The price of the so-called tin model without any options added to the basic trim 5,000Because it is close to 10,000 won. Because of the high price, some people Are the options suitable for the price applied by default?There is also a question called. In today’s AutoPost actual purchase report, GV70 One more step into the price and options of basic trim.

Written Editor Park Joon-hyuk

Full option price is 80 million won
Consumers worry about wallets

GV70Released the price before the formal contract was executed.. 2.5L Gasoline turbo 4,880From 10,000 won 5,580Ten thousand won, 3.5L Gasoline turbo 5,830From 10,000 won 6,150Ten thousand won, 2.2L Diesel 5,130From 10,000 won 5,83010,000 won.

The price of the full option model with all options added to the top trim 8,000Over 10,000 won. So consumers Medium SUVI was hoping for a decent price, too expensive”, “Domestic tea 8,000Ten thousand won? Too serious”, “Competing with imported models was a price competition.Expressed concern about high prices, etc..

Some say, “A person who buys full options
How many are you?”

Some consumers have expressed disagreement.. “How many people buy full options??”, “I won’t even buy it as a full option, but I don’t know why there are so many complaints.”, “Few people buy full optionsThe situation is that there are not so many consumers who purchase full options..

If you look at the statistics of consumers who actually bought Genesis, G80In the case of 2.5L Gasoline, GV80In the case of 3.0L Most often, they chose a basic powertrain such as diesel and chose only a combination of two to four options..

Actual purchase price
Well over 50 million won

Then we looked at the price of the tin model with no options added to the basic trim.. 2.5L Gasoline turbo 2WDThe price of 4,88010,000 won. Acquisition tax here, The combined price of bond costs and incidental costs 5,20510,000 won.

Mercedes’ import competition model GLCIs 6,750Ten thousand won, BMWof X3Is 6,41010,000 won. Compared to the two models, the basic price is cheaper, but if you add several options, the price is the same..

LED lamp and paddle shift
Basic applied

If so, we looked at whether the basic options suitable for the high price were applied.. First, the exterior specifications Full LED Headlamp, LED Turn indicators, LED Daytime headlight, Full LED Rear combination lamp, 235/60R18 Bridgestone tire & Wheel, obverse, Double laminated sound insulation glass on the entire door, obverse, The back, UV protection glass on the entire door, Roof rack, Logo pattern puddle lamp, thermic rays, Outside mirror with auto unfolding, Dual muffler was applied.

Built-in specifications 8inch TFT LCD cluster, Electronic shifting dial, Genesis Integrated Controller, Paddle shift, High pass system, Frameless ECM Room mirror, Black high-gloss interior material, Touch type air conditioning panel, Ambient mood lamp, Front seat LED Footlamps are applied.

Various safety specifications and
Driving assistance function is standard

Front seat advanced, Driver’s knee, Front center side, Front seat side, Overturning curtain 8 Airbag system, Body posture control function, Preventing ramp slipping, Individual tire pressure alarm, Sudden braking alarm function, Rear seat infant seat fixing device, Vibration warning steering wheel, Reverse guide lamp, Advanced rear seat passenger notification, Multiple collision avoidance automatic braking system, vehicle, pedestrian, Bicycle rider, Forward collision avoidance assistance in response to vehicles facing the intersection, Lane departure prevention assistance, Rear collision prevention assistance, Safe exit assistance, Intelligent speed limit assistant, Driver attention warning, High beam assist was applied.

Also Stop & Go Smart cruise control included, Safety zone, Smart cruise control based on navigation with curved road, Lane maintenance assistance, Highway driving assistance, Rear cross-collision avoidance assistance was applied.

Fingerprint authentication system
Applied convenience specifications

Wireless charging of front-seat smartphones, Button start & Smart key, Genesis Digital Key, Touch type outside door handle, Electronic Power Child Lock, Rain sensor, thermic rays & Electric adjustable steering wheel, Personalization, Start up, Indoor fingerprint authentication system such as payment, Driver’s seat & Passenger seat dual temperature control, Rear seat air conditioning front seat control, Auto Defog, Control to prevent inflow of external air, Independently controlled full auto air conditioner with after blow was applied..

Also, fine dust sensor, Engine room pre-filter, High performance antibacterial & Air cleaning system with combination filter, Steering linkage rear monitor, Electric parking brake with auto hold, Front seat & Rear power safety window, Forward/Rear parking distance warning, Smart Power Tailgate, Tire first aid kit, Intelligent engine oil change notification was applied..

Only the necessary functions are applied
Seat specifications and infotainment

Seat specifications are artificial leather seats, 12direction, Electric driver’s seat with lumber support, Passenger 8direction, Electric seat with height adjustment, Passenger seat walk-in device, Driver’s seat attitude memory system with smart attitude control system, Front seat ventilation & Heated sheet, Heated rear seat, Manual rear reclining, Rear seat 6:4 Folding was applied.

Infotainment 14.5Inch display, Genesis Connected Services, Phone projection, Road damage/Slip Area Notification, Bluetooth multi-connection, Genesis café, Ballet mode, Genesis infotainment system with music streaming service, Over-the-air updates for navigation, 9speaker, Front seat & Rear seat USB Terminal was applied.

Just adding Popular Package II
It looks okay

Genesis is not an option method that Hyundai-Kia Motors currently shows., From powertrain to exterior color, Wheel, Applied a format that allows you to customize various options to suit your taste.. Especially as the name suggests, a popular package that deserves to be chosen by many consumers. IIIt is expected that there will be no big deal if you choose.

Popular Package IIThe configuration of the head-up display, Hi-tech package, Driving Assistance PackageIs included, Convenience package here, Driving Assistance Package, 2Additional thermal comfort package is added. Popular Package IIThe price of 72010,000 won.

Recently unending
Domestic car price controversy

The recent controversy over the price of domestic cars has not ceased.. GV70 The same was true before the price disclosure. This is also the reason consumers are reluctant to buy, It is also the reason that imported manufacturers eat up the market share of domestic manufacturers.. In particular, Hyundai-Kia Motors, which appealed to consumers with a good cost-performance model, has no longer been able to use the word cost-performance..

Imported manufacturers who grasp this situation are approaching the same price as domestic cars in order to snipe consumers’ tastes.. Consumers are compelled to be frustrated if imported cars with higher brand value compared to domestic manufacturers appear at an appropriate price.. Domestic manufacturers should pay more attention to pricing in order not to lose market share.. It was an autopost actual purchase report..


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