2020.10.15.  38,432 read New Volkswagen cars are pouring!  From 20 million won new Jetta to Golf, Passat GT, T-lock, sortie Motoroid 96
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2020.10.15. 38,432 read New Volkswagen cars are pouring! From 20 million won new Jetta to Golf, Passat GT, T-lock, sortie Motoroid 96

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Volkswagen New Jetta

Volkswagen Korea launched the 7th generation new Jetta, a compact sedan worth 20 million won in October, In addition, by expanding a total of 7 core lineups by next year, We are expanding our market share.

Volkswagen Korea held an annual event’Volkswagen Media Day’ at Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the 15th, and announced a mid-to-long-term product roadmap that contains performances up to the third quarter and key brand strategies.

Volkswagen Korea plans to expand its sedan lineup by releasing the mid-sized premium sedan’New Passat GT’ in December following Arteon, one of the most successful sedans in history, and the new Jetta announced today.

New zeta

First, the new Jetta is regarded as a key model to fulfill Volkswagen Korea’s main task of’popularizing the imported car market’.

The Volkswagen Jetta, first launched in 1970, is a best-selling car that has accumulated more than 17.5 million units in the global market for over 40 years. It is evaluated as a model.

7The new generation of Zeta MQB The first Jetta designed on the platform, Adopts a whole new body structure and richer specifications..

In particular, the new Jetta Onejust 5Sold over a thousand units and received great love 6Compared to the generation model, the indoor space is wider and the marketability has improved significantly, but the premium model is 4 million won, Prestige model is about 7 million won It is released at a reduced price and is attracting more attention.

7When the price of the new generation Zeta Launch Edition is reflected, the premium model is 27.14 million 9,000won, Prestige model 2951 millionWon, and for premium models, the maximum when using the Volkswagen Financial Service program 14%As an additional discount effect of 232.29 millionCan be purchased at won(VAT included) From this day, Volkswagen Korea is planning to implement a pre-contract for the new Jetta and deliver it to customers in February next year.

New Passat GT

In addition, in December, the mid-sized premium sedan’New Passat GT’ will be introduced one after another. Volkswagen Korea is a faceThe new 8th generation Passat GT, which has been updated through the lift, will be released in December, and delivery to customers will begin in January next year. Starting with Arteon, the company plans to expand its domestic market share with a sedan lineup that continues to Jetta and Passat.


Here Early next year, the compact SUV T-ROC was launched. The 8th-generation new golf, which has been thrown into the domestic compact SUV market and pioneered the hatchback market in the domestic market, is also launching in the fall of 2021 and rebuilding the hatchback market.

8th generation new golf

Large Family SUV Terramont

With the goal of 2022, new large family SUVs, Terramont, will be released sequentially to respond to customer demand for large-sized SUVs with a large space.

Also revealed plans to launch electric vehicles. Volkswagen’s first pure electricity in consideration of the preferences of Korean customers and the domestic market environment SUVsign ID. 4Will be released as the first electric vehicle, 2022Aiming to launch within the year.

after MEB Platform-based pure electric vehicle lineup ID. The introduction of the family will be considered..

Through this, Volkswagen Korea 2022From hatchback to sedan, SUV Expanding the lineup to various segments ranging from models, diesel, Gasoline and It is also planning to expand the options for drivetrains such as pure electric vehicles.

President Stephen Crab Volkswagen Korea introduces various models and powertrains in the mid to long term, We will have a very comprehensive and attractive lineup that meets customer expectations.Saying, “Volkswagen will truly become the first imported car brand to achieve the popularization of the imported car market in Korea. I’m sureHigh said.

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