2020.11.12.  62,576 read Can't Korea make this?  God Ratio and God Performance M340i Touring Darky Post 122
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2020.11.12. 62,576 read Can’t Korea make this? God Ratio and God Performance M340i Touring Darky Post 122

Having a family car for everyone in the family is not an easy task. Especially for those who enjoy sports driving.. I would like to purchase a high-performance coupe with a sleek design and cool driving performance., In the end, for the comfort of the whole family SUVI choose a minivan.

Besides, as outdoor activities using automobiles have recently become popular,, Family consumers are actually SUV They are almost forced to purchase.. To be a happy family, you need to know how to make some concessions,, It is hard to erase the regret about the fun of driving.. sure, Some for high performance SUVI have a model Driving funIt is not enough to satisfy the desire.

By the way, The answer to your needs is closer than you think. I just forgot. A genre that has existed for a long time but has never spread its wings in Korea, However, a genre that has a stronger mania than any other genre, Right away wagonto be.

Especially BMWModel of the wagon ‘3Series TouringIs no exaggeration to call it the most ideal family car. Sporty driving performance and dynamic design, as well as, Up to a luxurious atmosphere and excellent space utilization, It has everything like a comprehensive gift set.. Among them, today is the most stylish and dynamic family car. ‘M340i TouringI would like to introduce.

As mentioned above, The popularity of wagons in Korea is hitting the bottom.. The reason is simple. Because there was no interesting wagon.

Representatively, Hyundai Motor Company and Daewoo Motor Company Avante Touringand Nuvira SpaganWas simply a derivative model with an extended trunk. Because of this The wagon is a luggage car with only the trunkThe preconceived notion that it was naturally established..

Imported brands are designed to break the prejudice of Korean consumers., The attractive wagon model has been steadily presented to the domestic market.. BMWof 3Series Touring was one of these..

But, The wagon is still Non-alcoholicAll. Actually sold in Korea over the past year 3Series Touring 29Be nothing but a stand.

But if you think the opposite, It also means that there are definitely consumers who are attracted to the wagon.. Good reviews from the automotive community and real owners prove this..

Especially M340i Touring 3With the light driving performance unique to the series,, It stimulated consumers’ purchasing sentiment. 387The maximum output of horsepower and 51 kgf mThe maximum torque of 3L serial 6The cylinder engine is full to enjoy the thrilling sports driving..

Besides M340i What kind of sport is touring SUVBoasts more agile footwork. sports SUVThe inherent limitations of high ground clearance and heavy body weight are clear., Because the wagon is not at all. In addition, a wagon with a sleek silhouette is more advantageous in terms of aerodynamic performance that cuts through the air..

Somehow “M340i Touring 3The rear part is longer and heavier than the series sedan, so the movement will be dull.If you are thinking, I want to emphasize that this is just a tilt. M340i Touring is based on a rear-wheel drive layout 50:50The perfect front and rear weight distribution, Stable and agile cornering performance.

Here BMWProud of xDrive The four-wheel drive system M340i To Touring GripGave me wings called. 0-100km/h Acceleration 4.6Everything that ends in seconds xDrive Thanks. together M Sports brake and M Sports differential, And the sports exhaust system enhances the sporty sensibility.

To put it to the extreme, M430i Touring’s driving performance is flawless.. LiterallyperfectDo. He would, M340i Touring was originally called the textbook of the premium compact sports sedan. 3It is a model based on a series. The ingredients are perfect, so the result is perfect..

M340i The true charm of touring is SUVThere is space utilization comparable to. If you open the electric trunk door and look into the trunk space,, This car is really called a compact sedan 3You have doubts whether the model based on the series is correct..

The default loading space is 500LThere is no shortage for use in everyday life. If you need additional space 2Just fold the thermal sheet. maximum 1,510LThe indoor space that extends to offers infinite possibilities.. To add a little exaggeration, You can move enough without calling a moving center..

This spacious indoor space is the most popular ColdIt’s perfect for doing. It’s not a completely flat space,, It’s not a big problem to lie down because the angle is not big.. Besides, only the rear windshield can be opened and closed separately, There is also a power supply terminal for charging smart devices, so you can create a comfortable vehicle environment..

It’s not just space utilisation.. M340i Touring boasts a very cozy indoor space.. In particular, one of the important virtues in a family car 2Thermal space is spacious and comfortable even for sturdy adults.. Above all, compared to the sedan model 35mm It’s comfortable because the head doesn’t touch the ceiling thanks to the heightened height.. only, 2The seat in the middle of the row is very uncomfortable due to the unique center tunnel of rear wheel drive..

SUVIt can also be said that it is comfortable compared to. Due to the nature of the wagon, the ground clearance is not high, M340i Touring is much easier for children and the elderly to get on and off.. In addition, the sedan’s unique ride comfort is maintained, so there is less worry about car motion sickness.. SUV Even children with motion sickness can quickly fall asleep in the back seat of a wagon if they only ride in the back seat..

to sum it up, M340i Touring can be said to be a model made by collecting only the merits of each genre.. SUVAs practical and as comfortable as a sedan. Here BMW The unique premium atmosphere has been added, so it is truly a gold medal..

Luggage carIf you take off your sunglasses, M340i Touring is a very attractive family car.. Of course, ordinary daily life, It also shines in sports driving and leisure activities.. in short All kinds of beautyto be. More than anything, SUVI MPVI couldn’t feel itThe pleasure of drivingIt is attractive to be able to enjoy.

if M340i If you are not satisfied with touring, Just 2Just wait another year. BMWHigh-performance division ‘M’ The first wagon model in history ‘M3 Touringthis 2022Because they are about to make their debut.. For enthusiasts who cannot give up high performance, Probably no family car is more perfect than this..

Can’t Korea make something like this? God ratio, God performance M340i Touring
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