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				"I can't even wash the car..." What Happened to Owners of New Carnivals Nationwide Autopost 217
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2020.11.18. 205,463 reads "I can’t even wash the car…" What Happened to Owners of New Carnivals Nationwide Autopost 217

Car washing is a basic and very important car care. A car that is not properly washed can not only look bad in terms of aesthetics, but also can cause problems with the painted surface due to harmful substances, and in severe cases can cause corrosion of the car body. Since a few years ago, there have been many hand wash shops, and many car owners regularly visit and carry out car washing with affection.

Meanwhile, there are also many car owners who use the automatic car wash at gas stations. In particular, large cars such as carnivals have a large car wash area, so automatic car washing is often preferred for time reduction and convenience. However, it is said that the new carnival launched this year cannot run an automatic car wash. This will be information that new carnival owners should refer to. Today, at AutoPost Issue Plus, let’s take a step further into the new carnival that automatic car wash is impossible.

Written Jinwoong Lee Editor

As the size grows
I get caught in the side mirror

The new carnival has been greatly increased in size compared to the previous one. The overall length is the same after turning from 5,115mm to 5155mm, the width from 1,985mm to 1,995mm, and the total height from 1,740mm to 1,740mm, and the wheelbase increased from 3,060mm to 3,090mm.

(Photo = GS Caltex)

This time, the problem is the full width. As the width was widened, the side mirrors interfered with the automatic car wash. In general, the side mirror is folded before the automatic car wash, but the carnival is said to hit the car wash machine even if it is folded. In other words, if you continue washing the car as it is, the side mirror will be damaged.

For this reason, several companies that make automatic car wash machines sent official letters to gas stations to notify them of the ban on car washing. Car owners who have purchased a new carnival should be careful when washing their car.

As the car grows steadily
What happened to this

This is because the size of the car was steadily increasing as new cars were released, because the specifications of the automatic car wash were almost the same. Currently, most car washes are about 2,100mm wide, but it was not a problem because it was easy to put any car in the old standard.

However, as the size increased, vehicles that could not enter the car wash came out. Not to mention the full-size SUV made in the United States, the new carnival is said to be over 2,100mm wide when the side mirrors are folded. Up to the third generation, there was a side mirror in the space between the A-pillar and the first row of windows, whereas the fourth-generation new carnival moved the side mirrors toward the door, so it seems that the width of both sides increased with the side mirrors folded.

It is said that even in the now-old 3rd generation carnival, it is said that there are cases where automatic car washing is possible when the side mirror is folded, and some gas stations refused automatic car washing to prevent problems in advance.

Of course, the specifications of each car wash manufacturer are different, and the car washes produced these days are said to have been designed with a wider width. In this case, it is said that the 4th generation new carnival can also be washed. However, many gas stations nationwide still have car washes manufactured according to the old standards, so if you want an automatic car wash, you have to ask the staff.

The manufacturer’s design miss?
You don’t even have to consider this?

Netizens are disagreeing over the news that the fourth-generation carnival cannot enter the automatic car wash. Some netizens point out that it is a design mistake and that it is a manufacturer problem. There were also stories such as “All products should have been designed in consideration of various situations” and “Doesn’t the width hardly decrease even when folded?”

However, other netizens say that there is no manufacturer’s fault, saying, “It has been a problem many times with a defect, but this is a bit forced.” “There is no need for manufacturers to consider such a thing,” “There are quite a few bigger cars than Carnival, but why do they say it’s only a Carnival?”

Besides the carnival
Cars that need to be careful about automatic car washing

Besides the carnival, there are several types of cars that cannot be washed automatically. Representatively, there are US-made full-size SUVs and pickup trucks. These cars have a size that refuses to compare with most cars, but the width is over 2,000mm without a side mirror. In other words, it cannot be put in most car wash machines with a width of 2,100mm.

Other than that, they are some large SUVs that are one weight smaller than the full size. It is a large SUV with a width of more than 2 meters, such as Traverse, GLS, and X7. Among the sedans, Rolls-Royce Phantom is the case. Of course, people who operate such a car often prefer hand washing to automatic washing, but if you run an automatic car wash, you should have a habit of asking the width of the car wash. It was Auto Post Issue Plus.


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