2020.10.16.  4,239 reads'New Zeta Uprising' broke out on bomb discount conditions..."First of all, it’s a temporary contract."
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2020.10.16. 4,239 reads’New Zeta Uprising’ broke out on bomb discount conditions…"First of all, it’s a temporary contract." Motoroid 10

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New zeta

As Volkswagen Korea launches the new Jetta at an unprecedented price of ’20 million won’, the so-called’zeta uprising’ is likely to unfold.

The selling price of the 7th generation new Jetta Launch Edition, which Volkswagen Korea introduced in limited quantities of 2,650 units, is When the opening tax cut is reflected, the premium model including VAT is 2,7149,000 won and the prestige model is 2,9516,000 won.Based on the premium model, when using the Volkswagen Financial Services program, an additional discount of up to 14% is achieved. It can be purchased for 1,000 won.

Actually, the price level of the Avante, a semi-mid-sized sedan ofKRW 15.7 million-KRW 27.7 million)It means that you can buy the new Zeta.

In addition to the unprecedented unprecedented price, it is also receiving more attention as it provides benefits that meet the slogan of’zero burdens and worries about imported sedans’.

Volkswagen Korea also provides a ‘3 year service plus’ coupon that supports replacement of consumables to minimize the maintenance cost of the vehicle and extend the warranty of 5 years / 150,000 km.

In addition, it provides both the’New Car Customer Welcome Service’ that provides vehicle inspection and liquid oil parts within 6 months after purchasing a new car, and provides 30% discount when using the first official service, as well as the benefits of installing a Volkswagen certified black box.

Volkswagen plans to lead the popularization of the imported car market in earnest starting with the new Jetta, which presented unprecedented conditions.

As the news that the new Volkswagen Jetta will be sold at an unprecedented price of 20 million won, customers who want to purchase it are also flooding inquiries.

Customers who want to sign temporary contracts and inquiries are rushing to the Volkswagen Korea exhibition hall.

An employee of a Volkswagen sales dealer said, “As soon as the news of the release of a pre-contract was announced, inquiries about car purchase were pouring out.

Another employee said, “There are more than 1,000 contracts in progress in one day only, and I think I will see if I can get a limited quantity even if I make a pre-contract right away.”

According to Volkswagen Korea on the 16th, the new Jetta, which this discount promotion is applied to, is scheduled to be delivered sequentially from mid-November.

New Passat GT

Meanwhile, following the new Volkswagen Jetta, the company plans to expand the sedan lineup by releasing the new Passat GT, a mid-size premium sedan in December.


In addition, the launch of the compact SUV T-ROC (T-ROC) in the early next year will be a winner in the domestic compact SUV market, and the 8th-generation new golf, which pioneered the hatchback market in the domestic market, will also be launched in Korea in the second half of 2021 and plans to rebuild the hatchback market to be.

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