2020.10.15.  7,546 reads I've done everything I wanted, KIA STINGER MEISTER Magazine Car Life 4
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2020.10.15. 7,546 reads I’ve done everything I wanted, KIA STINGER MEISTER Magazine Car Life 4

I’ve done everything I wanted

Stinger returned with the name tag Meister after undergoing a partial change. Will Stinger, who has returned in the sense of being the owner and the ruler, be able to beat the competitors and become the leader?

Stinger’s first appearance was impressive. It showed a strong performance of 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h with a rear wheel drive in the D segment weight class and a V6 3.3L engine. It was the advent of a sports sedan that can only be seen in imported premium brands. How is the stylish exterior? It boasted a sleek roof line with a fastback style that meets the latest trends, and it properly blends the slim side proportions unique to the rear-wheel drive model. Thanks to this, it deviated from the typical sedan design and boasted a differentiated charm. In addition, there was plenty of space in the back seat, which is usually considered cramped for a sports sedan.
There was no such cost-effective sports sedan in the world because the last weapon, the price, was mixed. Areas only available to Hyundai and Kia.

However, there were a few things that were pointed out, but one of them was the back part. Compared to the overall stylishness, the tail lamp with a down atmosphere and the turn signal with a bulb type light bulb were elements that appeared without fail when talking about the regrets.
Indoors, the center display was like that. The small size of the monitor was also a problem, but the wide bezel made the small screen more attractive. It wasn’t a big problem to take into account, but there were never ceases to point out that it degrades the overall quality and luxury of the vehicle. Is that so? The turn indicators changed from the year type change to LED, and this facelift touched the whole point.

A meticulous solver
The most noticeable change is the tail lamp. There is no frame change, but the atmosphere was changed by connecting the left and right sides of the vehicle width lights. It is a surface-emitting material and features a subtle and luxurious atmosphere. The turn indicators, which have been changed to LEDs, are applied in a sequential lighting method to add splendor. The muffler is a basic dual twin type, but in the 6-cylinder model GT, an electronic variable exhaust valve is applied and the size of the muffler tip is increased to show a more powerful appearance. The headlamps are not as wide as the rear view. The GT model maintains the existing high-quality design and uses the’b’-shaped daytime running light as it is. On the other hand, the 4-cylinder model differentiates it from GT by using LED instead of the existing halogen lamp and changing the daytime running light graphic, while also enhancing the luxury.

10.25 inch infotainment system with improved interior completion

When you sit in the driver’s seat, the presence of the wider center display comes to a large extent. The dashboard design, which was awkward due to the combination of the existing small monitor and the wide bezel, changes to a stable sense of proportion, showing high design completion. While maintaining the existing strengths, only the unfortunate parts were solved.

The overall layout of the interior remains the same.

The test drive was equipped with a newly introduced 2.5L four-cylinder gasoline turbo engine. It has increased power and efficiency by replacing the existing 2.0L engine. Looking at the specs, the chest becomes magnificent. With the maximum output of 304 horsepower and the maximum torque of 43.0 kg·m, the output of the basic model of domestic cars exceeded 300 horsepower. The rotating texture is also impressive. Even if not as much as the BMW, it is smooth enough, creamy, and rich in texture. It has the taste of running the engine like a soft beer foam. Here, an active sound generator fills in abundance. It seems that there is no need to choose a six-cylinder model because of its output and sensitivity.
However, the turbo needs some spool-up time to function, so you need to understand this. Overall, with sufficient power and 11.2km/L of combined fuel efficiency, it caught both rabbits with fun and efficiency.

Ornate quilting decoration embroidered sheets. Depending on the eyes you see, it may feel a little too much.

The movement is also impressive. It is a packaging that can satisfy anyone with a good ride comfort while providing a sense of solidity and reliability. Even with 19-inch wheels, the ability to absorb shocks in irregularities and bridge sections is at a high level. However, the lower body is not as tight as the aggressive appearance. Nevertheless, the reason why I nod my head is because it is a level of stiffness that is usually comfortable and reliable even when running occasionally. I found the appropriate line well.
Safety and convenience equipment is simply nagging. There are’Kia Pay’ that allows easy payment at affiliated gas stations or parking lots through a monitor, a location sharing service, and a remote 360-degree view that allows you to check the vehicle status from a smartphone from a distance, and a navigation-based smart cruise control for lane maintenance assistance There are a lot of equipment suitable for the smart era, such as forward collision avoidance assistance and safety disembarkation warning.

Now, this is a general review. As written in the preamble, can Stinger Meister become the dominant of the market? The answer is “Well.” No, I list the compliments like this and I don’t know.
To explain, it is this. Stinger is a good car. It’s a really well-made car. However, there are areas that have felt special strengths or charms in the previously mentioned areas, but they are not. He is an honor student who lacks attractiveness. It means that the character is ambiguous after increasing the experience points. The last piece of personality seems desperate to be a Meister. Nevertheless, if Stinger’s last hope to become a ruler is price. Yes, the price could be the answer.

Written by Reporter Shin Jong-yoon Photo Kia, Shin Jong-yoon

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