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2020.10.16. 10,853 read No such a patrol car?! Carstat 10

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Autumn is coming when the cold wind blows. Be careful not to catch a cold due to the large temperature difference in the morning and evening, and I hope you have a healthy day today..

There are police officers who work hard for the safety of life anytime, anywhere.. Today’s topic is a patrol car that cannot be separated from the policeman.. Patrol cars use various types of vehicles in different countries.. Let’s take a look at which brands of vehicles are used as patrol cars..

Domestic patrol car

Patrol cars in use in Korea use several vehicle types depending on the size and region of the vehicle.. Some vehicles have the mark of a patrol car in the city center or elsewhere,, There are also black-and-white patrol cars that go secretly without patrol car marks on highways, etc.. Let’s find out what types of vehicles are used as patrol cars and blackout patrol cars..

Patrol car

One. Sedan

[출처: 나무위키(현대자동차 쏘나타)]

Road or earth zoneMost of the patrol cars you can see at the police station are Hyundai Motor Company’s Sonata series.. It is said that light cars and semi-medium cars were once used as patrol cars.. It was necessary to improve the mobility of the patrol car, Compared to mid-sized cars, the weight of mid-sized cars in patrol cars is increasing more and more because accidents occur and the patrol car is damaged and the policeman is killed.. In addition to this, the recent National Police Agency 2020 ~ 2024In the mid-term fiscal business plan in 2015, the goal was to gradually replace patrol cars with mid-sized vehicles.. Vehicles used as mid-sized patrol cars include not only Hyundai’s Sonata, but also Kia’s K5, Renault Samsung SM5 There are medium-sized cars from various manufacturers such as.

2. SUV

[출처: 나무위키(쌍용자동차 코란도C)]

SUVType of patrol car is road pavement rate 60% I could see it in the area below. Previously, it was mainly used in rural areas with poor road pavement., Now it can be seen in Seoul or downtown.. SUVSsangyong Motor’s KorandoC, Hyundai’s Tucson, Ssangyong Motor’s Actyon, etc. were introduced.. Maybe SUVSince the brother-in-law patrol car is deployed in a place where there is not much demand for security, compared to the medium-sized patrol car, it is not likely to be seen often as the amount of introduction is not yet large..

Amhaeng patrol car

The Amhaeng patrol car is to crack down on vehicles that engage in illegal activities on the road by hiding the characteristics of existing patrol cars.. It is said that the Sonata of Hyundai Motor Company is most commonly used in the Amhaeng patrol car.. The speeding vehicles are high-performance vehicles, so the need for a high-performance black patrol car has emerged as it is difficult to follow the general black patrol car.. Genesis, a high-performance vehicle, G70I am active as a patrol car.

[출처: 충남일보]

Genesis is active as a black patrol car G70silver 3.3Peak power on turbo engine 370horsepower, 52kg.mTorque of, 0~100km/hThe acceleration time of 4.7I have ultra high performance. When you find a speeding vehicle while driving on the road, you turn on the hidden electronic signs and warning lights, make a siren sound, and follow the vehicle.. Current genesis G70silver 2Vehicles are being cracked down on congested vehicles on highways or suburban roads due to the introduction of cars.. It can be said to be the best performing patrol car in Korea..

Smart patrol car?

Today, the patrol car has a different appearance from the conventional patrol car.. The reason is 2016With special features since Smart patrol carIs being used by introducing.

[출처: 경찰청 공식 블로그]

The big difference from the existing patrol car is the infrared sensor and search light that can recognize crime vehicles and identify objects at night.(Navigation light) Is that it is equipped with a smart multicam with functions.. The smart multicam identifies the number of the vehicle it encounters during patrol and automatically compares it with the server of the National Police Agency and sounds an alarm when it is judged as a wanted vehicle.. weekNighttime, It is said that the number can be identified without any problem even when driving at high speed..

[출처: 경찰청 공식 블로그]

Especially LEDThe lift beacon with a sign board is the first to stand out.. By raising the beacon light upwards, distant drivers are informed of the existence of a patrol car. 2It plays a role in preventing car collision accidents.. You can see vehicles with warning lights up mainly at traffic control or drinking control sites.. In addition to the criminal vehicle movement route tracking technique, a quick patrol car placement system is also linked to the navigation. 112 When the report is received, it is said that they can be dispatched to the field quickly..

Overseas patrol car

United States of America

[출처: 모터그래프(닷지차저)]

The highway patrol in California, USA used Dodge’s Dodge Charger as a patrol car.. The engine applied to the patrol car 3.6liter V6At maximum speed per hour 228 km, Lap time Oneminute 38second 26I’ve recorded. Maximum speed seesaw for training 241 km, Lap time Oneminute 37second 12With a record of V8 Engine is used. Dodge’s Dodge Charger purchased for a patrol car is about 4,000It’s about 10,000 won.

[출처: 오토데일리(테슬라 모델S)]

Recently, the U.S. includes electric cars in the types of patrol cars.. Among them, Tesla modelSIs OneThe mileage is approx. 442 kmego, At standstill 96.5 kmTo 3.2It reaches seconds and shows an excellent level of acceleration.. In addition, since it is an electric vehicle, it has an eco-friendly aspect, so there is a positive perception.. but 2019year 9Tesla, when a police officer belonging to the City of Fremont, Ohio, failed to chase the wanted vehicle. SThe model also became a hot topic. It is argued that the reason for the chase failure is that the battery has not been charged since the previous working hours, but there have also been several questions such as battery aging and defects..


[출처: 헤럴드 경제(기아자동차 스팅어)]

Australia introduces the Kia Stinger as a patrol car and is violentWe are trying to crack down on speed-driving vehicles.. Stinger 3.3liter V6 AWD The best output as a model is 365Equipped with a horsepower twin turbo engine.. Meanwhile, Kia Motors is working hard to deliver Stingers to the US as well as to Australia as a patrol car.. The conventional sedan, the current American patrol car, SUVIs being criticized for being vulnerable in a chase with a criminal vehicle, so it is time to need a new vehicle.. In the United States, depending on Stinger’s performance in Australia, we can expect to introduce it.. In the not too distant future, we can expect Stingers to be active on the global stage as well as in Korea and Australia.


[출처: 뉴시스(람보르기니 우라칸)]

Italian Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 It became a hot topic by using Polychia as a patrol car.. Urakan LP610-4Is 5.2liter V10The highest output with an engine 610horsepower, Top speed 325 km, Torque 57.4kg.m, 7With dual-clutch automatic transmission 4Consists of wheel drive. A holster that can store firearms inside the patrol car, Highway patrol equipped with radio transmission and reception equipment And In addition to being used for enforcement, it is said to be used for emergency medical transportation as it is equipped with a defibrillator for emergency rescue and a refrigeration facility for transporting organs and blood..

United Arab Emirates

[출처: 나우뉴스(W모터스 라이칸 하이퍼포스트)]

The UAE is a hypercar company based in Lebanon in the capital, Abu Dhabi. WI bought Motors’ Lycan Hyperpost as a patrol car.. The Lycan Hyperpost Fast and Furious7′Appeared in and attracted attention from all over the world 7Made in Taiwan. Top speed 395 kmAs its price is about 39Amount to billion won. There is also an opinion that the reason why the UAE used an expensive supercar as a patrol car was because the tourists were aware of it and purchased it for promotional purposes..


[출처: 케이벤치]

Dubai is attracting attention by purchasing a variety of luxury cars as patrol cars.. BMW, Not only Mercedes, but Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Bugatti, Vehicles from popular manufacturers all over the world, including Aston Martin, were purchased for patrol vehicles.. Like this, in Dubai, the cheapest patrol car 510 million won Chevrolet Camaro SSFrom the most expensive 20Aston Martin of billion won ONE-77To various types.

[출처: 케이밴치(애스턴 마틴 ONE-77)]

Especially Aston Martin ONE-77silver 77This is a limited edition supercar made in Taiwan. 21Amount to billion won. The reason why luxury supercars that cost hundreds of millions of won per unit are used as police cars, It is said that it is because there are so many expensive cars in Dubai city that it is difficult to be chased by regular vehicles during the crackdown process.. It was also bought to effectively promote the city, said the Dubai police chief.. It will be another attraction for tourists to see the super expensive supercars..

So far, we have looked at the types of vehicles used as patrol cars both domestically and abroad.. Today’s patrol car is not just a means of transportation, it has a number of functions, such as automatically recognizing the vehicle number or tracking the wanted person at high speed.. Some countries show off their charms in many ways, such as using expensive vehicles as a medium to promote the country and the city.. I think that the patrol car that continues to develop according to these various reasons will continue to transform in a positive direction..

Then, we will come back with more informative content next time.. Thank you.

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